Valentine's Day Gift Guide: 5 Thoughtful Presents to Give Her This Year

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: She’ll Love These #SGapproved Picks

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: She’ll Love These #SGapproved Picks
Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your #1 Bae
valentine's day gift guide 2021

By Taylor Davies | Last Updated: Feb 1 2021 | 6 min read

For the woman you love, the gift doesn’t have to be sexy, but it does have to be special. Check out this SG Valentine’s Day gift guide for ideas on what to get her.

valentine's day gift ideas for your wife or girlfriend

“Three words. Eight letters. Say them and I’m yours.”

That’s what Blair Waldorf said to Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl—and he couldn’t do it.  But you did (hi, hello quarantine-induced Netflix re-watches). And so did your girl, and now you’re living the dream.

Your relationship is in that sweet spot: It’s official, it’s comfortable, and you’re still pretty damn excited to have this woman on your arm.

This Valentine’s Day it’s all about reminding her that no one knows her better or cherishes her more than you—and showing it with an amazing (read: awesome, sweet and thoughtful all rolled into one) gift.

Below, check out the #SGapproved Valentine’s Day gift guide for your love:

valentine's day gift guide

1. A ‘Save The Date’ Invite

taylor swift loverfest

Looking for the perfect gift to say, “I’m committed to our future,” “I get you,” and, “Someday this hellscape of being stuck at home together all the g-d time will be over” all at the same time?

Snag a pair of tickets to a concert or event that’s way, way far in the future.

It could be Taylor Swift’s (hopefully rescheduled!) LoverFest. Or her alma mater’s Homecoming football game.

Obviously, you can’t actually present her with tickets since none of it’s actually, you know, scheduled yet, but an “IOU” with some flowers would hit the spot.

If you can wrap it all up with a small trinket like a band tee or team memorabilia? Even better.

2. Buy her shoes! Yes, really.

carrie bradshaw shoes
(via Giphy)

Blame Carrie Bradshaw. There are few things a woman loves more than a great pair of shoes…besides you, of course.

She definitely loves you more than shoes.

I hope.

Here’s the thing. Shoes actually make a killer gift, since 1) you can find her right size with a quick peek at her insole, and 2) no one takes it personally if a shoe doesn’t fit.

As for making sure the shoe fits, metaphorically-speaking, that depends.

Does she rock stilettos on the regular? Is she kind of a sneaker head? Show her just how well you know her taste with a classic pair of heels from her favorite designer or some limited edition Nikes Dunks.

Shop #SGapproved shoes

3. Hunt Down A Treasure

pre-owned rolex

Track down a collectible early edition of her favorite book. The same style watch her grandfather wore. The discontinued scent she still loves (Gap’s Om anybody?)

This doesn’t have to be expensive. If she’s been a Beatles fan since she was a kid, check your local record store for a vintage poster or vinyl pressing of her favorite album. Then, have that framed.

Where to start?

There are plenty of online destinations that can help you find first edition printings, signed copies and rare records. Try or even Barnes & Noble for books.

Plenty of retailers sell secondhand authentic pre-owned items (I like The RealReal, ShopBop, and What Goes Around Comes Around). And don’t sleep on that old standby, eBay, for all kinds of collectible pieces.

4. Think Outside The (Blue) Box


For the woman who loves jewelry—cough cough that’s most of us cough cough—skip the mall stores and show your love with a unique piece from a smaller brand or independent designer.

A quick glance at her dresseror, you know: her neck, wrists and fingers—should give you a good idea of whether she likes big, statement pieces or more petite, personal jewelry.

Either way, treating her to something she’ll truly want to wear all the time ensures she thinks of you every time she puts it on.

To get you started… We’re obsessed with the alphabet charms from Brooklyn-based boutique Catbird, the cool cuffs and rings from from Giles & Brother as well as the sweet and dainty pieces from Jennifer Meyer (like this je t’aime necklace).

Shop #SGapproved jewelry

5. Do Something Together

jay z and beyonce sunglasses gif

Here at SG HQ, we’re of the mind that experiential gifts are always a good idea.

Now, most of your time together is probably already spent doing what most couples in the middle of a pandemic do: making dinner, watching a TV show you both compromised on, going to bed…

You knowall those “We’re in love so even running errands is romantic and fun” activities that get turned into a romcom’s montage scene set to a Katy Perry song. Except the movie is Groundhog’s Day and you’re doing it all, over…and over..and over again.

Sp for Valentine’s Day, it’s time to turn things around. Arrange for a special, not-so-everyday activity or date that’s prime for making lasting memories.

Right now, that could mean a virtual cooking class. Or a cross country ski sesh. Anything you can do together that gets you out of the same old quarantine routine.


A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is great, but if you want more #SGapproved present ideas for her? Check out our “Gifts for Her” collection on our shop page.


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