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image on the left of man wearing dark athletic shorts and a coach's jacket, on the right, a close-up of the shorts on their own
Who Wears Short (Golf) Shorts? You, Hopefully
The best short golf shorts for guys
jason kelce sandals brand feature on slip on shoes
Jason Kelce Loves Their Sandals, But These Loafers are the Brand’s Real MVP
Get inspired by the football player's favorite footwear
mens performance shorts outfit with short-sleeve button down shirt and wide-brimmed hat
5 Days 5 Ways
These Men’s Performance Shorts are the Perfect Hybrid of Tactical and Tailored
5 days, 5 ways to wear them
men's golf style 2024
Guys' Style Guides
These Are The Best Men’s Golf Clothes in 2024
What to wear on the course right now
various men's golf clothes and accessories, set against a golf green background
5 Golf Style Upgrades Every Guy Can Make (2024)
Look your best from the course to the clubhouse and beyond
best 7-inch shorts for men
Men’s Style Roundup: 7 Pairs of 7-inch Shorts (Updated for 2024!)
A short inseam to sport all summer long
men's nike golf shoe set against a background of a golf green
The Coolest Golf Shoes to Elevate Your Look, and Your Game
Fashion on the fairway
image of lower torso and legs of a man wearing a cream-colored short sleeve shirt with red corduroy drawstring shorts and brown suede espadrilles
Let's Go Shopping
These are the Five Best 5-inch Shorts for Men (Updated for 2024!)
Flash a little more leg this summer
tom holland smiling in sunglasses wearing an off-white jacket and brown pants
Men's Style Madness
Tom Holland is the Most Stylish Man of 2024
The Spider-Man star takes this year's top spot
picture of angry woman with small illustrations of people working in front of her
Notion Template Guy In the Streets, Notion Template Guy in the Sheets
On "hacking" your home life (and if you should)
Men's Grooming
20 of the Best Men’s Summer Fragrances Women Will Love Smelling On You
Smell like you're on vacation all season long
Not a Magic Bullet, But a Spark: My Experience with Ketamine Therapy
Interested in this alternative therapy? Read on
three images of trendily-dressed men
Ask Yourself These 3 Questions The Next Time You’re Stumped by Style
Time to play Style Inspector Gadget
three product images set against a western-themed background, from left to right: brown cowboy boots, a black, button-front denim shirt, and a black belt with silver buckle
Let's Go Shopping
7 Men’s Western Style Pieces to Embrace Your Inner Cowboy
Lasso not included
side by side images of man wearing navy drawstring shorts and man wearing grey dress pants. text on-screen reads "SG Hall of Fame"
Guys' Style Guides
SG Hall of Fame: The Best Men’s Pants and Shorts
Bottoms up!
Barack Obama style
Guys' Style Guides
Style for Men Over 50: 7 Tips to Know Before You Shop
What every older man needs in his wardrobe 
jared mccain nail polish
Men's Grooming
Duke’s Jared McCain is Making Way for a New Kind of Man
How the Duke freshman is ushering in a new model for masculinity
image of a men's striped Breton shirt and green drawstring shorts set against a faded background of a modern home
6 Men’s Spring Date Outfits to Wear Now
Catch spring (style) fever
images of men's birkenstock sandals, including a blue pair, a brown suede pair, and a single-strap tan pair
5 Days 5 Ways
Birkenstock Outfits for Men: 5 Way to Wear the Iconic Sandal
Just make sure your feet are ready for public viewing
mens jeans outfits 2024
What to Wear With Jeans in 2024
Drop back into denim
how to wear penny loafers
5 Days 5 Ways
How to Wear Penny Loafers: A Guy’s Style Guide
Back and better than ever
men's wardrobe essentials for your 50s
Guys' Style Guides
Men’s Wardrobe Essentials for Your 50s
Rollin' into your next decade (in style)
up-close image of man from the neck to the waist, wearing a light blue pocket t-shirt
Let's Go Shopping
These are the Best Men’s Pocket Tees
The perfect t-shirt doesn't exi--
nike air max 1 outfits on style girlfriend
There’s a Nike Air Max For Every Guy
Five ways to wear the Air Max 1
2023 men's spring wardrobe updates
Men’s Spring Wardrobe Updates: 6 Style Essentials for 2024
Consider a few key purchases
mens summer date outfits 2024
7 of the Best Summer Date Outfits for Guys
Bring the heat on your next hot date