Ben Affleck: King of Stylish Dad Fashion

Ben Affleck: King of Stylish Dad Fashion

3 secrets of the Oscar winner's wardrobe
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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Mar 19 2024 | 4 min read

Ben Affleck has been dragged enough. For looking depressed at awards shows or when he’s picking up coffee. For that back tattoo…which, okay, that one’s valid. But what people don’t talk about enough? The actor and director’s consistent — and consistently good! — personal style.

Too many male celebs dress like they’re on a fashion show runway for a trip to the store. Or, they veer in the opposite direction and deliberately dress like hot garbage despite having access to an unlimited wardrobe budget and professional fashion support. To make a point about their art. Or something like that. Who knows?

Affleck’s style sits perfectly in the middle of the celebrity fashion axis. He reaches for the same nice-but-not-insanely-expensive brands again and again. And he isn’t afraid to spend that Dunkin spokesman coin on high-impact accessories like watches and shoes.

Basically, he looks like the best-dressed dad at a school concert. And that’s a compliment.

Bottom line? The male half of Bennifer 2.0 has cracked the style code.

Below, three cool dad style tips to take from the Argo Oscar winner:

Aim for effortless

The key to Affleck’s dad swag? He never looks like he’s overthinking it.

The Boston native’s outfits are put-together without being fussy. Think: a plain tee that fits just right in all the right places, paired with dark rinse jeans and cool sneakers.

He always looks comfortable and stylish, without his outfit ever looking fashion-y or sloppy.

Embrace a personal uniform

ben affleck peacoat and jeans
image: @britishGQ

Affleck has mastered the art of the daily uniform. He doesn’t shy away from repeating pieces he knows work – a lived-in peacoat or his favorite pair of dark wash jeans. This consistency avoids the frantic scramble for “something to wear” that plagues many a dad in the morning rush. It also subtly conveys a sense of confidence – he’s comfortable in his own skin and his style.

Sneakerhead Cred

ben affleck sneakerhead
image: @justjared

We can’t forget the footwear. Affleck is no stranger to a good pair of sneakers. Whether it’s classic Air Force 1s or trendy Travis Scott collabs, the This Is Me…Now muse often elevates his casual looks with statement sneaks.

And he does it without ever stepping over the line of looking like he’s trying too hard.

It’s a touch that adds personality and a hint that he’s down with the latest trends, but not at the expense of comfort or practicality. Total cool dad move.

The bottom line?

Affleck more than earned his spot in this year’s SG Madness for lifetime achievement in casual dad style.

And it means he gets to do stuff like this and somehow pull it off:

Bottom line? Ben Affleck’s dad style is a masterclass in effortless cool.

His go-to uniform is a great reminder that fatherhood doesn’t have to mean sacrificing personal style. Affleck wears clothes he clearly feels confident and comfortable in, pieces that can handle the daily grind without losing their edge.

So next time you’re grabbing coffee, take a page out of Affleck’s book – keep it simple, stay comfortable, and don’t forget the fresh kicks.

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