Welcome to Nostalgia Month! - Style Girlfriend

Welcome to Nostalgia Month!

Welcome to Nostalgia Month!

Let's get sentimental
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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: May 3 2019 | 2 min read

Last week I made a quick trip to Wisconsin. Yes, it was my sister’s birthday, and I had been missing my nieces and nephew, but the real attraction was some quality time at my parents’ house. After moving in when I was in middle school, they’re selling this month and downsizing to a condo on the other side of town.

The weird mix of bittersweet nostalgia for my lost youth (lol) and happiness that my parents decided to do this before us kids had to band together to force them into assisted living is something I’m still dealing with.

After all, that house holds memories! It’s the house I snuck out of one night my freshman year of high school to go hang out in a neighbor’s hot tub. The house where I got into a fight with my college boyfriend about whether or not I should get bangs. The house where I read Harry Potter books 1 through 4 over the course of a single summer.

And now, it’ll be the house that I one day drive my kids past and tell them about its smell, and how nice the backyard looked in the summer, and the weird door to nowhere in the basement that my parents covered up with a flat screen TV and that we joked led to Narnia.

It’s fine, y’know? It’s just weird and kind of sad for me, but really happy for my parents, who used maybe a quarter of the house (who needs living rooms? it’s a serious question). 

Did I bring more clothes back to New York from my childhood bedroom than I’ll ever probably wear? Sure, but you never know when those Six Flags t-shirts with the Looney Tunes characters’ faces will come back into style, and when and if they do, I’ll be ready.

So this month, we’re going all-in on nostalgia on Style Girlfriend.

From penny loafers to palm prints, we’re throwing it back with the spring and summer styles that have somehow endured all these years. We’ll also explore the darker side of nostalgia, like welcoming the return of familiar men who’ve done bad things.

Ready to get into it? We 86’d the comments section, so head over to Twitter to share your favorite style nostalgia moment with us.

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