The 6 Best Men’s Sneakers for Summer

The 6 Best Men’s Sneakers for Summer

A mix of trendy and timeless
the best mens summer sneakers 2022

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Aug 4 2023 | 4 min read

Looking for the best men’s sneakers for summer 2022? Style Girlfriend’s got you covered.

Summer is sneaker season for guys. Unless, of course, you’ve adopted Team SG’s “All Men in Birkenstocks” pledge.

But just like trying to squeeze into a shoe that doesn’t quite fit, personal style is…well, just that.


Meaning, a guide of cool summer sneakers for guys is not one-size-fits-all.

So today, I’m sharing our team’s picks that encompass a spectrum of styles, from trendy to classic. Hopefully you’ll find a pair that makes you feel like a million bucks.

First, consider what you’re looking for from your footwear: trendy fashion or iconic classics.

Oh, and don’t forget to pick up a pack of no-show socks with whatever pair you choose! Here’s our favorites.

Check out the most stylish men’s sneakers to wear this summer:

First up?

Trendy summer sneakers.

These are the sneakers that may not be what’s hot by this time next year, but for now, you’ll be the trendiest guy at your backyard summer cookouts, outdoor first dates, and weekend trips out of town.

Shop trendy men’s sneakers for summer:

high top

Yes, we’ve been hyping this Nike high top since there was snow on the ground, but good’s still cool for summer!

Wear them with jeans, chinos, or shorts. This shoe looks good with basically everything in your closet.

performance sneaker
best men's sneakers for summer

SG Says: When it comes to the best men’s sneakers for summer, a performance-forward shoe is still very much in style in 2022.

You can’t go wrong with Nike, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Wear them for the “athletic” part of athleisure, or the “leisure” part. Dealer’s choice.

throwback style
Saucony best men's sneakers for summer

SG Says: Everything old is new again!

While you could make a case for a nostalgic throwback sneaker with a decidedly retro feel belongs in the classics category, I’ll beg to differ.

While #tbt footwear can be timeless, Saucony feels decidedly fresh right now.

And considering its just-over-$100 price point, you won’t feel too badly if you wear them into the ground this summer…or if you’re just over them come fall.

Of course, sometimes you just want to go with what you know.

And like a cold beer on a hot day, the sneakers below are always a good idea.

Shop classic men’s sneakers for summer:

white leather sneaker
best men's sneakers for summer

SG Says: Perfect. No notes. White leather sneakers will never ever go out of style, and it’s worth upgrading your pair if you’ve got the pocket change.

Our team loves these bad boys from M.Gemi, though of course, you’ve got plenty of options for this style.

best men's sneakers for summer

SG Says: Yes, that’s another high-top. But unlike the Nike Mid, a Converse All-Star isn’t back because it never went anywhere.

Roll up those chinos or jeans to best show off this classic sneaker. You can wear them with shorts, too, but if that makes you feel like an extra from The Sandlot, just stick to long pants.

Vans slip-on sneaker, best men's sneakers for summer

SG Says: Until guys of every age feel comfortable slipping into a key piece of Spicoli’s wardrobe, we’ll be singing their praises in every footwear roundup we can churn out.

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Wear them with your favorite shorts (we suggest a 5″ inseam for summer 2022) and a frosty beverage.


Now that you’ve checked out the best men’s sneakers for summer, discover more summer style essentials….from the perfect khaki shorts to how to wear boat shoes with everything.

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