Style Girlfriend Wants to Know:
What’s in your Wardrobe Budget?

Style Girlfriend Wants to Know:
What’s in your Wardrobe Budget?

Which items do you drop the most dough on?

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Oct 18 2016 | 4 min read

Tell me: What do you spend your money on?

And I’m talking wardrobe-specific here, guys, so as much as you would like to expound on the virtues of a gas grill, or your recent kitchen renovation, let’s keep it focused. Not that smoking meats and large prep areas and a new dishwasher aren’t worth splurging on.

For me, it’s bags, coats, jeans, and shoes. Here’s why:

investment wardrobe, investment bag


I carry my life in my bag, and a less-than-stellar tote will show the wear and tear of that responsibility fast. Like, reality show relationship-fast. A leather number with solid stitching holds better, longer, and looks all the more handsome as the material takes on that beautiful patina that comes from treating it with tender loving care (and a generous dose of leather conditioner).

borrowed from the boys, nike destroyer jacket, investment jacket

{well-loved outerwear}


Like your bag, a coat is part of the initial impression you make. I might be hiding a great statement necklace under that jacket, but you don’t see that right away. You see the coat.

That said, while a good bag may last a lifetime, a coat will still start to show its age after a few seasons, so I spend what I can, but not more.

denim style girlfriend, men's jeans, men's denim


Despite what popular female fashion bloggers’ personal style photos would lead – and like – you to believe, we are NOT all in party dresses, pointy heels, and perfectly curled hair every day. Most days, I can be found in skinny jeans, a pretty top, and some kind of flat shoe (or wedges, if I have a meeting..). So I need to make sure they look good, whether I’m headed to an office to meet with a brand I really want to work with, or just to the coffee shop where I’m hoping the barista slips me an extra shot.

As for why the really good jeans cost so damn much (because trust, it pains me to shell out three figures for my pairs as much as it does you)? The material and production that goes into a pair of quality jeans contributes to the elevated price tag, yes, but also to the durability of the denim itself. I’m sure you guys have had a pair of $20 jeans that have fallen apart in the washing machine after one wear, or become so loose you’d think they were sweatpants with the waist  worn out.

The other reason jeans eat up a good amount of my wardrobe’s budget allotment is that I buy in bulk. Once I find a brand that fits me, I tend to buy in multiples, so I have to go through the painful process of jeans shopping as seldom as possible (my current faves for both me and for you: Paige Denim and AG Jeans.

nike running shoe, nike id, nike style girlfriend

{not exactly dress-up shoes, but I still get a lot of wear out of them


Like a good cobbler, I’m going to continue to pound this point in – when it comes to leather, quality materials and construction matter. Whether I’m wearing a pair of Nike Dunks, or dub monks, I want them to look clean. What’s more, a beautiful shoe tells people you’re someone to be taken seriously. Nobody wants the dude in dirty Chucks to lead the Monday morning meetings, y’know what I’m saying?

And when it comes to my running shoes, I still feel good about dropping coin. Because I place a premium on my health and fitness, I’m willing to spend more on shoes that will help me go the distance (the custom iD on the sneaks above? That’s just for fun).


…Of course, while I’d love to go on and on about all the money I spend on all the fabulous things, that’s simply not my reality. Since most of my overall budget goes to less glamorous things like keeping a roof over my head, and groceries in my refrigerator, I have to be discerning about my investment purchases. And unless I’m widely misreading my audience (you guys aren’t all oil shieks, right?), I’m guessing you’re in the same boat. Maybe for you it’s suits, or

Tell me:

Where do you spend the most of your clothing budget?

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