7 Stylish Mother’s Day Gifts To Shop Now

7 Stylish Mother’s Day Gifts To Shop Now

Get ahead of your shopping
image of a roundup of stylish mother's day gift ideas, including a pajama set, goyard bag, owala water bottle, and navy flats

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Apr 23 2024 | 6 min read

Ah, Mother’s Day. That time of year when we reflect on the wonderful moms in our lives with gratitude and a “Wait, is it this weekend, or next weekend? Or is it in June? Or is that Father’s Day?” level of shopping anxiety.

Spoiler: Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12. Go ahead and get ahead of it this year!

I read once that a good rule of thumb to live by: The store you shop at for Valentine’s Day is not the store you shop at for Mother’s Day. 

That means: no lingerie—this holds true when shopping for your own mother (or mother figure), obvs, but also your wife or partner tbh.

Because this holiday is about her, not her cleavage.

So, whether you’re shopping for the mother of your child, your mom, stepmom, sister, sister-in-law, or favorite dog mom…the team here at SG HQ wants to help you pick out stylish Mother’s Day gifts she’ll love. 

And the best, most stylish Mother’s Day gifts to give? Those that are thoughtfully chosen, slightly indulgent, and surprisingly utilitarian.

Below, shop 7 stylish Mother’s Day gifts for the moms in your life:

Why it’s a great gift: Mother’s Day is a great time for a splurge gift that also says, “I know you shoulder more of the emotional labor in this family than you should.”

Enter: comfortable, yet stylish shoes with absolutely zero heel.

If you’re buying with no budget, opt for a pair of Chanel ballet flats, a bucket list item for most every woman, or the leopard print Adidas x Wales Bonner Samba sneakers every fashion girlie is wearing.

If those are too rich for your wallet, no worries! There are plenty of great affordable alternatives, like the on-trend Vivaia Mary Janes above.

Why it’s a great gift: Influencer culture has convinced me that every woman but me wears a new, cute matching pajama set every time she lays her head down on the pillow. I, on the other hand, wear the rattiest, mis-matchiest pajamas you can imagine.

Of course, a drawer full of cozy, cute (not sexy!) pajamas sounds like a dream. And in fact, it’s totally realistic to stock your own pajama drawer. But if the mom in your life is anything like me, she just can’t bring herself to justify buying herself such a luxury when there’s perfectly good high school basketball shorts she can slip into instead.

If that sounds familiar, then Mother’s Day could be the perfect time to give her PJ game a major upgrade.

3. A monogrammed purse

Why it’s a great gift: Every mom I know love a crossbody bag because it leaves her hands free to hold about a dozen other things instead.

But a bag shouldn’t just be functional. Mom deserves something beautiful and sturdy to boot. Something just for her.

It’s hard to go wrong with a small to medium-size purse in a neutral-colored leather. Especially when you have it monogrammed, which shows you put thought into planning her gift ahead of time, as well.

4. Pre-loved luxury

Why it’s a great gift: Shopping for a mom who loves designer vintage finds? Head to a resale site like TheRealReal for authenticated items like the Goyard bag and Rolex watch above, all at a discount. Often a steep one.

If the mom in your life loves sustainable style AND fancy things, this is the gift for her.

5. Stylish athleisure

Why it’s a great gift: Because women love an athleisure moment as much as men do! Anything to make getting dressed in the morning easier.

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Whether you go with the (much coveted) lululemon top above, or something from a newer brand like Alo Yoga or Girlfriend Collective, you pretty much can’t go wrong with athleisure when it comes to stylish Mother’s Day gifts.

Just be sure to get her size right.

6. An activity to do together

Why it’s a great gift: Do you know what women like? Events planned for them. Without them having to do anything.

Consider putting time on her calendar for a fun activity you can do together. Recently, I gathered my sister, mom, and aunt for a sniff-off with the Commodity fragrance set above. It was a fun time trying each scent, comparing notes, and making (wildly different) picks for our favorites.

And for a gift that keeps on giving, you can use a digital discount code that comes with the kit to purchase the full size version of the fragrance she chooses as her favorite.

7. The trendiest water bottle around

Why it’s a great gift: No woman can resist the draw of a new hydration method.

Give her the Owala 40 oz tumbler, along with a few fun bevvies to put in it.

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It’s a “feel good, look good” gift she’ll appreciate.

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