Style Roundup: 15 Swim Trunks for Summer

Grab a towel, some SPF, and soak up the sun

Guys, I’m going to be straight with you: it’s time to buy new swim trunks for summer. Be honest; the ones you’ve been wearing are probably a few years old by now, they’re a little saggy, and the color is…faded. At best. That’s why a new swimsuit is the right first step to feeling like a stylish guy on the seaside this summer (say that three times fast). This year, try a bold pattern, retro fit, or even a neon color to fully carpe that sunny diem.

Below, 15 of our favorite swim trunks for summer:

1. Faherty, $128

Wear it Well: Faherty is one of our favorite “Summer, but make it fashion” brands out there. Seeing these fun swim trunks, you can tell why.

2. H&M, $15

Wear it Well: Doesn’t the color of these H&M trunks remind you of sorbet? And aren’t you hungry for some now? Us too. Sorry.

3. Saturdays, $85

Wear it Well: Want to try a timeless swimwear style? Say it with me…neutral color-blocking.

4. Boardies, $75

5. Olivers Apparel, $98

Wear it Well: Did you know SG fave Olivers Apparel is making swim trunks now? Us either! Til now!

6. Bugatchi, $129

Wear it Well: True story, if you stare at these Bugatchi trunks long enough, a sailboat appears. Okay, not really, but we’re really digging the MagicEye vibes.

7. Rhone, $88

Wear it well: Another athleisure fave moving into the swimwear business! Hey, a rising tide lifts all ships, right? And so long as you’re wearing a pair of these spiffy Rhone swim trunks, you’ll be very happy riding the waves.

8. Lacoste, $70

Wear it Well: Did we mention that certain swimwear can double as streetwear? Yup. Grab a pair of these Lacoste trunks, and you can wear them from the beach to the boardwalk.

9. Chubbies, $60

10. Orlebar Brown, $245

Wear it Well: The OG. Yes, Orlebar Brown is expensive, but they keep their shape and color practically forever. And the iconic Bulldog style? So flattering. Total ::chef’s kiss:: vibes on the beach.

11. Gap, $45

Wear it Well: You’ll be surprised by how not short a 5.25″ inseam feels when you slip into this pair of Gap swim trunks.

12. Ralph Lauren, $95

13. Bonobos, $88

14. Ted Baker, $95

Wear it Well: A bold repeating print doesn’t look too “out there” in shades that would feel right at home in the ocean.

15. Boto, $79


Swim trunks are the epitome of versatility. You have options when it comes to waistband, length, fabric, and never-ending patterns…get choosing!



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