Guys, Here's How to Wear White Jeans in Fall and Winter

"Winter white" to the rescue

Figuring out how to wear white jeans in winter and fall? It seems like it’s more confusing than it needs to be for guys. Thankfully, we’ve got a super-secret tip we’re ready to share exclusively with Style Girlfriend readers. Ready?

Pretend white jeans are just…regular jeans.

Now try to keep it quiet, or all the guys are going to start wearing white jeans in the cold weather months and looking as good as you will! Now buckle up, because we’re about to show you exactly how to achieve that “winter white” look in the colder months. And if you don’t have them already, shop our picks at the bottom of this post, because white jeans are about to become your go-to denim.

Below, how to wear white jeans in winter (and fall!) five ways:


Wear white jeans with boots

via Instagram / @justusf_hansen

SG Says: This well-layered fellow, German style blogger Justus F. Hansen, understands that what makes white jeans feel appropriate for cooler temps is what you wear with the jeans. See how he’s got an undershirt base layer, and a button-up, and a hoodie, and a shearling-lined trucker jacket? Oh, and the boots that look ready for combat? Yeah, you’re not wearing all that in the summer.

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Wear white jeans with white on top

via Oh Anthonio

SG Says: Men’s style blogger Anthony Urbano knows that if you’re going to wear winter white, you might as well go all in. The sherpa coat over the off-white jean jacket over a white tee are all you need to make it clear you’re headed for the cold, not the cabana.

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Wear white jeans with a sport coat

via The Daily Mail

SG Says: Think only a stud like SG Madness 2017 winner Jeff Goldblum can pull off such bright whites in jacket weather? Au contraire, ma frere. All you need to pull off J.Gold’s stellar outfit vibes are a thick-knit polo, textured sport coat, and dress shoes polished to perfection.

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Wear white jeans with a chunky sweater and statement coat

all images via

SG Says: Okay, you caught us. These are women. Kat Tanita of With Love From Kat, Arielle Charnas of Something Navy and Aimee Song of Song of Style, to be precise. But we think they do just as good a job as a man in showing the power of a chunky knit sweater and statement jacket when it comes to transitioning your white jeans to winter weather. And you don’t even need to wear heels to make the lewk work. Guys are so lucky…

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Wear white jeans with a denim jacket

via Pinterest

SG Says: Professional handsome man and celebrity husband Johannes Huebl might be wearing twill pants (more on those here) in this picture; it’s a little hard to tell.

More important? The layers, including the all-important jean jacket, and brogues that say, “I’ll take a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and step on it!”

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A few more tips on how to wear white jeans in cold weather:

  • A slim-fit, straight-leg style creates a sleek, put-together look. Anything too loose or billowy gives off the vibe of being headed to happy hour for two-for-one mai tai’s on the boardwalk.
  • Choose a dark shirt or jacket that contrasts with the light color of your pants to “ground” your look if you’re not ready for a whole monochrome situation.
  • Incorporate interesting textures and cozy, thick knits like suede, tweed, suede, corduroy, or leather to make your white jeans feel more “weighty” for winter and fall.
  • White jeans just feel too dang bright? Opt for a pair in off-white (look for color descriptors like “cream” or “eggshell”) instead.
  • Save the pastel colors and lightweight fabrics until the spring and summer months.

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