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Valentine's Day Gift Guide: What to Get the New Lady in Your Life

By Gabi Meyers | Feb 11 2014

Valentine’s Day is on FRIDAY, guys!


So you’ve been “seeing” “this girl” for not too long – maybe a few months, maybe less…maybe more – a-a-nd, whaddaya know? Here comes Valentine’s Day. Maybe she’s not your girlfriend (yet), but this holiday is kindofabigdeal in girl world, right up there with the Halloween in the Mean Girls universe. Don’t show up uninformed (and empty-handed) like LiLo.

Even if she says “oh, I don’t do Valentine’s Day, don’t get me anything,” you probably still should. And by “probably” I mean “definitely.” You’ll surprise her, and she’ll say “Aw, you shouldn’t have,” and then “Oops, I Did It Again” will start playing (yes, even if there are no speakers anywhere to be found), and you will have fulfilled her ‘become Britney Spears’ fantasy and she will brag about how great you are to her friends and office co-workers for the rest of the month.

Here are some V-Day gift ideas for that new gal that you’re spending an increasing amount of time with:

1. Monogram Clutch, $32

As a girl, you can’t have too many small bags that can hold all of your many, many small things. You also can’t have too many things that remind other people that they are your things. My favorite bag is a clutch made of these wrappers that say my name, and I’ve had it since the 8th grade and I still get complimented on it.

2. Gem Cutout Mirror, $25

Something about how you want her to experience the beauty you see every time you look at her…but better worded. Plus, these ones are shaped like jewels, so she will sense shades of the “standard” Valentine’s Day, but way cooler. Just make sure it doesn’t break.

3. Cat Mug Set, $30

Tell her she can be a crazy cat lady without being alone and she will NEVER FORGET YOU.

4. Sushi Making Kit, $38

Perfect for any girl who loves learning new things/D.I.Y. projects/sushi. It would also be a great present if you’ve heard her complain about how restaurant food is the absolute worse on Valentine’s Day so you could propose you make it for dinner together. No one-choice prix-fixe, no long waits for cold food, and no pressure from other restaurant patrons getting down on one knee. Personalized and intimate.

5. Tower of Treats, $40

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE chocolates, but a Harry and David box trumps all food gifts. I had a brief flirtation with Edible Arrangements, but I came back around. This tower comes with the ultimate guilty pleasure (Moose Munch) and the taste-converting Royal Riviera Pears. Even people who think they don’t like pears love. these. pears.

6. Flowers. $50

Flowers are a classic. Roses are too romantic for an early relationship, so go for lilies or peonies. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could arrange one yourself, like I did for my mom (super romantic, I know). It’s surprisingly relaxing, and you can make it personal by including her favorite flower (sleuth it up on her Pinterest page for inspiration).

7. Nutella Cookbook, $11

 If you know what she likes, get her a big, pretty book about it. This Nutella Cookbook, for instance, would be of great interest to many ladies I know.

8. Earbuds, $39

 The pretty pink color feels Valentine’s-appropriate, but the earbuds can be worn year round.

9. Softest Throw – Ombre, $35-$49

Perfect for cuddling on movie nights. Upgrade it with a tub of movie theatre popcorn, Buncha Crunch, and a movie or two that both of you would like to watch (ie, don’t feel obligated to include rom-coms).

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Ever been through a “not quite in a relationship yet” Valentine’s Day? What’d you get her?

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