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The Style Girlfriend Guide to: Fashion Resolutions

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Oct 12 2016

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a great break, with any holiday travel unencumbered by massive amounts of snowfall. My vacation was spent chasing after my now-crawling niece, inhaling copious amounts of Wisconsin cheese and wearing the same pair of sweatpants eight days (and, uh, nights) in a row. It was glorious.

But now that we’ve officially hit 2011, it’s time to get back on the style horse in a big way. Like a lot of people, I love making — then quickly breaking —- New Year’s resolutions. So I say, leave the tough ones for 2012 (“Lose twenty pounds by February!” “Win all five of my fantasy football leagues!”) and charge into the new year with my easy-to-keep resolutions, below.

Populating your closet with new colors can help shake up your wardrobe in the new year. Start small. Do you always wear gray? Try navy. Can’t shake a commitment to your alma mater’s colors? Don those of your rival (not to a sports bar, mind you). You’ll be amazed at how different you feel.


Any material, I’m not picky – as long as it’s a natural fiber. Cashmere, linen, wool…the list goes on. And layering textures is a great way to add interest to any outfit. Don’t believe me? Check out the Dos Equis guy – that dude is rocking an ascot and looks awesome.


Throw on a suit for an occasion you wouldn’t otherwise dress up for. Taking your girlfriend out on a date? Surprise her by showing up in a well-tailored jacket and pants. Meeting your parents for lunch? Have them bragging to the neighbors about their bespoke baby boy.


Easily the most important resolution to keep, since we’re talking about clothes you already own. You know the ones – tags on, stuffed in the back of your closet because the pants are “just a little” long, or the jacket is “just a little” tight, etc etc. Get thee to a tailor and go from “just a little off” to “just right.”


We all have a few items we’ve had forever. For me, it’s jeans. Thanks to a set of hips that are far too ready for child bearing, jeans shopping can be a frustrating, discouraging experience. This means I wind up sporting denim from freshman year in college, for the simple reasons that (1) I don’t want to put myself through trying on pants at a store and (2) they still fit, so why not? But there’s a good reason not to – because they’re eight years old! Whatever your [BLANK] is, suck it up and go replace it / them. Maybe it’s a winter coat stained with years of snow and salt, or a pair of sneakers with the rubber tread almost gone. It’s 2011. Out with the old, in with the new.


Above all, I hope you resolve to feel good getting dressed every morning. Clothes should be an outward reflection of your mood, so I hope every piece of clothing you put on in 2011 makes you feel as awesome as I know you are.