Style on a Budget: 25 Home Decor Pieces under $1,000

Make your home look as good as you do

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Apr 21 2019

Let’s be honest. It’s a lot easier to commit to decorating (or redecorating) when you’re able to keep the process affordable. Thankfully, that no longer translates directly to: floor-to-ceiling Ikea in your home. Of course, I would never knock an IKEA trip to round out home or apartment essentials, but don’t be afraid to think outside the Swedish retailer box when it comes to inexpensive home decor that’s also stylish.

There are so many great companies selling home goods today—many of which are direct to consumer, which helps keep the prices low. That means you get well-made, stylish furniture and design pieces for a surprisingly affordable price.

Check out stylish and inexpensive home decor picks (all under $1,000), below:

Hem, $239

You’ll see hints of IKEA in Hem’s Scandinavian-influenced design, and its affordable pricing, without having to worry you’ll also see your furniture in everyone else’s home.

Article, $999

Started by four software engineers back in 2014, Article has quickly become one of my standby non-IKEA furniture company recommendations. By skipping physical showrooms and salespeople, they’re able to sell beautiful, well-made modern furniture at a fraction of the cost you’d expect to see from a traditional retailer.

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Tom Ford coffee table book, $91

Coffee table books are a great, inexpensive way to decorate a space (like, say, by putting them on a coffee table!). If you don’t care about the covers, they can multi-task as coasters, too.


Ban.do, $23

Because everyone needs a light box touting positive affirmations in their home.


Floyd, $650

Platform beds say, “I have enough closet space that I don’t even need those little riser things that let me stuff a few Tupperware containers worth of off-season clothes underneath.”

That’s a good look.

H&M, $18

Did you know H&M made home goods? Me neither! And I’m not going to lie to you; it’s seemingly insignificant shit like this little jar that truly takes your home’s style up a notch.

Because look: Do you need a tiny jar? Maybe not. Can you find something to put in it to make it functional? Probably! But even if you can’t, it’ll look great on your bookshelf or a side table. It’s the small touches that make the biggest difference, truly.

Burrow, $950

A flat-pack couch company with a 100-day trial period. That’s right; the couch above comes in four boxes you assemble yourself. If you can put together an IKEA bookshelf, you can put together this couch.

Minted by Mary Gaspar, $21-$860

*depending on size and frame

Art is, of course, a great way to add personality to your home. Minted’s selection is pretty insane, so do some thinking on how you can narrow your scope before starting to search. Maybe you want abstract art, or you need a piece that’s landscape (longer than it is tall) rather than portrait (taller than it is long). Setting some parameters will help you avoid selection overwhelm.

 Minted by lulu and isabelle, $21-$860

Minted by Jaime Derringer, $21-$860

Perhaps you’re familiar with Minted’s work as “every family in America’s go-to custom holiday card” maker or “all your millennial friends’ save the date wedding invites” provider. But did you know the e-comm site sells fine art and home decor, too?

Browse their editors’ picks, or filter pieces based on what you know you like. Still feel intimidated by the amount of offerings? Consider using their art styling services to take out the guesswork.

Brooklinen, $189

There are so many great direct-to-consumer linen companies these days, it’s almost impossible to shout them all out here. Brooklinen is a recent favorite, with these throw blankets elevating any couch.

Framebridge, $59

Framing is expensive. Like “Oh my god I’m going to throw up” expensive. But if my eighth grade CCD teacher taught me anything, it’s that you don’t put a beautiful piece of art in a cheap frame.

Okay, sure, she was talking about not having sex outside of marriage. But in the case of art, she’s definitely right. Framebridge makes framing easy and surprisingly inexpensive. Just like your loose morals.


Target, $15

If I had a car, I’d have way more pieces from Target’s home collections, from Project 62 (their more modern, West Elm-y line) to Threshold (which is more “classic”) in my life. You can hit them up for larger furniture like side tables and lamps, to the ever-important for an adult’s decor strategy, “tchotchkes.”

Too many guys discount accent pieces, but items like the small blue vase above, are what take a home from purely functional (Me sit on sofa, me eat at table) to a true reflection of your personal style.


Target, $55

Felt like it would be helpful to show this pouf (the tall cushion in the forefront) in context, so when we recommended you put a “pouf” in your home, you wouldn’t be all, wtf are you talking about?

Were we right?


Target, $15


Target, $8

Plants are always nice to have around…even if they’re fake, like this faux succulent.

World Market, $150

I find Cost Plus World Market to be hit or miss when you visit their stores. But their online site is hella consistent with good prices for globally-influenced pieces. Check out their natural fiber rugs for a quick dose of style in your home for cheap.


Parachute Home, $199-269

This sounds like something Samantha would say on Sex & The City, but nice sheets are very sexy. (And she’d be right.)

Ban.do, $65

Perfect for when you can’t keep a real plant alive.


Wayfair, $92

Wayfair, along with its sister site AllModern, have some great deals on home furniture. It’s a lot to wade through, but if you know what you’re looking for you can usually get lucky.

Urban Outfitters, $79

Let there be light. And let it be a cool overhead pendant light that’s flattering to any room and easy to install. And under $100.


MUJI, $29

Not familiar with MUJI? Me neither til it hit NYC a few years back. There’s stores popping up all over these days, but you can shop them online too. Consider the brand Japan’s answer to IKEA. 


Etsy, $275

Etsy is a great place for one of a kind art, like this dip dyed wall hanging tapestry. If the above isn’t just your style, do yourself a favor and spend some time searching the site for an artisan whose tastes you like. You can always contact them directly and request a custom order in a color, size, or other spects you’re looking for.

It’s also a very cool way to bpth support local artists and get something into your home that you know no one else will have.


All Modern, $36

AllModern, $50

Repeat after me: a couch is not complete without a throw pillow (or three) ((or four)).

ASOS corkboard map, $40 

Who said staying organized has to look boring? Not this super-fun world map corkboard, that’s for sure.

Loomstead, $84

Repeat after me: You can never have too many sets of (good) sheets.

Target, $17

Stuff on the floor = mess. Stuff in a basket on the floor = elegant sophistication.

Note: Originally published in 2018 and updated in March 2019 because, duh, your home looking good is always in style