Ugly Christmas Sweater Outfits for Guys

C'mon get ugly

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Feb 21 2019

U-G-L-Y! Say it with me: Ugly! Sweater! Par-tayyy!

Picture it: tThe eggnog is flowing, carols are blaring, and you’re sporting an ugly Christmas sweater outfit with Rudolph’s face lit up like a Lite-Brite.

Yep, it’s that time of year where we all go digging through store racks desperate to find not an item you’ll wear forever, but an obnoxiously awesome ugly holiday sweater you get to wear exactly once. At least this year, anyway. We may roll our eyes at the invitation, but let’s be real: Ugly Sweater Parties (or USP’s) are a blast because you’re supposed to look as heinous as possible, from the top up at least.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Outfit Option: Go All In


SG Says: If you’re the type that loves a theme, this holiday party is for you! Find yourself a (cheap) ugly sweater, and go all in with brightly-colored festive-looking pants, too.

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Outfit Option: Hedge your bets

SG Says: If you want to stick to more subtle far, try a henley, lace-up boots, and a Fair Isle-esque shawl collar cardigan.

How to pull off an ugly Christmas sweater

If you’re feeling frisky and want to go all-out, throw some color-coordinated pants on to really turn up the Deal With It factor. Add a plaid button-up underneath and finish it all with a festive bow tie (pre-tied for this merry and tacky night, natch). Just like that, you’re ready to hit the town for your USP.

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