Wear it Well: Spring Essentials for the College Guy

Wear it Well: Spring Essentials for the College Guy

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 2 min read



Guys, spring is right around the corner. Is your wardrobe ready?


If you’re anything like me, a winter of slogging through snow-filled streets has left the backs of your pants more than a little salt-stained. Why not trade in your winterized bottoms for some new pairs in fun colors? Spring is a time to get creative with your colors – teal jeans, even grey khakis. And of course, a new pair of dark denim to round out the well-equipped college guy’s closet.

Denim Jeans: TOPMAN Dark Wash Vintage Slim Jeans, $60

Grey Chinos: TOPMAN Grey Vintage Slim Chinos, $40

Teal Pants: Jack & Jones Bolton Dean Shaded Spruce, $69

Utility gear

Camo has made a comeback and it’s not going anywhere just yet. If you’re looking for a new way to wear it, why not try your baseball cap? An interesting print

For a spring coat, try a quilted number, which will keep you warm but also be light to carry from class to class once the sun comes out.  Paired with some dark denim, and a school t-shirt, and you’re ready to hit the quad.

My sophomore year, my backpack’s zipper broke in the student center. It was a mess. Granted, I’d had that thing since freshman year of high school, so I was probably overdue for an upgrade. Looking to take your own carry-all game to the next level? We’ve got you covered.

Hat: Red Jacket American Needle ‘Control’ Camo Print Cap, $30

Quilted Jacket: J.Crew Quilted Shirt-Jacket, $160

Orange/Grey Backpack: Diesel Colorblock Backpack, $125

Grey/Yellow Backpack: Herschel Supply ‘The Little America Weather’ Backpack, $100

Grey/Khaki Backpack: Zara Sporty Backpack, $80


From a huge campus or tiny commuter campus you’re going to be doing at least some walking.  You certainly don’t want to walk in shoes that are uncomfortable and make it unbearable to walk. Try some Converse kicks? Yeah, so cliche you say? But these ‘Jack Purcell’ sneakers are affordable and ever so perfect.

Sneakers: Converse ‘Jack Purcell’Sneaker, $85


Guys, real talk. Wearing a button up shirt to class will guarantee you’re better dressed than approximately 95% of your college competition.Want to stand out even more? Try a floral print or stripes. And don’t worry about matching these shirts to the rest of your outfit, all three are easy to pair with chinos (to dress ’em up) or with a pair of jeans (for an average day cruising around campus).

Pink Plaid: Brooks Brothers Regular Fit Sport Shirt, $95

Floral Button up: Club Monaco Slim Fit Floral Print Shirt, $90

Navy Stripe Button up: J.Crew Slim Vintage Oxford Shirt, $80

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What’s your spring get-up go to?

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