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men's halloween costume trends 2023
The Best Men’s Halloween Costume Trends for 2023
Start planning now
Huckberry Flint and Tinder pants
5 Days 5 Ways
5 Days, 5 Ways: Flint and Tinder 365 Pants
Your all day, every day, all year long pant.
Huckberry versatile fall jackets
The 5 Most Versatile Fall Jackets For Men
The best outerwear for the season
2023 men's fall fashion trends
3 Men’s Fall Fashion Staples: The 2023 Hit List
With stylish men's fall outfit ideas
men's fall style tips
Style Featured
A Guy’s Guide to Fall Outfits: 3 Layering Tips From a Stylist
With 18 outfit ideas to wear right now
Style Featured
4 Subtle Ways to Upgrade Your Fall Style
Smart tricks to look stylish this season
best mens cardigans for fall 2023
Let's Go Shopping
8 Cozy, Stylish Cardigans For Guys
The sweater for your sensitive side
men's college style
Let's Go Shopping
College Wardrobe Essentials: A Fall Style Checklist for Guys
Everything a college guy should wear
affordable men's fall capsule wardrobe
Style Featured
Affordable Men’s Fall Fashion: The #SGApproved Capsule Wardrobe
Look good without breaking the bank
Todd Snyder outfits for fall for men
3 Effortlessly Cool Todd Snyder Outfits for Fall
Timeless Style for Guys
style girlfriend wedding moodboard
Letter From the Editor
Life Lately: Style Girlfriend Getting Married!
Record're probably wondering how I got here
Madewell men's outfits for fall
These Madewell Men’s Outfits Will Make Getting Dressed for Fall Easy
Easy, stylish casual looks for fall
how to look good on zoom
How to Look Good on Zoom
Good news, most of them are free!
small gifts for women
The Best Small Gifts For Women Right Now
Treat her to a "just because" bauble
men's grooming guide for your 40s
Men's Grooming
The Guy’s Grooming Guide for Your 40s
It's all in the upkeep
men's grooming guide for your 30s
Men's Grooming
The Guy’s Grooming Guide for Your 30s
Right now it's all about maintenance
the best pants for athletic legs
Guys' Style Guides
These Are All The Best Pants For Athletic Legs
Calling all big thighs, muscular calves, and bubble butts
huberman husband
Are You a Huberman Husband?
With a Swiftie Spouse Rising
The 7 Best Men’s Fall Style Essentials for 2023
Timeless, meet trendy
faded jeans outfits for guys
5 Days 5 Ways
How to Wear Faded Jeans: 5 Days, 5 Ways
A new look at a tried and true classic
Harry Styles wearing shorts in Italy on vacation
The Off-Duty Summer Outfit Endorsed by Harry Styles
Take notes from the vacationing singer
best men's sweatpants
Let's Go Shopping
The Best Sweatpants to Wear In 2023
Buy them all and just rotate
how to wear men's khaki chinos
How to Wear Chinos: A Guy’s Style Guide
What are chinos, and how to wear them
men's grooming guide for your 50s
Men's Grooming
The Guy’s Grooming Guide for Your 50s and Beyond
Good looks don't retire
men's grooming guide for your 30s
Men's Grooming
The Guy’s Grooming Guide For Your 20s
Learn the basics to looking your best
personal rebrand
Life Featured
Ready For A Personal Rebrand? Go For It.
Is it time to update your operating system?
are jawline fillers safe
Men's Grooming
What to Know about Jawline Filler for Men
The lowdown on recovery time, cost, and providers
side by side date suggestions
Want to Feel More Comfortable and Confident? Go On A Side By Side Date
Skip face to face...for now
blueberry milk trend for guys
Embracing Blueberry Milk: Light Blue Outfits for Guys
It's just light blue. That's it.
boundaries vs rules
Rules are Not The Same Thing as Boundaries in a Relationship
We need to talk about Jonah
Barbie pink outfit for men
Barbiecore for the Boys: Barbie Pink Outfits for Men
Sport this traditionally feminine color with confidence
best 5 inch shorts for men
Let's Go Shopping
These are the Five Best 5-inch Shorts for Men (Updated for 2023!)
Flash a little more leg this summer
men's summer date outfits
7 of the Best Summer Date Outfits for Guys
Cool summer clothes for guys
best men's loafers outfits
The Best Men’s Loafer Outfits to Wear Right Now
Slip into style
men's body lotion
Men's Grooming
The Best Body Lotion for Men
The best moisturizers, creams, and lotions for men
men's linen shorts outfits
5 Days 5 Ways
How to Wear Linen Shorts: 5 Outfits for Guys
Lightweight, don't wait
madewell drawstring shorts
3 Drawstring Shorts Outfits for Guys
Casual spring and summer style for all
Life Featured
How to Have More Rizz with Women
Charm school is in session
the everything shower
Men's Grooming
Guys, It’s Time to Try the “Everything Shower”
All the kids are doing it
5 Days 5 Ways
Chino Shorts Outfits for Guys: 5 Days of Summer Style
Are khaki shorts in style? Absolutely
best men's pants and best men's shorts
Guys' Style Guides
SG Hall of Fame: The Best Men’s Pants and Shorts
Bottoms up!
men's travel essentials
The 8 Travel Essentials Every Stylish Guy On-the-Go Needs
Get packing
summer office style men
Style Roundup: 12 Pieces for your Summer Work Wardrobe
Men's office style that goes with your key card
Samba outfit men
4 Ways to Wear Adidas Samba Sneakers
They're back. For good.
how to wear shorts this summer
A Guy’s Guide to Shorts
Everything you need to know about what to wear with shorts
Outfit Inspiration
What to Wear to a Summer Wedding: A Guy’s Style Guide
What to wear to a wedding this year
Grooming Featured
What Women Think When They See Guys Naked
When the only thing you're wearing is your confidence!
meet women at pilates
Want to Meet Women? Go to a Pilates Class
Strength training for your love life
best wife pleasers
Guys' Style Guides
The Wife Pleaser: Men’s Summer Style Secret Superhero
An undershirt glow-up!
50-something male casual style
A Week of Casual Outfits for 50-Something Men
Real guy style in Florida heat
best 7-inch shorts for men
Let's Go Shopping
Men’s Style Roundup: 7 Pairs of 7-inch Shorts
A short inseam to sport all summer long
long hair on guys
Men's Grooming
How to Make Long Hair Look Good: A Guy’s Guide
What to know about growing and wearing long hair
The Berenstain Bears Forget Their Manners book cover
How Many Modern Man Points Have You Earned Today?
What women want in a man...that you can learn from the Berenstain Bears
the best men's summer shirts in 2023
“Going Out Tops” for Guys: These are the Best Men’s Summer Shirts
The 2000's trend you didn't know you needed
men's fashion trends 2023
These are the 23 Best Men’s Fashion Trends to Try in 2023
Are you ready to shake up your uniform?
bruce springsteen barack obama legs crossed
Life Featured
Guys, Cross Your Legs
Way better than manspreading.
how to dress in your 60s style tips for men
How To Dress When You’re Over 60 Years Old
You're old(er) not dead. Dress like it.
short sleeve button up shirts men
Outfit Inspiration
What to Wear With Men’s Short Sleeve Button up Shirts
What to wear with this classic summer staple
Guys' Style Guides
These Are The Best Men’s Golf Clothes in 2023
Hole-In-One Style
men's dress pants
The Best Dress Pants for Men and How to Wear Them: A Guy’s Guide
The best dress pants for men and how to style them
chance the rapper lavender tee
Guys' Style Guides
How to Wear Lavender: The Guy’s Guide to Wearing This Purple Shade
We’ve fallen hard for this light purple hue
best men's hats
The Best Men’s Hats Every Guy Should Know
Hone in on the right hat for you
Men's Grooming
Should You Get a Bidet? (Spoiler: Yes)
Prepare to upgrade your bathroom routine
beige flag tiktok trend
How Not to Raise “Beige Flags” in Dating
How to avoid this dating trend stumble
Let's Go Shopping
These are the Best Men’s Pocket Tees
The perfect t-shirt doesn't exi--
soft parenting trend
Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want to “Soft Parent” You
So don't let her
2023 men's spring wardrobe updates
Guys' Style Guides
Men’s Spring Wardrobe Updates: 6 Style Essentials
Consider a few key purchases.
5 Days 5 Ways
5 Outfits to Wear with Khaki Chino Shorts
Classic, not boring.
shaving your head
Men's Grooming
How to Shave Your Head for the First Time
From the best razor to shave your head, to how to maintain a bald head
2023 men's summer style guide
Guys' Style Guides
The Very Best Summer Style Guide for Men
Sun's Out, Style's In
Men's Grooming
Men’s Nail Care: Grooming Tips from a Celeb Manicurist
Keep your hands and feet in check
men's cargo pants outfits 2023
5 Days 5 Ways
Guys, It’s time to Embrace Cargo Pants
Yep, they're back
best hair dryers for men
Men's Grooming
The Best Hair Dryers for Men: A Guide
And why it's worth upgrading
man receiving botox
Men's Grooming
Why You Should Be High Maintenance To Be Low Maintenance
How to Upgrade Your Life, Boost Your Confidence, and Save Time Each Day
how to wear penny loafers
5 Days 5 Ways
How to Wear Penny Loafers: A Guy’s Style Guide
Back and better than ever
best men's baseball caps
Your Guide to the Best Baseball Hats for Men and How to Wear Them
What's your go-to topper?
drink more water tips
Men's Grooming
Drink More Water Tips From a Hydration Coach
Hydrate from head to toe.
Seth Rogen with dog Zelda
How to Talk About Having Kids With a Partner
Ready to have "the talk?" No? Then read this.
faherty printed shorts
5 Days 5 Ways
5 Days, 5 Ways: How to Wear Printed Shorts
shorts that pack a punch
shirt and tie combinations
Guys' Style Guides
How to Nail Dress Shirt and Tie Combos
The Do's and (definite) Don'ts
garrett munce hair and skincare routine
Men's Grooming
This Grooming Editor’s Men’s Hair and Skincare Routine is Intense
Check out the step by step (with products!)
Brad Pitt hairstyle
Men's Grooming
How to Get The Best Haircut of Your Life
From finding a hairdresser near you to picking the best style for you
unique mothers day gifts 2023
Holiday Gift Guides
Stylish Mother’s Day Gifts To Shop Now (Updated for 2023!)
Top picks from Team SG
This is The All-Time Best Cheap Date Idea
Move over "meet for coffee"
post pandemic style
Men's Grooming
7 Steps to Achieving a Post-Covid Glow Up
Time for a lifestyle vibe check
Put a Tray On It: The Easiest Home Decor Hack
Cory Ohlendorf Valet Mag
Steal His Look
Real Guy Style: Valet’s Cory Ohlendorf
LA Style in Tokyo
Date Idea: Go Lingerie Shopping Together
Treat her, and you, to a shopping trip to remember
how to wear white sneakers, mens style
The Best White Sneakers for Men and How to Wear Them
Can you kick it?
topical finasteride
Men's Grooming
How Long Does Finasteride Take to Work? And More Hair Regrowth Questions Answered 
What to expect when you’re expecting an improvement in your hairline
Reader Question
Reader Question: Springtime Office Apparel For Guys
sober dating tips
Sober Dating Tip: Navigating Early Dates When You Don’t Drink
Whether You’re Sober or Just Sober-Curious
3 ways to pair pastels, how to wear pastels together, pairing pastels, guys spring style
Wear It Well: 3 Ways to Pair Pastels Together This Spring
Live in color
the best men's spring jackets
The 5 Spring Jackets Every Guy Needs (Updated for 2023!)
Lightweight coats, heavy on style
Guys' Style Guides
Men’s Wardrobe Essentials For Your 20s
Look like an adult, feel like an adult
men's dopp kit essentials
Men's Grooming
Grooming on the Go: What to Put in a Men’s Dopp Kit
And how to pack it all
Stanley Tucci best-dressed man 2023
Men's Style Madness
Stanley Tucci is the Best-Dressed Man of 2023
Style secrets to steal from the actor
men's wardrobe essentials for your 40s
Guys' Style Guides
Men’s Wardrobe Essentials for Your 40s
Looking and feeling great, made simple
These 3 Easy Spring Outfits for Men Make Life Easier
Can't-miss formulas