How to Wear a Sport Coat: Men’s Outfit Ideas

How to Wear a Sport Coat: Men’s Outfit Ideas

Make the most of this wardrobe essential
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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Sep 24 2019 | 5 min read

The sport coat is the building block of many a man’s wardrobe, but it’s easy to forget how creatively it can be worn. Sure, it works with a dress shirt and trousers. And yes, you can always “dress it down with jeans and a sport shirt (or t-shirt, if you’re daring)! But this wardrobe workhorse is so much more versatile than that!

What to look for in a sport coat

Especially if you don’t dress up often, it can be easy to think of a sport coat as something you have to wear, rather than get to wear. I don’t know if this still happens, but I think to movies and TV shows where the guy shows up somewhere fancy for dinner and has to wear a borrowed jacket…that’s always somehow at least five sizes too big for him.

Meaning? It’s important to find a sport coat that fits to ensure you feel like a million bucks wearing it. When shopping, look for a style in a slimmer, more modern fit. Think: shorter length, trimmer sleeves, and a higher armhole.

Below, five ways to wear a sport coat:

navy sport coat outfit

Wear it well: Tackle Monday with some color. I love how the green cords play off the purple patterned dress shirt and cozy (but still professional) sweater. A perfectly-battered briefcase completes the ensemble.

Key pieces: corduroy sportcoatdress shirt | loafers

sport coat with jeans

Wear it well: Sometimes when I’m running late, I default to a monochromatic color palette so I can be sure everything matches.

One of my favorite shades to incorporate head-to-toe? Navy. I love how the knit sweater plays off the deep blue gingham shirt, and creates a nice long line with the crisp dark denim. I dressed it down with sneakers, but it would look just as good with desert boots or a lace-up.

Key pieces: herringbone sportcoatnavy sweater |dark jeans

what to wear with a sport coat

Wear it well: I wanted this conservative sport coat to have some fun, so I paired it with a (slightly) rumpled pair of khakis with the cuffs upturned, a chambray shirt, and topped it all off with a luxe puffer and super-soft scarf. My favorite element, though?

The merino wool mockneck sweater with just the slightest suede detailing. You have to feel it – you could sleep in that thing.

Key pieces: suede puffer vest | chinos

sport coat outfit ideas

Wear it well: I was thinking of a reader who once asked me what he could wear to the office and to the construction site he managed when I styled this look. Note how at home the textured jacket looks with the chunky sweater, vest, and yes, work boots.

Corduroy pants in a color that brings out the yellow stripe of the sweater completes the “office to outdoors” vibe.

Key pieces: plaid sweater, hiking boots

how to wear a sport coat

Wear it well: The Prince of Wales check on this sport coat practically becomes a neutral against such a vibrant sweater. The cable-knit cashmere sweater needs no accompaniment – toss a v- or crewneck underneath – and you’re good to go up top.

I love the idea of beat-to-hell jeans with a pair of driving mocassins. With a weekender bag in hand, you’ve got all you need to bid farewell to the work week.

Key pieces: weekender bag | black leather belt

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