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The 6 Best Men's Sneakers for Summer

A mix of trendy and timeless

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Aug 9 2020

Looking for the best men’s sneakers for Summer 2020? Style Girlfriend’s got you covered.

Of course, just like sneakers themselves, personal style is not one-size-fits-all. So we’ve shared our team’s picks that encompass a spectrum of pairs we think will make you feel like a million bucks. You’ll have to consider what you’re looking for from your footwear: trendy fashion or iconic classics.

Oh, and don’t forget to click “add to cart” on a pack of no-show socks with whatever pair you choose. Gotta be prepared!

Check out the most stylish men’s sneakers to wear this summer:

These are the sneakers that may not be what’s hot this time next year, but for now, you’ll be the trendiest guy at your backyard summer bbq’s, socially distanced meet-ups, and weekend trips out of town.

Shop trendy men’s sneakers for summer:

When it comes to the best men’s sneakers for summer, a tech-forward shoe is still very much in style in 2020. APL is a relatively new brand that offers something a little different than the sneaker giants who’ve been doing their thing for decades.

So if you like being the guy who offers up new style intel to friends and family, this could be the sneaker for you.

A retro sneaker doesn’t always feel like the right move, but there’s something about the Nike Air Tailwind 79 that feels really fresh right now.

And considering its sub-$100 price point, you won’t feel too badly if you wear them into the ground this summer (…or if you’re just over them come fall).

I don’t know if it’s a Midwest thing, but I tend to use the term “tennis shoe” when referring to sneakers in general.

These bad boys from New Balance, though, are the real thing. Not that you have to play tennis in them. But y’know, you could if you want.

Of course, sometimes you just want to go with what you know.

And like a cold beer on a hot day, the sneakers below are always a good idea.

Shop classic men’s sneakers for summer:

Yes, that’s a high-top. No, you won’t feel like an extra from West Side Story in them.

Just roll up those chinos, show off this classic sneaker, and look and feel awesome. Then, repeat.

Will the boring bro-y neighbors in your cul-de-sac tease you? Maybe, but you’re not dressing for them anyway.

You’re dressing for yourself…and for your wife, who’s pretty impressed you’re willing to buck the cul-de-sac mafia and go your own style way.

There’s nothing more quintessentially summer than a slip-on sneaker. Okay, maybe a flip flop sandal nails the “It’s too hot to make an effort” vibe, too, but you won’t look as cool.

As Esquire put it, “If you want to fully embrace that laid-back…vibe, go with a pair of sneakers worn by every California surfer and skater since the dawn of time (or since Vans first started making them).”

Funnily enough, last year I would have included this style in the “Trendy” pile, but it finally seems more than official that Vans style are here to stay.

Another pair of Vans, but a very different style. These canvas lace-ups are basically the sneaker version of a boat shoe, and that’s a good thing.

Wear them with shorts. Wear them with chinos. Wear them with jeans. Just don’t wear them on a crowded boat party. Remember, we’re still social distancing, people!


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