The simple thing guys can do to look better: Tuck your shirt in

relax, it's easy

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Mar 11 2018

Dress-Up Tip: Tuck Your Shirt In

I like Jack Black. I do. He’s a very funny man and I’ve enjoyed the stellar character acting he brought to his most recent role as a ramen-eating panda. But the man’s not known for his style sense; can we all agree on that?

Yet here he is at Wednesday night’s American Idol finale (which, what? no, I didn’t watch it! pshhh…walks away, whistling), dueting with contestant Casey Abrams on Queen’s “Fat-bottomed Girls.” And showing the kid up style-wise, big time.

It’s like the producers dressed them identically for your benefit, so you could easily spot the differences between their two looks. Like those cartoons from Highlights magazine when we were kids. “Obviously, that cat is brown in the picture on the left but white with black spots on the right! Now give me my participation ribbon!”

In this case, the game is even easier. Casey looks like a slobby mess with his shirt – and, dear god – undershirt hanging out, while Black, who’s gotta have at least a few stones on him, looks damn near dashing in his tucked-in shirt and black leather belt.

Lesson? Tuck your g.d. shirt in when you’re wearing a suit. Seriously. This is not the nineties, and you are not in a boy band.


Alright now boys, let’s bro hug it out.

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