Style Foul: Visible Sock Line

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Mar 11 2018

This weekend, my best friend from college was in town from the west coast. On Saturday, we took the ferry to Pig Island, a pork-tastic festival on Governor’s Island. Twenty restaurants roasted more than 80 pigs and Six Point served a seemingly never-ending supply of brews. It was amazing. I’m definitely going back next year, and also definitely learning to better pace myself on pig and beer between now and then.

Between stuffing my face with ribs, cubano sandwiches, pork tacos and more, I couldn’t help but notice some style missteps, like these guys, who I snapped a pic of in their mid-rise ankle socks. Because I shot low, you can’t see their faces, but rest assured they are full-on grown-ups (though the beer-soaked event did have a surprisingly high number of children in attendance). Meaning, they should know better.

Before you get all, “Their socks? Really?” let me just say, yes. Uh huh. Their socks. Deal with it.

Because here’s the thing – no, it’s not a huuuge deal, but it’s a detail, and details matter. It seems likely that if a guy isn’t thinking about how his socks look when decked out in shorts, he probably isn’t thinking too much about what the rest of his outfit looks like either. And we’ve gotta start somewhere people.

It’s the no-man’s land of the ankle sock that I object to. If they were only an inch lower, resting under the ankle bone and behind the shoe’s tongue, no one (read: me) would be thinking about them a day later, shaking their heads.

These guys even could have gone in the other direction with higher socks. I had a friend in college who was born and raised in Central Pennsylvania but dressed like an extra from The O.C., wearing tall crew socks with big clunky Vans underneath board shorts and skate shop t-shirts. And I loved it. Even if, back then, his surfing was relegated to the web, I appreciated how he just went for the style with abandon. Sure, full disclosure, I was totally in love with him…but the point remains, it was a good look.

I’m guessing these guys haven’t thought about their socks in…ever, but it would just take one shopping trip to Target to get me off their backs forever.

Look for a style that says “low cut” or “no show,” like the pair from Champion, below:

C9 by Champion, $12