Style Roundup: Summer Beach Essentials

Sun, Sand, and the Perfectly Packed Beach Bag

Growing up in Florida meant weekends full of last minute trips to the sea for salty air and beach bumming. Besides conquering the ideal SPF-to-tan ratio and some rudimentary surfing skills (a fact that I like to sprinkle in conversation *as much as possible* now that I live in NYC), packing for the beach has become a forte of mine over the years.

Traveling light is definitely a top priority for a day in the sun. When you’re running between breaks with boards and m-a-a-y-be a few beers, who wants to lug around a heavy tote bag? Me neither. But there are certain essentials that you just cannot forego, so let’s meet in the middle and pack what’s needed…in style.

Below, the 8 beach essentials to pack this summer:

1. Lab Series SPF Moisturizer, $48


Wear it Well: It only takes one lobster-red burn to never forget sunscreen again…and we should all avoid that. Opt for a sunscreen specially formulated for men to fully breach your skin and keep you protected all day.

2. Pendleton Towel, $50

3. Garbstore Canvas Tote, $165

Wear it Well: A canvas tote is the perfect balance of masculinity, utility, AND durability. Wet trunks and sandy flip-flips? Throw ’em in there without thinking twice.

4. illesteva Sunglasses, $177

5. Sunnylife Beach Speaker, $49

Wear it Well: Secure your phone in this multi-function radio and start a Spotify summer playlist without worrying about any sand in your screen. (Did you see that you can pump up the bass too?)

6. Havaianas Flip Flop, $22

7. J.Crew Rash Guard, $50

Wear it Well: A rash guard can be the unsung hero of your beach day. If sea sports are your thing or if you want ultimate sun protection, don’t forget a simple rash guard…no oversized logos here, guys.

8. Mr. Swim Board Shorts, $39

Wear it Well: Outshine fellow beach-goers with a bold pair of trunks. If there’s a perfect time to go outside your comfort zone with prints and color, this is it.

Tell me:

What’s in your beach bag? Do you pack it all or keep it minimal?


Hammonds is a former Floridian, full-time editor at Style Girlfriend, and occasional artist living in NYC. Follow her random creations and big city musings on Instagram.


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