Wardrobe Refresh
Get style inspiration and outfit ideas to spice up your wardrobe, including a 5-piece shopping list.

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Wardrobe Reboot
Collaborate with Team SG to transform your wardrobe, and receive your 12-piece shopping list.

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Why Trust Team SG with Your Style?

No Brand Blackouts

We shop the entire internet to find the best items just for you. Build a unique, stylish wardrobe that feels like you, not anybody else.

Your Needs Come First

Unlike other stylist services that work on commission, we’ll never push you to buy clothing items that you don’t want or need.

Support You Can Trust

We’ve been sharing men’s style advice for years. Let that wisdom work for you—with a plan that fits your budget, body type, and style.

You’re in Control

Never be surprised by a delivery you don’t like, or have to coordinate annoying returns. You choose what you buy from your shopping plan.