Video: Ask Style Girlfriend #004

Another round of your questions answered in the latest “Ask Style Girlfriend” video:

Questions in this – our fourth! – episode:

1. What’s one thing every guy could do to look a little better to women?

2. What are your thoughts on guys getting manicures? 

3. I’m turning 35 years old and feel like a “personal rebrand” is in order. Have any advice? 

How do you like the latest backdrop? I can’t decide if I want to bounce around for each video – maybe I could shoot the next one from the top of the Wonder Wheel! – or if you guys are just looking for a little stability in this relationship. I mean, I’d get that. Change is hard for me, too.

A big thanks to reader Jake for helping with the sound. His mixing, plus the lapel mic, and I’m really starting to get profressshhh up in here, right? That said, I am a little frustrated with a distinct lack of progress in my iMovie editing skills – it’s like trying to needlepoint with mittens on, I’m just so…fumbly – so if anyone has any tips or can offer any help there, get at me.

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