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The DETAILS Tech & Tastemakers Summit: Featuring Style Girlfriend

Tech! Tastemakers! Action!

This September, Details is bringing together fashion influencers, digital innovators, creative-thought leaders, and magazine and web editors for its first-ever (and first-of-its-kind) Men’s Digital Content Summit.

Who’s speaking, you might be wondering? Well, lots of people, actually – check out a few notables below – but one in particular I’m hoping you guys find interesting…

Jeff Bercovici (writer, Forbes)

Pete Cashmore (founder, Mashable)

Megan Collins (menswear blogger/founder, Style Girlfriend)

Raman Kia (executive director, integrated strategy, Condé Nast)

Eric Kuhn (digital agent, United Talent Agency)

Marc Kushner (cofounder and CEO of, partner at HWNK)

Chris Morton (cofounder, Lyst)

James Nord (cofounder, Fohr Card)

Michael Preysman (founder, Everlane)

Andy Spade (founder, Partners & Spade)

Sean Sullivan (founder, Impossible Cool)

Tyler Thorenson (VP of men’s editorial, creative and customer experience, GILT)

Ricky Van Veen (cofounder,

Michael Williams (founder, A Continuous Lean)

Nick Wooster (“…and more!”)

……Haha, I’m the only girl! I’m not even going to spend any time analyzing that; I’m just happy to be invited to the party.

The half-day program, taking place at the start of New York Fashion Week, will be divided into two parts, Conversation + Activation:

Conversation: Exploring industry trends and the relationship between men and technology, discussing concepts critical to success in the digital space

Activation: Targeted workshops and skill-building sessions designed to help creators develop and drive their businesses. Working With Advertisers.

The summit’s goal is to bring brands and advertisers together with this emerging market of influencers, and try to create some honest dialogue and increased understanding about how the other half works. Personally, I’m thrilled; you guys know how much I love me some open, honest communicatin’.

I’ll be giving a talk, titled “Musings on Menswear” which has me both thrilled and terrified. We’re talking, all by myself, up on stage. With a witty opening story, meaningful bulleted points, and a thoughtful closing statement.

And a question and answer period afterwards. GULP.

Seriously, I swear I’m going to wear flats and sweatpants, just to make sure I’m feeling as comfortable as possible, even though everyone in the audience will be all, “This girl? Seriously?” But I’ll win them over with my thought-provoking rhetoric and charming personality! Sweatpants be damned!

While I was back in Wisconsin last week, I was telling my mother all about this upcoming event. She was excited for me (as mothers are required to be), and I was all, “Yeah, it’ll be great…unless I forget my speech and start crying – or trip and fall onstage.”

We laughed and laughed about how funny-but-actually-terrible that would be.

I’ve been having nightmares ever since.

My point being, please pray for me on September 4. Or better yet, if you’re in the NYC area – come! You can cheer me on with reassuring nods as we make eye contact.

Tickets are $75 a pop because I am very professional and there will be slides!

But seriously, I’m excited to share all the great insights I’ve accumulated over the past couple years, forging relationships with you, my amazing readers, and dialoguing with brands about how we can work together in ways that still feel organic and like I’m not totally selling out for you.

Tell me:

Have you ever given a big speech in public? What tips have you got for me? (The whole “Picture the audience in their underwear” never really made much sense to me..)