Why don't you try...bold socks

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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jan 3 2018

My friend Daniel is a sock connoisseur. Loves ’em. Stripes, polks dots, Star Wars-themed, you name it. He knows that bold socks on guys is a great look. And I’m here to explain why, and share a few SG-approved picks to kickstart your own bold sock wardrobe.

comparing stripes 

But just like you wouldn’t buy a Monet then put it in an Ikea frame, Daniel knows presentation counts. So he wears bold socks to draw attention to his cool kicks. Paul Frank’s a favorite, but anything in a primary color or big pattern will wind up on his feet at one point or another.

Every time we see each other, he strikes a beauty pageant pose with his foot jutted out (it’s manlier than it sounds, I swear), hiking up his pants so I can better admire his latest footwear. The guy’s a regular Imelda Marcos; I swear I don’t think I’ve seen him in the same pair of shoes OR socks twice, like, ever.

Why don’t you try bold socks, too?

Bold socks bring levity to an understated suit. Just try to match at least one of the colors to something else you’re wearing…

(J. Crew)

(Unabashedly Prep)

(Daniel once more for good measure. While writing this, I emailed him and asked, “Will you send me a picture of your foot?” He obliged without question)

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