Commuter Style: What to Wear on Bike Ride to Work

Commuter Style: What to Wear on Bike Ride to Work

Look good on two wheels or two feet
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By | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 2 min read

what to wear on bike ride to work


The World Cup hasn’t even crowned its victor yet, but summer sports wait for no man.

The Tour de France kicked off this past weekend, and while my cycling knowledge begins and ends with “Remember when Lance Armstrong dated Sheryl Crow?”, I know plenty of folks who follow the famed stage race closely.

Many of these friends are also the ones who bike to work whenever the weather will allow it. But what to wear on bike ride to work?

Especially here in the city, riding on two wheels beats riding the subway when temperatures climb. Seriously, our metro system may be convenient and quite the steal ($2.50 to go anywhere – anywhere! – in the city. You will never hear me complain about fare hikes because I’ve never had to buy a car and I am totally fine with that), but in the summer heat, it can feel a little like a mobile sauna.

Thankfully, brands have heard the call and created lines especially for this cosmopolitan commuter.

These “city” collections – from cycling companies like Rapha and Giro, and also non-activewear brands like Levi’s – feature clothes that look good off the bike but that still work when you’re on it.

Details include longer shirt hemlines in the back (to prevent showing off the top of your butt when you’re hunched over the handlebars), and performance-wear materials that keep you cool on the bike and stylish in the office.

Because no one wants to see you in spandex at the Monday morning status meeting.

Get the Look:

helmet: Bern, $80

on the left // wind shirt: Rapha, $205 | shorts: Olivers, $68 | slip-ons: Vans, $55

on the right // merino tee: Giro, $120 | twill pants: Levi’s Commuter 511’s, $88 | cycling shoes: Shimano, $120

Tell me:

Do you bike to work? What do you wear?

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