8 Summer Beach Essentials For Guys

Sun, Sand, and the Perfectly Packed Beach Bag

By Style Girlfriend | Last Updated: Aug 12 2019

Summer is full of last-minute trips to the beach for salty air and beach bumming. Packing for the beach should be fun and set to a Carly Rae Jepsen soundtrack, not stressed over.

The top priority for a day in the sun? Traveling light. The bulkiest item should be the 12-pack of beers you’re bringing, and those will be getting recycled on the way home anyway. Who wants to lug around a heavy tote bag of stuff you’re not even sure you’ll need? Nobody. Of course, there’s a few beach (or pool day!) essentials guys need, so here’s how to pack in advance so you’ll be ready for any last-second Summer Fridays.

Below, the 8 beach essentials to pack this summer:

1. Sunscreen!

SG Says: There are beach essentials, and then there are BEACH ESSENTIALS. Sunscreen falls in the latter camp.

It’s literally crazy how many bottles of sunscreen we pull out of friends’ bags that look like they were purchased pre-Y2k. That sh*t expires, guys! And with all the advances in formulation and application these days, there’s no excuse not to be protected.

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2. A chic beach towel

SG Says: Sure, you could use whatever beach towel your mom sent you off to summer camp with when you were a kid, but spreading out a towel that’s chic af is one of those, “This guy has his act together” moves that women low-key love.

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3. A durable tote bag

SG Says: A canvas tote is the perfect balance of masculinity, utility, AND durability. Wet trunks and sandy flip-flips? Throw ’em in there without thinking twice.

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4. beat-up-able sunglasses

SG Says: You probably won’t forget to wear sunglasses in your trip to the beach or pool, but do you really want to wear the nice sunglasses you are trying to make last through August without breaking or losing them?

That’s why stuffing a cheap-o “on call” pair in your bag is a summer beach essential. Wayfarers with a plastic frame are ideal for not worrying about sand, chlorine, or an errant foot during an especially lively game of sand volleyball.

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5. Beach speakers

SG Says: Secure your phone in this multi-function radio and start a Spotify summer playlist without worrying about any sand in your screen.

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6. Flip flops

SG Says: It feels like you guys think we’re anti-flip flop in an all-encompassing, comprehensive sense. Nonsense! Summer days spent at the beach or pool are the exact right time to wear flip flops.

Keep a pair in your beach bag and change into them when you get out of the car at your hydration destination. (Pssst, this is a great time to put on your sunscreen, too.)

It should be noted, however, that a pair of slides works just as well and have the added bonus of actually being in style right now. But y’know, when in Rome and all that…

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7. Beach hat

SG Says: A good hat can be the unsung hero of your day in the sun. It’s easy to forget to reapply sunscreen, and sunglasses only protect so much of your face.

A baseball hat will totally suffice, but if you’ve ever wanted to indulge in that #floppyhatlife, now’s the time.

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8. Hair product

SG Says: Multi-task during your time in the sun with a hair mask (yes, really) like Ouai’s Treatment Masque. You’re already working on your tan, so you might as well use some of that heat to nourish your locks.

As for après-sun? Hairstylist Vaughn Accord recommends V76 Tonic Hair & Scalp. A mix of clean, refreshing ingredients, including tea tree and juniper oil, “soothes the scalp and moisturizes hair after a day of sun and saltwater,” says Accord.

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