We’re Taking a Vacation!

Consider this our OOO

Style Girlfriend is taking a vacation, y’all!

Not a good, “forward my calls to Fiji” kind of vacation, unfortunately. More of a “Holy sh*t it’s almost September. A “Time to get some fall stories on the calendar, stat” actually working but not getting any more summer content up kind of holiday. They should probably make a Netflix movie about this adorable predicament, honestly. It’s a content meet-cute!

So while we work to get good stuff ready for you next week, we’ll be taking a teeny-tiny breather from publishing.

Don’t worry, though, there’s plenty for you to catch up on while Style Girlfriend has our “out of office” up!

We’ve got your Labor Day look right here. And here’s a few of our end-of-summer sale picks, just because you know we’ve got you like that:

Plus, if you’re really missing us, you can always head to YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram (omg, I’ve been lo-o-o-o-ving Instagram Stories lately…haven’t you?) and catch up with us there.

Want to get your shop on? If you love Gabi’s trendy style (like, literally too trendy for even me sometimes and I love her for it), check out her picks here. Think you could impress Taylor on a Tinder date? Shop her selects for your closet. And of course, find some of my own favorites, including sweaters from my guy Todd Snyder to ocbd’s from J.Crew to Allen Edmonds’ keep-‘em-forever kinda boots.

We’ll be back the next week with some rilly rilly good stuff I know you guys are going to love. So don’t you forget about me. Or us. Or Style Girlfriend in general. Eh, maybe I’ll just send a newsletter (you’re all signed up for the newsletter, right??)


WHAT’S THE LONGEST VACATION (not including summer school breaks as a kid) YOU’VE EVER TAKEN?