Would You Wear… A Cravat?

Would You Wear… A Cravat?

stylish accessory or d-bag identifier?
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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 23 2022 | 2 min read

Last week, I asked if you’d wear a t-shirt with your suit. The week before that, we tackled cuffed khakis. Before that, a hubbub erupted over cozying up to short suits.

This week? We untangle the cravat.

how's, when's, and why's of wearing a cravat

A quick note on technicalities

A cravat is defined simply as  “a scarf or piece of fabric worn around the neck.” In the same way all oranges are fruit, but not all fruit are oranges; all ascots are cravats, but not all cravats are ascots. An “informal ascot” is also sometiems referred to as a “day cravat.” That picture of Brad Pitt on the left? That’s just a scarf. For all intents and purposes, let’s just agree that we’re talking here about neckwear that’s not a tie or bow tie.

Moving on.

Would you wear it?

Because I’m not here to discuss neckwear semantics, I’m here to push your style comfort zone this summer, and I fully expect the “Are you kidding me, Megan?!”‘s in the comments section.

Look, I get it. You could look like a total a**hole if you try this laissez-faire neckwear at your next dressy event.

Or…you could pull it off, look totally awesome, and get compliments from men and women alike who are impressed by your courage to break from necktie tradition. But you’ll never know which side of the cravat coin you’ll land on unless you try it.

Besides, I never promised that upping your style would be all subtly colored khakis and slim OCBD’s. Sometimes, you’ve gotta stretch to really grow. My trainer always says, pain is weakness leaving the body; think of the first attempt at sporting one of these babies falling somewhere under the same cliche. Don’t know how to tie it? Don’t worry: here’s a tutorial to make it easier.

Where to wear it?

I’ve read plenty of rules around the etiquette of wearing a cravat or ascot, and even more about when you absolutely cannot, should not, would not wear one of these bad boys.

I say, it’s neckwear. Let’s all settle down, shall we? Unless you’re about to meet the queen, I wouldn’t worry too much about the “Should I wear this?” and focus on the “Do I want to wear this?” If yes, go for it.

Informal cravat look

how's, when's, and why's of wearing a cravat


Pants: Larusmiani, $149 | Jacket: Havana, $399 | Shirt: J.Crew, $80 | Shoes: Clarks, $125

Cravat: Brooks Brothers, $150 | Glasses: Ray-Ban, $150 | Belt: Ralph Lauren, $31

Formal cravat look

how's, when's, and why's of wearing a cravat

Jacket: Manhattan, $399 | Pants: SuitSupply, $149 | Shirt:  J.Crew, $80 | Cravat: T.M. Lewis, $52

Shoes: Cole Haan, $140 | Watch: Michael Kors, $275 | Belt: Perry Ellis, $43

Tell me:

How do you feel about this nebbish neckwear?

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(image: Cravat Club)

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