Style in Real Life: Jason Hammonds

Style in Real Life: Jason Hammonds

First-time dad and TV Producer shares his style evolution

By Brittany Hammonds | Last Updated: Jun 14 2022 | 8 min read

Jason Hammonds and I met in the south of France, which is a beautiful way to start a friendship. I highly recommend trying it sometime if you haven’t already. He was working, heading up production for a big brand that had brought me along on a press trip. I was drinking, mostly.

So when, six months ago, I emailed friends asking for help filling Style Girlfriend’s web editor position, and he shot me back a note immediately telling me, “You have to talk to my sister,” I did. And that’s how Brittany was born! Into the Style Girlfriend family…you get the idea.

I asked Brit to grill her stylish bro about his wardrobe evolution. They did so over tequila. Naturally:

Jason sits across from me at a Taqueria near Stuy Town, orders a Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia sipping tequila (an aggressive, yet impressive drink choice), then insists I have the same. And I oblige, of course – because that’s what younger sisters do.

Having known Jas, well my whole life, I can tell you nearly everything about him…which is exactly what I promised my mom I wouldn’t do.  As he is days (I’m talking two days tops) away from becoming a first-time dad, I’m genuinely excited he was able to sit down and chat style with me.


{Jason is wearing Hush Puppies’ Thor Hamlin in brown. Coming soon.}

Jason: There’s one great thing about starting an interview with a shot, it makes it go a lot smoother.

Brit: Well we’re sipping the tequila because we’re fancy. So, I think I  can safely say that you’ve always been quite stylish. Let’s start from the beginning at our prep school in Florida…80’s…90’s style…

In late 80’s early 90’s I was wearing Tommy Hilfiger jeans with my classic Timberland boots, and bling. Definitely bling.

Oh yeah! You had the gold and silver chains.

Actually they were gold rope chain or Figaro link necklace in gold or silver.

You were rocking man jewelry then too…

I wore dad’s Movado watch and a pinky Yurman I would wear…only towards the end of high school for nicer occasions.

What is your hairstyling process? I’ve seen the tail end of it and it does include about a full minute of hairspray.

In the scheme of things, a minute is pretty quick for this end result.

OK, walk me through it.

No hair dryer, I like to air dry – like Cuba Gooding Jr. in Jerry Maguire.

I don’t get that reference, but I love you for making it.

It’s when Tom Cruise walks into the locker room, and Jerry’s like, “You put a towel on?” Cuba Gooding Jr.’s like, “No, I like to air dry.”


He’s just butt naked, but he’s talking deals the whole time.

All right, all right. That just reminds me Crazy, Stupid, Love. where Ryan Gosling has his junk in….

…in Steve Carell’s face in the gym.

I feel like that’s actually your personality. Despite being married with a baby on the way, Ryan Gosling in that movie is definitely your altar ego.

From your lips to God’s ears.

We got off track. OK walk me through it. Wet hair? Dry hair?

Dried hair. Once I’ve dried it off, I just alternate using Got2B Hairspray and basically molding the style until it stays how I want.


Did you really ever imagine – even five years ago – that you’d be in New York having a conversation about living in this city?

Honestly New York was never in my radar, ever. In all my years in Florida, in all my years in California. Growing up in Florida for 20 years then moving out to LA, and living in LA from 20 to 32. I never planned on New York.

With grandpa being in the movies for fifty years, our family having a tie to it. I always loved visiting LA. It’s one of the coolest things ever because that’s such a connection to the movies. He was a part of the biggest transition in feature films in the 70’s.

How so?

In the sense of distributing the movies when the really big budgets started coming out.

I remember grandma saying how special it was for them when Rocky came out, when really premiers were on the upswing and how wonderful it was to go to the premier.

I didn’t know what I was going to do. All I know is that, that summer, I visited in beginning of July. I was there for a week needing to figure everything out and then I moved out there at the end of August. I packed my whole car, and we shipped my car out.I literally checked …checked eight huge UPS boxes, two large suitcases, and it was completely okay on the plane.

What kind of job were you doing? You were still trying to be an actor then.

Yeah, then six months went by and that’s when I became a production assistant, the casting associate, then onto producing. My style, though, was pretty much all over the place.

You’ve always been the guy for quality over quantity. Even when you were broke as a joke, you know, production assistant-level, you would still splurge on quality clothes, because you are very much a ‘dress for the job you want not the job you have’ guy.

I learned to always dress to my surroundings and what I thought should be the right thing. I like being well put together. I think that says something about a man. It says something about his character, and who he is.

Your surroundings have changed quite a bit since those LA days. Three years ago you were in LA doing your thing in production. You meet Devon, moved to NYC, got married, and now you’re going to have a baby next week. How amazing is that?

Miracles do happen.

How do you think your dad-style will be?

If I am not the cool dad, I am going to freak out.

Do you think your style will change?

It’s going to be easier. I think what I’m fascinated with is – and have already been think about – is how I’m going to dress my child in tiny adult clothes. We might have the occasional matching shirt.

Talk to me about your style evolution.

In high school, it was just the epitome of 90’s: jeans, white shirts, the prescribed dress. College was basically the Abercrombie look in cargo shorts in 12 colors and a bright tee. LA was jeans, all jeans.

The producer’s uniform.

In LA, It literally was jeans, a couple nice button down shirts, and deep v-neck tees – and my deep v’s were deep. I still go one-too-many-undone-buttons with my unbuttoned shirts.

Why is that? More comfortable or just because you feel sassy with a little more chest showing?

Honestly, I like the way it looks.

That’s a fine answer in fashion. You can say, “I just like it.”

I’m a little more cautious of how I wear button downs these days and it definitely depends on what brand I’m wearing because of where the buttons fall. NYC has been the best for me style wise. I think when I moved to New York, I became a man about fashion.

Makes sense. You’ve had to build out your wardrobe for each season and different vacation spots, so you can have a constantly evolving style and dress so many different ways.

I love it, it’s amazing. I think my style now is more fashion-forward though. [Realizes he has dinner plans soon] Well, you’ve got to hurry this up.

We crushed it. We’re done.

Is that all the questions?



Jason’s Style Profile:

My style in three words (or less!)

Effortless, but thoughtful.

My first “fashion” memory

My mom and her sisters always dressing me in very fashionable clothes. Or how my teachers in lower school (1st – 3rd) always saying how well-dressed I was…I knew then fashion would be part of my life, LOL.

My go-to staple piece for the fall

Every guy needs a few bold cashmere sweaters…preferably v-neck to layer a collared shirt underneath.

Finish this sentence: It drives me crazy when I see other guys wearing…

Sandals in New York City, come on! Sandals are for California or your vacations…not the streets of NYC. 

Favorite “splurge” clothing brand

Bonobos (new favorite)

Scotch & Soda

Favorite “steal” clothing brand

Anything that’s gotta sale is my steal (any of the above).

A man’s style is important because…

How you dress is a direct reflection of how you look at yourself. I love putting my outfits together (watch, socks, glasses, etc. all the pieces) because my style changes with each day, each meeting – it’s an adventure through my wardrobe! 

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Tell me:

How has your style evolved? Has it changed because of your career or where you live?

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