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WATCH: Style "Vlogger" Alpha M. shouts out SG

says an "unbiased third party" gives best advice

By Megan Collins | Apr 25 2014

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YouTube style vlogger (that’s “video blogger” for the uninitiated…I know, I know, how many words in the English language can we mush together before there’s no real words left?) Aaron Marino of Alpha M. gave Style Girlfriend a really thoughtful shout out in a video on his site today.

Because it’s nice when people say nice things about you, I wanted to share it with you guys:

To his (considerable) YouTube following, Marino says about SG, “She’s a fellow blogger trying to do the same thing I am – help you feel more confident, and feel more handsome.” Yes!

As I get more into the video blogging world (ahem*have you subscribed to SG on YouTube yet?*ahemmm), it’s helpful for me to learn from veterans like Aaron, who have definitely mastered the “grab your attention” style of presenting. I hope I show as much energy as he does!

And thanks to all who gave me the heads up about SG being down yesterday afternoon. I suppose it’s a good problem to have: an influx of new readers from Immaculate Infatuation, Apartment Therapy, and Homepolish actually crashed the server! Great having new eyeballs on the site (welcome! please make yourself at home), but not-so-great that the hosting service can’t make room for a little more company. So thanks to all of you who shouted out some reccos for new hosting services on Twitter last night. I’m looking into them now.

Tell me:

Do you agree with Aaron’s two rules for listening to women’s style advice? Why or why not?

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