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Want to learn more about SG’s virtual styling sessions? Curious about how we can help you update and upgrade your wardrobe?

Great! You can book a totally free (!) discovery call below. You’ll speak with a member of our team to find out if one of our personal stylists could be a fit for you.

But before you schedule your call, let us lay some FAQs on you so we don’t waste any of your time…and who knows, maybe you’ll get all your questions answered and you’ll be ready to book your session

Who will be shopping for me? A super-badass member of Team SG! After filling out an online questionnaire about your wardrobe needs, you’ll be matched with a stylist selected just for you.

Does the fee cover the clothes? The cost of a Wardrobe Refresh or Reboot covers the services and expertise of your personal stylist; buying the clothes is up to you. Share your wardrobe budget (whatever that means to you) and your stylist will stay within it. Because we’re not selling you clothes the way Tr*nk Club, St!tch F!x and others do, that means we’re able to search far and wide on the internet to get you the best bang for your wallet’s buck.

Can stylists work with clients outside of the United States? Not yet! While we hope to expand our army of stylists worldwide eventually, right now we only work with clients based in the U.S. This is so we can provide the best, most knowledgeable service.

Got more questions?

Book your discovery call using the calendar below!

Why trust Team SG with your wardrobe?

No Brand Blackouts

We shop the entire internet to find the best items just for you.

Build a unique, stylish wardrobe that feels like you, not anybody else.

Your Needs Come First

Unlike other stylist services that work on commission, we’ll never push you to buy clothing items that you don’t want or need.

Support You Can Trust

We’ve been sharing men’s style advice for years. Let that wisdom work for you—with a plan that fits your budget, body type, and style.

You’re in Control

Never be surprised by a delivery you don’t like, or have to coordinate annoying returns. Style Girlfriend’s styling service doesn’t send you any clothes. You choose what you buy from your style plan.

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