4 Men’s Business Casual Outfits to Wear at Work

4 Men’s Business Casual Outfits to Wear at Work

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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Feb 18 2024 | 5 min read

The prospect of putting together men’s business casual outfits that deliver on comfort, style, and utility? It can feel like a Herculean task.

Questions arise like steam from the cup of coffee in your hand while you stare vacantly into your closet. Questions like, “Can I dress business casual and still feel like me?” And, “How do I upgrade my style without dipping into this month’s mortgage funds?” 

And maybe the most important question of them all:

“What does ‘business casual’ mean in 2024, anyways!?” 

The amorphous office dress code’s definition has changed plenty over the years. In the Before Times™, it usually meant some combination of grey trousers and a light blue dress shirt. On repeat. Forever.

Today, thankfully, business casual style is more fluid, and more fun.

There’s a wider spectrum than ever of what looks both modern and appropriate at the office. Yes, ties and button-down shirts have their place, but so do shackets and stylish sneakers! Which is great. More clothes in your closet that you can now wear more of the time!

Now, onto figuring out what this looks like for you.

Here are 4 business casual outfits any guy would look great wearing:

Business Casual Outfit #1

men's business casual outfit with turtleneck, dress pants, and suede sneakers

Shop the outfit:

SG Says: Here’s the thing about turtlenecks — they look intimidating, but they’re actually super comfortable and totally wearable.

With a sneaky-sophisticated pair of grey suede sneakers, you’ll give off a “cool professor” vibe that breaks up the monotony of any office, while upgrading your business casual wardrobe. 

Punch the look up with accessories like your favorite watch, or even some everyday jewelry like a signet ring or bracelet.

Think of this as the unexpected business casual look you need to keep in your back pocket when you want to shake things up.

Business Casual Outfit #2

men's business casual outfit with performance dress pants and collared dress shirt

Get the look:

SG Says: Business casual can be casual so long as you don’t look sloppy — which is why our team loves performance chinos for guys.

This pair from Mizzen+Main hits all the right notes with a slim fit and wrinkle-resistant fabric.

Think: incognito comfort, thanks to the pants’ lightweight, 4-way stretch fabric that help you feel like you’re wearing sweatpants to your status meeting.

From there, add a leather belt and cotton dress shirt with a spread collar in a color you love ( just please, not light blue). In this outfit, a lug sole loafer offers a cool, unexpected finishing touch, but any casual shoes will work, too.

Business Casual Outfit #3

men's business casual outfits with overshirt and black jeans

Shop the outfit:

SG Says: Part of making business casual work for you is bringing “personal” back into personal style.

This patterned overshirt from cool guy brand Wax London can take the place of a blazer in a business environment or professional role that veers more towards the “casual” end of business casual. Think: tech workplaces where business casual clothes max out at a collared shirt.

Swap the suede boots for leather lace-ups, and the jeans for trousers when you want to take the formality up a notch.

Business Casual Outfit #4

men's business casual outfits with navy blazer and corduroy pants

Shop the outfit:

SG Says: Possibly the best addition to your business casual attire? A navy blazer.

Sure, when it comes to men’s business casual outfits, a suit will always feel like a safe bet when you don’t know what to wear. But! A sport coat might actually be more versatile in 2024, making it a smart casual staple for any man.

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The corduroy pants and textured tee above would work for any business casual dress code. Long sleeves would also work – just depends on how strong the AC in your office blasts.

You could also pair it with jeans and a sweater or polo shirt (even a t-shirt!) in more casual settings, or with khaki pants or dress slacks and a button-up shirt.

To top it all off, pocket squares are always a nice touch, especially when they unfurl to reveal a decidedly un-business attire image. You could add a briefcase, but skip the backpack to keep the jacket’s shoulders’ intact.

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