Things I think you should buy: a new briefcase

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Mar 11 2018

Hlaska “Caliper” briefcase, $200

I’ve written here before about the need to upgrade your work bag. Hopefully by this point, we can all agree at this point that a backpack has no place at the office. And while I’m still a fan of the messenger bag as a starter “big boy” bag, lately I’ve been digging the look of a full-on briefcase on a man.

Nothing says “I’m a grown-up,” like carrying a sturdy briefcase into a meeting, and it definitely gives off a “I might not be able to grow a full beard, but you should take me seriously” kind of vibe. Plus, it saves your shoulder the lopsided pain of lugging your laptop around all the time. Added bonus? Briefcase bicep curls in the elevator!

I’ve actually had my eye on this one, from San Francisco-based brand Hlaska, for myself for awhile (girls carrying briefcases is a hot move…remember Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion “businesswoman lunch special” outfits?), but have yet to pull the trigger. Til I do, I thought I might as well put my good taste to good use for you.