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What not to wear...anywhere but Margaritaville

Searching for style at a Jimmy Buffett concert

Sometimes, I let myself get down on here. I’ve always approached Style Girlfriend from a place of, “I’m a fan of menswear, not an expert.” Of course, there’s nothing wrong with expanding one’s education, so I also follow some great bloggers who can identify a double monk strap’s maker at twenty paces, or give an oral history of chino through the ages.

But it means that sometimes, the clothes I write about, the style advice I give, it can all start to feel a bit…pedestrian. Am I really needed? Should I give up the game, leave it to the double-breast jacketed dandies?

And then I’ll go to a Jimmy Buffet concert with friends at Jones Beach, and remember that, don’t worry, Megan, there are plenty of guys who still need your help:

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