What A Woman Wants: Kim Cruickshanks of Fuze Branding

What A Woman Wants: Kim Cruickshanks of Fuze Branding

What a creative director wants to see you wearing
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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 4 min read

Don Draper and Jenna Lyons are two undeniably very cool and interesting individuals (even if only one is real). What if I told you I knew someone just like them, AND that this person was super psyched to share her interesting outlook with us at SG?

Say Hello to Kim.

Kim Cruickshanks is the creative director and ingenious mastermind behind Fuze Branding, a full-service branding agency. When she’s not helping small businesses – ahem, like SG – find their identity, she’s curating a colorful Instagram, doing some dope graphic design, and living that LA life.

‘Cause she’s such a cool gal, we had to ask Kim what a woman wants:



As a creative director, you think about how things look for a living. How does that affect the way your personal style – from the way you get dressed each morning to how you decorate your home?

I’m pretty much obsessed with color… Because why be boring? Color blocking with pants and tops, and BAM! I’m ready for the day.

At Fuze, you help develop brand identities for businesses (including Style Girlfriend!). What advice can you give a guy who’s working on developing his own “personal brand?”

Don’t be scared to be different. Different is GOOD. When you try to appeal to everyone, you’re not really resonating with anyone. For the one person who won’t like you for something, four will love you for it. Know who you are, be authentic, and find your tribe.

You’re from Alaska and now live in California. Which state boasts better style?

Haha… Well, that depends. I loved growing up in Alaska, but damn, it can get cold. Northface fleece jackets were a staple growing up, and of course, Carhartts were a must. I’d have to say California wins – ‘cause I don’t have to think about dressing to stay alive in the morning.

By the looks of your Instagram, you’re not afraid of a little – or a lot – of color. What’s one color you wish guys wore more of?

I’m going to say it… Lilac purple. It’s awesome on guys with olive skin tone and dark hair. Also, you cannot go wrong with crisp white (DISCLAIMER: Unless you are really, really fair skinned, in which case – I’d probably stay away from flesh color as well.)


Is there a perfect gift to give a creative-minded woman such as yourself?

I always prefer experiences over things when it comes to a gift from my guy. Something fun we can do together like cooking classes!

What’s a “can’t miss” date night outfit for a guy to wear?

Nice tailored pants (NOT jeans) and a classic button up. And don’t forget a great pair of shoes. There’s a time and a place for your most comfortable, senior year sandals…But not on a nice date, mm’k?

What’s one item you wish all guys would add to their wardrobe tomorrow?

A custom suit. Seriously, it goes a long way. Remember those tailored pants I was talking about? Well, here you go.

What’s one item you wish guys would banish from their wardrobe forever?

Sorry guys— that old rag you call a t-shirt. You know the one— where the ribbed neck is shredding off? It’s time to set it free. BE FREE!

What do you first notice about a guy’s look?

Honestly, if he’s comfortable in whatever he’s wearing.

What do guys stress about, appearance-wise that they really don’t need to? 

We all get zits ok? Please don’t try to cover it up with a band-aid – the mystery of what lies beneath is so much worse.


Quick Hits

Lace-up sneakers or slip-ons


Suits or separates

I like both, depends on the occasion

Call or text


First date: coffee or drinks?


Grooming product you’ve stolen from a boyfriend

Oh his razor. Like, ALL the time.

Beauty product you’ve had a boyfriend steal from you

Do tweezers count? Lol

Favorite men’s cologne

jean paul gaultier

 First celebrity crush

Jonathan Taylor Thomas (swoon)

Spirit Animal

Laura Prestwich

Yes or no to…
  • Facial hair no
  • Flip flops no
  • Board shorts yes
  • Normcore wha?
  • Comic Sans unless you’re an 8 year old little girl – then no.
  • Wearing one brand head-to-toe no – create your own style.

Tell Me:

What (or who) is your spirit animal?

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