A Plaid Suit Fit for a (Fresh) Prince

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Oct 14 2016

Will Smith recently showed wearing a bold plaid suit in Tokyo to promote the latest Men in Black movie (by the by, are we looking forward to this? I can’t decide), and he looked, well…he looked pretty great.

I’m hoping the glasses were just to protect against those pyrotechnics, because the rest of Smith’s look is right on. That plaid? With that tie? With that pocket square? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Now, the strongly patterned suit isn’t for beginners of course. You should wait to invest in such a show stopper until:

  1. You’ve padded out the rest of your closet. Make sure you’ve got navy, gray, charcoal, maybe a pinstripe all on lock. And..
  2. You’re comfortable with a slimmer fit (with that much going on in the fabric, the last thing you want is a bulky cut).

But if you’re suiting up every day, it could be fun to throw a curve ball like this at your closet. Especially if pairing contrasting stripes in your dress shirt and tie has lost its thrill, this could be a great time to graduate to a bolder look in your suit. Keep the rest of your look simple like the Fresh Prince, and you’ll be ready to take on – if not aliens around the universe – at least this world.

Above, a few options to get you started:

(Left to Right)

Ben Sherman, $516 (not including vest)

Banana Republic, $748

Indochino, $599


(premiere images)