If You're New to Style Girlfriend Start Here | Style Girlfriend

If You're New to Style Girlfriend Start Here | Style Girlfriend

New here? Welcome! This is what we’re all about

Style Girlfriend is about way more than sharing the tips, tricks, and shortcuts to dressing to impress us ladies.

…But don’t worry, we’ll do that, too.

That’s because Style Girlfriend’s not a “fashion” blog, we’re a lifestyle level-upper—here to help you upgrade your wardrobe and live with more style. What does that mean for you? Well, it means we’ll help you look good, stay cool (and cultured!), and act right in your professional and personal relationships.

The good news? Upgrading your life from “meh” to million bucks doesn’t have to be expensive or overwhelming. Here at Style Girlfriend, we believe that putting in a little bit of effort lands a big payoff. Like, life-changing big.

Why? Because when you look good, you feel good—and that confidence affects everything from your dating success to your standing with peers at work or school. You have a chance to make an impression every time you leave the house.

So, let’s make sure it’s a good one.

Work with Team SG

Personal stylists are great, but super-expensive. Styling services like Trunk Club and StitchFix that advertise themselves as “free” make money by selling you products they carry, always at full price.

The result? Nothing’s ever on sale AND you wind up looking like every other guy who uses the service.

So much for personalized personal shopping.

We offer personal shopping services for a flat fee and don’t carry any inventory, so we’re able to search every brand and product the internet has to offer—including products on sale or even clearance.

There’s a good chance you’ll wind up saving money (or at least breaking even!) by working with Style Girlfriend, AND you’ll walk away with a wardrobe that looks and feels much more personal to your budget, body type, and personal style.

Bottom line?

We don’t carry clothes, and we don’t sell them to you.

Instead, our team acts as your own (digital) personal shopper, pulling products from all over the internet and suggesting ways you could incorporate them into your wardrobe if you decide to buy them for yourself.

That means we’re able to offer way more variety than what those other shopping services can…and you wind up with a wardrobe that’s truly just for you.

Read the Style Girlfriend manifesto:
megan collins style girlfriend

It’s okay to care about how you look.

The world ditched the term “metrosexual” around the same time the original Queer Eye went off the air in the Aught’s.

Let’s leave it there, k?

It doesn’t detract from your masculinity to take pride in your personal appearance. Anyone who still believes that also probably thinks women belong in the kitchen.

…And I’m not writing this from the kitchen.

As for wanting to impress the opposite sex—as a woman, let me just say—in what universe is that a bad thing?!

Don’t let women’s approval take over your life, of course, but heck yeah it makes sense that you’d want your lady (or a potential future lady) to like how you look. You appreciate when we dress up for a date, right? It works both ways, bub.

Life’s too long to not learn new things.

Breaking news: no one has all the answers.

There’s plenty of stuff I’m clueless about—no really, like, an embarrassing amount of stuff. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to go through the rest of my life not knowing. If I want to learn how to clean red wine off a suede sofa, or where to apply for a passport, I’ll ask…sometimes friends or family, sometimes Google. The point is, I don’t just shrug and say, “I guess I’ll just never travel internationally.”

Too many guys take this cop-out when it comes to living with purpose and intention. “I guess dressing well / dating / decorating my home / getting in shape just isn’t for me.” No way!

We know how it feels to look around and it seems like everyone just instinctively knows the right way to roll your pant cuffs, or how to be a great first date. Just ask. No one expects you to be an expert at everything.

And while we’re on the topic: please understand that no question is too small or insignificant when it comes to living with more confidence. In fact, the answers to some of the smallest questions can make the biggest difference. So go ahead, ask us!

gabi meyers

Achieving a stylish life is a marathon, not a sprint.

If this were a teen movie where Style Girlfriend makes you over into the prom king on a dare, we’d take you shopping for an all-new wardrobe, give you an etiquette lesson on how to use each fork in a fancy dinner setting, teach you how to dunk a basketball, then finally close out the day by helping you perfect your pick-up techniques on the prettiest girl in school.

But life is not set to a pop music montage (though it definitely should be), and totally new, permanent personal habits don’t form in a day.

So forget trying to overhaul your style in a week. Or learn to play guitar in a month. Or go from zero to married in a year. Living a stylish, interesting life is a marathon with no finish line (but don’t worry…you can walk for parts of it).

Focus on small changes, rather than big ones that feel so overwhelming you want to give up trying to level up your life before you even get going.

Because, true story, guys: putting in a little effort goes a long, loooong way. Like, from here to Timbuktu long.

Tuck your shirt in. Stop interrupting women in meetings. Take a new photo for your LinkedIn and Tinder profiles. Use a moisturizer with SPF. Baby steps.

A good attitude makes everything better.

Just as important as effort? Your attitude when you’re making it. Treat upgrading your life like a chore? It’ll feel like one. View it as an adventure, and you’re destined for success.

When a friend of mine started taking French lessons. I asked him if, as an adult, it was a frustrating process. Old dog, new tricks, that sort of thing?

“No,” he said, “because I can’t get worse…only better.”

What a great attitude. Try to look at this journey the same way. Sure, you might metaphorically conjugate a few verbs wrong on the way to self-improvement, but you can only get better.

taylor davies

How you present yourself matters.

You are not your clothes, your accent, your body type, or your bank account…but everything that makes you you informs the impression you make on the people you meet. Don’t you want it to be a good one?

At Style Girlfriend, we want to help you realize how totally freaking AMAZINGLY great you feel about yourself when you make an effort. And with that kind of confidence boost, you’ll stand taller, smile more, introduce yourself to a beautiful woman you may never have otherwise approached, ask your boss for a well-deserved raise…the list goes on.

No matter your size, age, budget, or city, you deserve to live with style.

In a tiny town.

On a tiny paycheck.

On narrow shoulders or short legs.

Living well is not reserved for those with 6-pack abs and a black Amex. And anyone that tries to tell you otherwise is a jerk and a liar.

What I’m saying is: working on becoming your best self, from the clothes you wear and the food you put in your body, to the time you dedicate towards your physical and mental well-being, has a ripple effect that touches every aspect of your life. We can help turn that ripple into a confidence tsunami!

jennifer hunter

You are worth it.

Your budget is your budget. We get it. We have one, too. But it’s worth looking at your style—from the clothes in your closet to the sheets on your bed to the cast iron skillet on your stove—as an investment in you.

So spend what you can for the things that matter.

Getting a “deal” often isn’t, really. If that discount polyester shirt you buy off the clearance rack disintegrates after one wash, what are you really gaining by saving a few bucks upfront?

Don’t get me wrong; that doesn’t mean here at SG we’re going to tell you to buy top dollar errrrrything. It just means that when we say something is worth the splurge, you can be sure we’re saying it because we think you deserve it.


Shortcuts welcome.

The way we see it: You’re here. Raising your hand and asking for help, even if doing so maybe made you feel insecure or embarrassed…especially if doing so made you feel that way.

That’s the hard part.

So we do the dirty work for you: figuring out what you need to know, and condensing it all into tasty, bite-sized nuggets of information you can use. You get to get on with your day, and start living with more style, ASAP.

Sure, you could spend hours online poring over the optimal break of a pant, or debating pick-up artist techniques with a bunch of other dudes…or you could just come here, get the skinny on what you need to know from a group of lovely, knowledgeable ladies.

If you’re the type of person who asks your most tech-y friend which computer to buy when yours gives out….then buys that recommended model, you’re in the right place. You trust that your friend knows more than you do, and you have better things to do with your time. You want to live with more style, we’ll help you do it—no research required.

megan collins

You can do it!

Yep, this is where we get all “Rah rah, you can do it!” on you. At SG HQ, we believe that, starting today, you can level up your life, and feel great doing it. Right now! Start with a purge of your closet, a trip to the tailor, or a visit with a shrink! You don’t need money (much, anyway), just an open mind and a good attitude.

So, are you ready to upgrade your style, and your life?

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