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Men's Lifestyle: Men's Home, Career & Dating Advice | Style Girlfriend
The Berenstain Bears Forget Their Manners book cover
How Many Modern Man Points Have You Earned Today?
What women want in a man...that you can learn from the Berenstain Bears
beige flag tiktok trend
Despite what TikTok Tells You, You Don’t Want to Raise Beige Flags in Dating
How to avoid this dating trend stumble
What Women Think When They See Guys Naked
When the only thing you're wearing is your confidence!
soft parenting trend
Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want to “Soft Parent” You
So don't let her
Seth Rogen with dog Zelda
How to Talk About Having Kids With a Partner
Ready to have "the talk?" No? Then read this.
unique mothers day gifts 2023
Stylish Mother’s Day Gifts To Shop Now (Updated for 2023!)
Top picks from Team SG
Put a Tray On It: The Easiest Home Decor Hack
Date Idea: Go Lingerie Shopping Together
Treat her, and you, to a shopping trip to remember
sober dating tips
Life Featured
Sober Dating Tip: Navigating Early Dates When You Don’t Drink
Whether You’re Sober or Just Sober-Curious
beautiful dining room
Guys, Transform Your Space with These 10 Home Decor Ideas
Create a stylish, practical space you love
getting dumped
Life Featured
She Broke Up With You. You’re Welcome.
There’s never been a better time to work on yourself
gender neutral home decor
Gender-Neutral Decor: Moving Beyond “Masculine” and “Feminine”
These design descriptors don't work anymore
home decor 2023
What Women Want to See in a Man’s Home
How to create an environment that reflects you best
how to upgrade your bedroom
What You Need for Bedding: How to Make a Cozy Bed
Bedding 101
home entryway
Make Your Home’s First Impression a Good One: Upgrading Your Entryway
Tips for creating a warm welcome
These are the Top 4 Interior Design Trends in 2023
Embracing Bold Colors, Natural Materials, and Sustainable Design
Tiger Woods tampon apology
It Wasn’t An Apology: Tiger and the Tampon
"Calm down, babe. It's just misogyny."
how to order wine
How to Order Wine On a Date Like a Pro
Tricks of the trade
man receiving botox
Why You Should Be High Maintenance To Be Low Maintenance
How to Upgrade Your Life, Boost Your Confidence, and Save Time Each Day
valentine's day gifts for her 2023
Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: She’ll Love These #SGapproved Picks
Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your #1 Lady
valentine's day gift ideas for her
12 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her
Romantic and cozy present inspiration
Valentine's Day gifts for a new relationship
6 Valentine’s Day Gifts for a New Relationship
Gift Ideas For The Woman Who's Not Quite Your Girlfriend
the sopranos therapy scene
It’s Time to Go to Therapy. Yes, Even You.
Shrinks, wrapped.
new year's resolution 2023
In Defense of the January Reset
New Year, New You? Why Not!
married couple in up
How to Talk About Yourself on a Date
Including what to answer when she asks "So tell me about yourself"