What He Wore: Sean Russell of MenProvement

What He Wore: Sean Russell of MenProvement

Sean shares how style contributes to self-improvement

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Apr 6 2022 | 3 min read

Sean is a personal development coach, entrepreneur and owner of MenProvement, a website dedicated to helping men improve their lives (with whom I did a podcast not too far back). His mantra is to live life to the fullest, be your best self and help as many people along the way as possible.

Below, Sean tells us about What He Wore:

Since I’m traveling a lot now I am home for 3 weeks visiting the family in Rockland County, NY and am off to Europe for a month on Thursday (day 4). So these picture were taking in the lovely suburbs of New York which gave me a nice opportunity to feature the family dog Lily in the shots.


Style GF 1

Boots: ClaeJeans: J. Crew | Tee: BLK DNM

Watch: LacosteSunglasses: Marc Jacobs

“I’ll be honest. As a work from home blogger turned entrepreneur it’s easy to get caught in the routine of roaming around in pajama pants and slippers. But part of my 2 hour morning routine, which is essential for personal growth, is grooming and looking sharp. There’s nothing like a quality plain white T (nothing beats BLK DNM T Shirt 3), some blue jeans and brown boots to stay casual but ready to go at a moments notice.”


Style GF 2

Shoes: Rainbow | Shorts: J. Crew | Shirt: Burberry Brit

Watch: CogitoSunglasses: Marc Jacobs

“For me, personal development never stops. The need to take my dog and best friend Lily to the park turns into a session of meeting and talking to cute girls. I have to say she is the best wing girl I’ve ever had..But I’m all about keeping it simple. Button down and some casual shorts. Can’t go wrong.”


Style GF 3

Shoes: ClaeSocks: ExpressJeans: J. Crew

Shirt: TopmanWatch: Cogito

“Date night or a night out with my friends is all about having fun. One thing about me is I may not be the best dressed, but I’m not afraid to do me and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. And I’m big on colorful socks making an appearance. They add some nice contrast to a look.”


Style GF 4

Shoes: Clae | Socks: ExpressJeans: J. CrewShirt: Deus Ex Machina

 Varsity Jacket: French Trotters | Headphones: Beats by Dr Dre

Watch: Cogito | Bracelet: MiansaiMessenger Bag: SerBags

“One of the best parts of being location independent is travel. I’m visiting the family in the suburbs of New York now, but I’m off to Europe today. I used to travel for comfort, wearing just sweats and a T-shirt, but it’s amazing how many people you meet and the networking opportunities I’ve come across on flights. Looking good doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. This cotton varsity jacket from Abercrombie and Fitch accomplishes just that.”


Style GF 5

Shoes: Frye | Socks: ExpressJeans: J. Crew

Shirt: AmazonBlazer: J.Crew

“It’s party time in a new country. Wolverhampton, England to be exact. I’m a big t-shirt, jeans & blazer combo kind of guy. I think it’s a real classy look while keeping it fun. Plus people just seem to think you’re important when you wear a blazer ;)”

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