What’s Your 2015 Style Resolution?

What’s Your 2015 Style Resolution?

Here's a few to get you started
new year's resolutions, happy new year, resolutions, 2015 resolutions, style girlfriend

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 4 min read

happy new year, new year's resolutions, resolutions, style girlfriend

We all can benefit from making – and keeping – a style resolution now and again. Do we need to make them on January 1? No, but it’s a nice time to sit back and reflect on the state of your closet, and the last time you had a million bucks moment. For too many of us, it’s been too long.  Most of the goals listed below are ones we talk about day in, day out here on SG. So why not make 2015 the year we actually start to keep all (okay, most..okay, some) of them?


Populating your closet with new colors can help shake up your wardrobe in the new year. Start small. Do you always wear gray? Try navy. Can’t shake a commitment to your alma mater’s colors? Don those of your rival (not to a sports bar, mind you). You’ll be amazed at how different you feel.

{Why not try something in Marsala, Pantone’s color of 2015?}


From a real hair stylist, or at least the “fancy” barber in town. If you like what you see when you look in your closet, but not the mirror, a change to your ‘do might be in order. Maybe you’re ready to rock a high and tight, or shave it all off instead of trying to cover up that growing bald spot in the back. Whatever it is, you want to trust your hair to a professional who can listen to your concerns, your tolerance for maintenance, and create the perfect style for you.


Throw on a suit for an occasion you wouldn’t otherwise dress up for. Taking your girlfriend out on a date? Surprise her by showing up in a well-tailored jacket and pants. Meeting your parents for lunch? Have them bragging to the neighbors about their bespoke baby boy. Buying your first this year? Read this first.


Any material, I’m not picky – as long as it’s a natural fiber. Cashmere, linen, wool…the list goes on. Layer up with more familiar pieces from your wardrobe, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your new goods get assimilated.


Easily the most important resolution to keep, since we’re talking about clothes you already own. You know the ones – tags on, stuffed in the back of your closet because the pants are “just a little” long, or the jacket is “just a little” loose. If you’ve already got a great tailor, fantastic. If not, ask your best-dressed pals for a recommendation (if you are your pals’ best-dressed friend, just Yelp it) and go from “just a little off” to “just right.”


We all have a few items we’ve had forever. For me, it’s jeans. Shopping for new denim has always been a frustrating, discouraging experience thanks to a hip-to-waist ratio that suggests my lower half is comprised of two entirely different people.

This means I wind up sporting years-old denim, for the simple reasons that (1) I don’t want to put myself through trying on pants at a store and (2) they still fit, so why not? But there’s a good reason not to – because they’re ancient, and definitely not in style anymore (hello-o-o-o bootcut)!

Whatever your [BLANK] is, suck it up and go replace it / them. Maybe it’s a winter coat stained with years of snow and salt, or a pair of sneakers with the rubber tread almost gone. It’s 2015. Out with the old, in with the new.

{I’ve been loving Gap’s new slim offerings in the denim department for guys}


Above all, I hope you resolve to feel good getting dressed every morning. Get excited about your look, and if you’re not – don’t wear it. I don’t care if it sounds superficial (since it’s true): the clothes we put on for the day can make or break our mood. So I hope every single thing you wear in 2015 makes you feel as awesome as I know you are.

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