What a Woman Wants: Lucy Halperin

What a Woman Wants: Lucy Halperin

Celebrity Groomer shares her favorite products and dating tips

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 4 min read

I met Lucy Halperin recently on a shoot, and she couldn’t have been more lovely (and I’m not just saying that because she’s British and makes me want to use the word “lovely” 1,000 times a day).

While the Los Angeles and London-based makeup artist and groomer generally spends her time prepping some of the world’s most stylish male celebrities for photo shoots and premieres, that day she was adding volume to my ponytail and making sure I didn’t look shiny in the sun. Like I said, lovely.

Pressing her for the lowdown on everything from who her favorite celeb she’s worked on is to what skincare products she’d recommend for Style Girlfriend readers, I knew I had to get her on record here, spilling her tips and tricks to help you look (and live) like a leading man.

Read on as Lucy Halperin tell us what a woman wants:

lucy halperin

{En route to a press event via helicopter with actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Godzilla, The Avengers)}

As a celebrity makeup artist and groomer, what is the first thing you notice about a client’s skin or hair?

Usually how clean it is.

Your portfolio features plenty of male stars – what is the biggest difference between working with men vs. women?

I’m massively into a natural look. To me it’s all about enhancing what you have so for guys it’s about making them look as natural as possible while evening skin tones out. Most of my clients don’t want to feel like they are plastered with foundation.

What’s the best thing a guy can do for his skin? 

Clean it and moisturize. A few favorite products:

…And the worst?

Failing to clean or moisturize!

What is the most important grooming ritual that every guy – celebrity or otherwise – ought to adopt?

Apart from cleansing and moisturizing? Probably a good mani/pedi.   

What do guys stress about, appearance-wise, that they really don’t need to?

Balding still seems to be a conversation topic…

What are your favorite men’s products (or brands in general) worth splurging on?

I really love Ren. It’s fantastic, I’m a huge fan!! I also like Baxter of California for men.

How about your favorite drugstore finds?

Biore and Gillette.

lucy h portfolio

{Halperin’s handiwork – l to r – Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Jason Bateman, Morgan Freeman}

You travel constantly for work – which city have you found has the most stylish men?

My hometown, London. I just think the guys there have great style not found anywhere else. Paris is a close second, though. 

What’s the most stylish thing a guy can do to impress you?

A guy has to hold a door open…that shows manners to me.

A sense of style is important to me, too. A guy can wear a t-shirt and jeans; it just has to be the right style for him, because, on the other hand, tattoos and a suit can look good! And finally, a guy who knows how to give a compliment!

When considering potential suitors, how important is a man’s…


Not massively, but I tend to gravitate towards the creative type


Not huge, but they have to take care of themselves

… family?

Massively. I think you can tell a lot about a person who gets on with their family

… temperament?

A sarcastic sharp wit is always a winner for me

lucy halperin

{don’t worry – they made it}

What advice have you given to your teenage daughter about dating and relationships (and has she taken it)?

No she never listens to me! I wouldn’t listen to me! But one piece of advice is to be kind. And if someone isn’t right, know when to walk away.

Quick Hits

LA or London?

Bit of both…

Sneakers with a suit?


Flip flops on dry land?


Call or text?


lucyhalperin3Grooming product you’ve stolen from a beau

Nothing…I have too many of my own.

Beauty product you’ve had a beau steal from you

Everything!! Once they see my bathroom they usually stop buying their own products.

Best 1st date

The 2nd date.

Best 1,000th date

Still being able to have fun after 1,000 dates. Preferably in Jamaica!

First celebrity crush

Honestly can’t think of any but I loved The Clash.

Tell me:

What’s the best relationship advice you’ve gotten from a parent?

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