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At Style Girlfriend we help guys up their style game and interact with women with more confidence.

Because living with style doesn’t end with the clothes in your closet.

After all, a well-dressed asshole is still just an asshole.

So, think of Team SG as the friendly, supportive BFF encouraging you to put a little extra effort into your look when getting dressed, and helping you interact with women with style and grace.

She sounds an awful lot like the best friend you grew up with, or the co-worker you Slack with all day long.


At Style Girlfriend, we share female-driven insights into the type of man women want to be with, from how he dresses to how he acts.

When it comes to clothes, we believe style (or even its snootier cousin, “fashion”) is NOT reserved for those with six-pack abs and a black Amex.

SG followers are guys living in big cities and small towns, dads with two kids and a mortgage and undergrads getting by on a ramen noodle budget.

What do these guys all have in common?

They understand that when you look good, you feel good. 

And that kind of confidence? Well, it’s contagious.

As for acting right?

It’s a confusing time to be a guy!

We get it.

Masculinity and gender roles are more confusing than ever today. Guys can trust Style Girlfriend to give good advice on how to act around women because we are women!

And we’re not shy about letting you know what we like, and what we definitely don’t.

We’re here to make living with style easier through daily tips online, and even with on-demand shopping help.

So you can start feeling like a million bucks, fast.


megan collins 2022

“I love helping guys make the ‘Look good, feel good’ connection.”

Megan Collins

founder, Style Girlfriend

Megan Collins started Style Girlfriend as a favor to a friend.

He wanted her to write a blog for the website of his recently launched MTM suit business.

She said yes, but only after calling out her lack of men’s fashion credentials.

Unfazed, he told her, “Just write about what you like to see guys wearing…and tell them to wear suits more often!’

That, Megan decided, she could do.

Turns out, plenty of guys were looking to pull back the curtain on the style secrets to a woman’s heart (hint: fit is king).

Since then, Style Girlfriend has become a go-to destination for guys around the globe seeking not just fashion advice, but lifestyle shortcuts—all from a friendly, female perspective.

Today, Style Girlfriend is made up of a team of awesome women with unique voices who all share one mission—to help guys make the “Look Good, Feel Good” connection for themselves.


style girlfriend wardrobe refresh how it works

Let Style Girlfriend shop for you!

Working with a personal stylists is great….and super-expensive.

Subscription services like StitchFix that advertise themselves as “free?”

Yeah, they make money by selling you only the products they carry, always at full price.

The result? Nothing’s ever on sale AND you wind up looking like every other guy who uses the service.

So much for personal style.

Style Girlfriend offers affordable, online-based personal styling for guys. You pay for your stylist’s time and expertise, and receive a personal style plan that’s actually customized to your needs and budget.

style girlfriend styling session

Well, we don’t carry clothes to sell to you.

Instead, we give you our best advice on what to buy and how to wear it.

That means we’ll search every brand and product the internet has to offer on your behalf—including products on sale or even clearance.

You’ll walk away with a wardrobe that looks and feels much more personal to your budget, body type, and personal style.

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Style Girlfriend is proud to support Westhab, an organization that works to transform communities by developing quality affordable housing and delivering the services that people and neighborhoods need to thrive.

Learn how you can get involved here.

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