Tips on Traveling as a Couple

Tips on Traveling as a Couple

How to make sure you return a duo
tips for traveling as a couple

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jul 8 2019 | 5 min read

Alicia Mara and her boyfriend Leo Chan started Levitate Style in 2014 to bring style and travel to the masses. The duo were on the ground floor of traveling Instagram couples, and their IG feed is a whirlwind of exotic locales and great clothes (worn by Leo…Alicia’s mostly behind the camera).

The pair had just returned from a 121 night cruise when we asked Mara to share her pro tips on traveling as a couple—packing, mitigating fights, and getting the perfect FOMO-inducing snapshot for social media.

We love the pair’s grounded approach to traveling as a couple—especially a couple that spends a vast majority of their time on the road together. Check out her helpful takeaways, and listen to the entire podcast interview below or on your favorite streaming service.

Tried and true tips for traveling as a couple:

tips for traveling as a couple

1. Pack together, but split your clothes between suitcases.

away travel suitcase
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In the—awful—off chance one of your bags gets lost, this strategy will ensure one half of the couple isn’t totally without clothing. You’ll also be more aware of the amount each person is packing to keep either of you from overpacking.

2. Fight jet lag smarter.

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Traveling as a couple is no fun if one person wants to nap while the other person has their heart set on sightseeing. Figure out before the plane departs if you need to sleep or stay awake during a flight in order to feel fresh when you land.

Leaning into jet lag can make you irritable and is especially hard on your body during a short trip.

3. Carry snacks so you don’t get hangry.

You know how it goes, “I’m sorry for the things I said out of hunger.” Avoid this temper trap with a bag full of trail mix, protein packed jerky, and fresh fruits for ample hydration.

4. Make sure you’re on the same page.

travel essentials, men's travel essentials

When planning your adventure, make sure to align on your travel style and goals of the trip. If one person wants to relax at a resort while the other wants to backpack from hostel-to-hostel, you’ll want to find a middle ground before booking tickets.

5. Get the best pictures together.

traveling as a couple, levitate style

Want to get a great photo together…without bringing a professional photographer along? Find someone with a nicer camera than yours. Mara suggests looking for a local or fellow tourist with a high quality camera and asking them to snap a picture with your camera or phone. They’re more likely to get you a great, thumb-in-front-of-the-lens-free shot.

Press play for more tips on how to travel as a couple:


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