Shopping Roundup: Unique Mother’s Day Gifts
Team SG shares their top picks
unique mothers day gifts

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jan 30 2019

Ah, Mother’s Day. That time of year where you reflect on the moms in your life with gratitude and a healthy dose of, “Wait, is it this weekend? Or next weekend? Or is it in June? Or is that Father’s Day?”

It’s this weekend.

I read in Esquire a good rule of thumb to live by: The store you shop at for Valentine’s Day is not the store you shop at for Mother’s Day. That means: no lingerie (this obviously holds true for your own mom, too. But also, you probably shouldn’t be buying your mother a Valentine’s Day present at all).

Whether you’re shopping for your baby mama, your own mother, a sister or sister-in-law, or just a pal who’s a mom, we here at SG HQ want to help. The key to a great Mother’s Day gift? Think: indulgent. And forget the kids. They get birthdays. and Christmas. And whenever you go on a vacation without them. They’ll be fine.

Below, team SG’s picks for unique Mother’s Day gifts for the badass mamas in our lives:

Megan, Twin Turbo hair Dryer


My mother, god bless her, uses the sh*ttiest blow dryer I’ve ever seen in my life. Honestly. Her hair would dry faster if she just asked my dad to stand on a stool and blow on it. A really (really) great hair dryer is exactly the kind of thing she would never buy for herself, and that’s exactly what makes it a great gift.

Brit, fancy Papyrus cards

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My family is a card-giving family. To join us for a holiday is to receive no less than five (!) envelopes filled with heartfelt messages, a tradition started by—you guessed it—my mom. 

Years of advanced greeting card shopping have created a soft spot in my heart (and wallet) for ornate cards, but I suspect the recipients in my life would be just as happy with a folded construction paper and Crayola markers, and I could spring for the guac on my next Chipotle visit. But what’s the fun in that?

Gabi, Statement Bag

We do a big family brunch at home for Mother’s Day because, more than anything she likes to spend time with us. That said, my sibs and I usually go in together on a nicer bag for Mom, too.

This year she’s getting a new car so she said no gifts, but I don’t think she would hate if we got her something on the larger side that she can use every day with enough room for her iPad and charts. She is big on pattern and color (I wonder where I get it from!) so she would probably like this Loewe Hammock bag if we were feeling spendy or a large playful tote like this be from STATE that gives back, which will make her feel better about getting a gift she didn’t necessarily want.

Taylor, Framebridge framed photo

What mother can resist a framed photo of her with her favorite offspring? You can get an Instagram photo of the two of you framed for cheap from Framebridge, with loads of options for matting and frames. It’s personal and modern and something she’ll appreciate. Plus, moms are notoriously terrible at Insta, so you know she’d never be able to do this herself.

Hitha, Eileen Fisher silk shell

Since discovering these silk tops, I have become a one-woman evangelist for getting the word out (Eileen! Call me!).

Now, I get it. Giving your mom clothes could feel weird, especially something silky, but these tops are totally non-controversial in the fashion department. The conservative style has a crazy Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants vibe where they look good on everyone from your internship-seeking college-age cousin to your happily retired mom.

Jen, Ode à la Rose bouquet

Since popping by for an afternoon visit isn’t in the cards, I’ll be sending a bouquet her way. It’s great that there’s so many more options out there now for flower delivery services; who knew floral arrangements were the next industry that would be “disrupted?”

Intern Amanda, Yoga Gear

My parents just moved into the city from Connecticut, and my mom has been searching high and low for a yoga studio to call home (or is it “Om”?).

So this Mother’s Day, my brother and I are teaming up to gift her with sporty new swag. Gotta save her from looking like a Lululemon-clad, suburban Connecticut mom in front of her cool, new Manhattan yoga pals (even if that’s exactly what she is…). That’s what kids are for, right?

While I love the “Kanye Blessed” hoodie and “Asap Yogi” muscle tee from Y7, I have to remember: we’re shopping for mom, not  me. Instead, we’ll go with these “A Tribe Called Sweat” leggings to ensure she gets a cross-legged seat at the cool kids’ table.



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