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How Was Your Week? Lawyer Q's & a Xmas Music Countdown

Hi hi hi!

I realized Tuesday afternoon when I was checking the homepage of for the fourth time in an hour that I have been doing way too much nothing and not nearly enough writing lately. Not even big story, state of the website, needs an outline and a rough draft and a ton of editing-type writing, but just “hey, here’s what’s been going on with the heck are you doing?” kind of communicating that’s so important to me here.

So I thought I’d sit down and do just that. I’ve missed you guys, and I’m going to miss you even more when I hand over the reins to Gabi for the week. As her semester’s final project, she’ll be sharing the chick-tastic gift guide we created for you. She and I have got you covered for presents to get all the different ladies in your life – your mom, sister, girlfriend or wife. Not like, “all the ladies” because you’re such a chick magnet and ladies’ man. In fact, if that’s you, I’d like you to stop reading my site right now because, well, I don’t really respect you and I don’t want you telling people you look handsome because of any help I’ve provided.

…Okay, now that those guys are gone, let’s talk about what’s GOING on. Here’s what I’ve been up to this week. Then, you know the drill: bring me up to speed on you in the comments:


Why e-retailers still can’t seem to get it together. I talked about this a few weeks ago, but I’ve had a few more run-ins with sites since then that just Do. Not. Want. me to be able to figure out how to buy things from them. I don’t get it. I don’t like it. It needs to stop. You have a huge budget for online? Great, spend it on making checkout as seamless as possible, not a flash video that takes three minutes to load. Or better yet, spend it on figuring out a business model that makes your shipping free, no matter the grand total of the purchase.


…Okay, I have a confession to make. While I usually wait until Thanksgiving day to start blasting Christmas music, I may have fallen off the non-liturgical bandwagon and started rocking my Pandora r&b / hip hop Christmas radio station a little early. MAYBE.


Nothing from this place, that’s for sure.


The opportunity to check out the clothes from Canadian e-retailer Frank & Oak in person the other night here in NYC. They’re launching a new capsule collection called United Tailors, which I really liked and you guys should definitely check out. But also because I’d never actually handled the goods in person, and as I was reminded by my date, I am a “very tactile person.” I think that was his way of saying I get handsy after one glass of wine, but he’s right nonetheless. It’s important that I can check out the stuff I talk to you about for myself. Pictures are good, but there’s no substitute for seeing clothes in person to know if you want to recommend them (Thankfully, F&O and United Tailors passed the “getting pawed by Megan” test and both get a big thumbs up from me).


A little holiday called Thanksgiving. You heard of it? I head back to Wisconsin on Tuesday and plan on bringing only workout wear with me in my suitcase – the better to alternately work off the food I eat and to wear while eating for maximum comfort.


I realized, well…I realized awhile ago, but then kind of put it on the back burner, and then looked into it and now am like, really, really realizing that I should probably have trademarked the name “Style Girlfriend” by now. I went through the process on Legal Zoom and when it came time to ring up, it was a zillion-trillion dollars (approximate number).

I’m thinking that a lot of that comes from LegalZoom knowing how to submit everything for you, and not so much for the actual processing fees. So I’m wondering, do I have any trademark lawyer readers out there? Actually, I’m wondering if “trademark lawyer” is a thing, and if so if it’s the right term, and THEN I’m wondering if I have any of you reading right now, and IF SO would you consider helping me through this process for a little less than the arm and a leg that Legal Zoom wants to charge me? Yes? Any takers? Anybody? If so, email me at megan (at) stylegirlfriend (dot) com. I’d be forever grateful.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me:

How was your week? Are you preparing for Thanksgiving stuff-face 2012 as hard as I am? Did you buy anything new and handsome to tell me about? Leave it in the comments!