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Men's Lifestyle: Men's Home, Career & Dating Advice
side by side images of dave portnoy with his dog miss peaches and kanye west with his wife bianca censori, behind them is an image of caution tape
A Tale of Two Men
What do Kanye West and Dave Portnoy Have in Common?
image of a man wearing a short-sleeve button-down shirt, gazing off and to the left, in front of a home with a Spanish-style roof
Look Instantly More Attractive With These 13 Tips
Minimum effort, maximum reward
triptych of images of the bumble dating app pulled up on a mobile phone
Do We Even Need Dating Apps Anymore?
On the Bumble redesign and redefining our relationships with dating apps
image of a roundup of stylish mother's day gift ideas, including a pajama set, goyard bag, owala water bottle, and navy flats
7 Stylish Mother’s Day Gifts To Shop Now
Get ahead of your shopping
screenshots of tiktok user sharing her favorite forms of microfeminism
Life Featured
Men Can Be Microfeminists, Too
Because equality is for all of us
a still from the show Ted Lasso, where Ted is sitting across from his therapist. they are both smiling.
It’s Time to Go to Therapy. Yes, Even You.
Shrinks, wrapped
picture of angry woman with small illustrations of people working in front of her
Notion Template Guy In the Streets, Notion Template Guy in the Sheets
On "hacking" your home life (and if you should)
Not a Magic Bullet, But a Spark: My Experience with Ketamine Therapy
Interested in this alternative therapy? Read on
new term for woo woo
We Need a New Word for “Woo-Woo”
It's time.
travis kelce taylor swift super bowl win
Life Featured
4 Good Qualities in a Man that Women Are Looking For
The modern man's starter pack
can't hardly wait party scene
How to Be the Most Popular Guy at the Party (Without Any Pickup Lines)
Even introverts can be more social
men getting coffee
The Newest Therapy Dupe? Starting a Men’s Group
Become your own shrinks
good books for men by women
Good Books for Men, by Women: A Non-Comprehensive Reading List
Add these titles to your bookshelf
morning pages
Is it Time to Add Morning Pages to Your Morning Routine?
Clear Your Mind And Reduce Stress With This Daily Practice
how to improve your performance in the bedroom
How to Improve your Performance in the Bedroom
The basics of bow-chic-a-bow
4 Healthy Habits to Adopt in 2024
Get acquainted with the best version of yourself
beige flag tiktok trend
How Not to Raise “Beige Flags” in Dating
How to avoid this dating trend stumble
last minute valentine's day gifts for women
12 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her
Romantic and cozy present inspiration
Nasim Pedrad Gives Guys a Blueprint for Growing Up in ‘Chad’
How to navigate high school the second time around
self help books
It’s Time to Reboot the Self-Help Book
We've gotta do something about this
tiktok valentine's day gift ideas for her
The Best TikTok Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
Stop scrolling, and shop these presents now
jason kelce retirement
Travis and Jason Kelce Demonstrate Healthy, Positive Masculinity. Internet Implodes.
Talk about brotherly love
drink more water tips
Men's Grooming
Drink More Water Tips From a Hydration Coach
Hydrate from head to toe.
best mens candles
A Good-Smelling Candle Is Your Home’s Best Accessory
These are our favorites
when you dress better, what to do, taylor's take
What to Do When You Dress Better Than Your Girlfriend?
We enlisted professionals on this one
real proposal stories
Real Couples, Real Proposals: What You Can Learn
Steal a few moves from these couples who got it right