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Tell Me: How Was Your Week?

This week slowed down considerably from the last one. That said, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to start these Friday posts with anything but “Wow, I’ve been so bus-s-s-s-sy-y-y-y!!” until said-week takes place on a remote island with no wi-fi. And that’s not happening any time soon.

So until I can type this from a beach chair with a mai tai in one hand, I’ll just say, here’s what I’ve been up to. What about you? How was your week?


A few improvements around my place. I got a few pictures framed that have been sitting on my camera forever, and picked up a few new prints that make me feel more at home. There’s something about nesting, even when you’ve lived in a place two years – especially when you’ve lived in a place two years – that makes me feel so at ease in my space. Pics to come (if and when I ever actually get said-pictures in frames AND up on the walls).


The new Carly Rae Jepsen album. DON’T HATE IT’S GREAT. Okay, “great” might be a little strong – especially in all caps – to describe a singer who first came to prominence on Canadian Idol and was then signed by Justin Bieber’s manager. That said, it’s a fun, dance-y album, and I enjoy playing it while doing dishes, cleaning my apartment, folding laundry, and other things that don’t require thinking.


Oh, lots of things. None of them very productive. I absolutely believe that a situation is 90% the attitude you approach it with, and I feel like I haven’t been approaching some things in a very positive mainframe lately. Working on looking for the good in people and situations I find myself in. Because really, I’m the one to suffer if I don’t.


On Monday? Everything in sight. A friend got tickets from his work for the Mets, and not just “regular person” tickets, but the fancy kind that lets you sit in a cordoned off box and gives you access to lots of good non-basebally food like a carving station, a delicious Caeaser salad, and bacon-wrapped hot dogs. Okay, that last one is pretty baseball-y, but when was the last time your hot dog was wrapped in bacon at the ball park? I can’t remember which team won, but I definitely enjoyed the experience.


The beautiful weather. I went very quickly from “It’s so hot!” to “It’s too cold!” mode, so I’m focusing very hard on enjoying exactly what’s going on outside my window at this moment. When it comes to clothes, that means dresses without tights, but with close-toed shoes, sweaters with shorts, and all the other weird only-in-September layering that fall affords us.


All of the fall clothes in stores going on sale, so I can start stocking up for the season. I can be incredibly impatient when it comes to waiting on a sale to avoid paying retail. Looking at the clothes in my closet, I realized I’m sick of almost everything I own. At the risk of sounding incredibly obnoxious, I’ve been the same size since high school, so it never really feels right to get rid of clothes that still fit. But when you want to throw up at the sight of them? I’d say it’s time for a good old-fashioned closet purge and a shopping trip to the sales racks.


How I can help out THIS GUY. I mean, not him specifically. But like, all guys like him. Seriously fellas! How often do I have to tell you that this is not the way to do this? Seeing common style mistakes like these on guys on the street just reaffirms my mission. I’m here to – gently – tell you the things that you should probably already know, so we can get to the fun part of developing your personal style in a way that’ll get you all the girls. And I’m talking all of ’em.

…Now it’s your turn…

What about you? Busy week? Boring week? Are you buying new clothes for fall or sticking with last year’s standards? Tell me everything!