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The Wellness Gift Guide for Her

The Wellness Gift Guide for Her

Self Care, Beauty, and More
wellness gift ideas for her

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Nov 17 2020 | 5 min read

During uncertain times, it’s good to go back to the basics. That’s why this year, we went heavy on feel-good fashion for home in our annual gift guides.

There’ll be plenty of time for Dopp kits perfect for traveling, and evening wear worthy of a big night out. This holiday season, you’ll find stylish picks here on Style Girlfriend that will have you (and your loved ones) looking and feeling like a million bucks.

Think: wellness must-haves and cozy loungewear.

Whether you’re an OG part of the SG community, or new around here (welcome!), get ready to knock out your wish list and your shopping list.

Check out holiday wellness gift ideas for her:

self-care and wellness gift ideas for her

From watermelon-flavored CBD edibles to slippers she won’t want to slip out of, we’ve got your holiday shopping handled.

Megababe hand sanitizer

Megababe hand sanitizer, $6

Woman-owned biz!

First things, first. Stay healthy.


Target striped pajama set

Target pajama set, $30

Stay in bed while looking your best.


Gorjana evil eye necklace

Gorjana evil eye necklace, $55

Warding off evil with your jewelry can’t hurt, right?


Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil, $20

Chrissy Teigen loves this stuff. Enough said.


Heart Talk The Journal by Cleo Wade

Heart Talk: The Journal by Cleo Wade, $14

A year’s worth of self-care via some good ol’ fashioned self love.


Sunwill 20oz tumbler, $14

Pretty sure “Helping your loved ones stay hydrated (and/or caffienated)” is one of the Love Languages.

Don’t fact check us on that.


WTHN face cupping kit

WTHN face cupping kit, $50

When it comes to wellness gift ideas, we can honestly say we’ve never thought about giving a face cupping kit. But now, we can’t not think of it.

Hey, it’s probably more fun than a game of Uno.


Madewell leopard print scuff slippers

Madewell slippers, $40

This is not the year for buying her anything with a heel.


Hey Dewy portable facial steamer

Hey Dewy portable facial steamer, $39

For anyone missing their regular pimple-popping visits with their aesthetician.


LuvScrub mesh body exfoliator

Luvscrub body exfoliator, $18

Black-owned biz!

Expect a pretty serious exfoliation from this mesh. It looks kind of crazy in your shower but seriously makes your skin SO smooth.


desert dyes sweatsuit

Etsy sweatsuit, $99

Repeat after us: Sweatsuits. Are. Self. Care.

This sweatsuit is by Desert Dyes, a Utah-based maker on Etsy we found early on in the pandemic and whose hand-crafted creations our entire team has been wearing ever since.

Not into this color combo? There’s plenty more to choose from, or you can go fully custom (but get your orders in soon!).

Unbound Babes Divvy vibrator

Unbound Divvy vibe, $74

Women-owned biz!

Some of you were shocked—shocked!—to find gambling going on at this establishment…err, we mean, to see a vibrator in our Under-$100 gift guide.

So we’ve moved this remote control vibe to where it probably belonged all along: the self-care.

But to be clear, that doesn’t mean it’s meant for solo use…

Gossamer watermelon cbd edibles, wellness gift ideas

Gossamer CBD edibles, $40

Watermelon sugar high.


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