12 Super-Stylish Summer Date Outfits for Men
Turn up the heat on your style, and love life
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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jun 21 2019

Here at SG HQ, helping you figure out stylish summer date outfits for men is very much our shiz. Because knowing what to wear on a date in the summer can be confusing! We get it! You want to look nicer than usual, but you also don’t want to sweat through all your clothes. We get it. That’s why we pulled together this guide to guys’ date outfit ideas for warm weather. Check out the inspiration below, for everything from dressy date nights out on the town to more laid-back day dates that call for a more casual look.

What should a guy wear on a summer date?

It depends on what you’re doing! We’ve included outfit ideas for everything from a morning hike to an afternoon baseball game and beyond. Don’t feel like you need to get locked into one “perfect” date outfit (though we’ve talked about the value of a few outfits you feel like a million bucks wearing here).

Dressy Summer Date Outfits for Men

Summer Date Outfits for Men #1 A lightweight suit

henry golding crazy rich asians style
via Vulture/Ruven Afanador/Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

SG Says: We loved Crazy Rich Asians and thoroughly enjoyed the press tour by its ridiculously attractive cast this past summer. Themovie’s leading man, Henry Golding, looked especially well put-together no matter where he showed up.

The get-up above, from a profile with Vulture, looks a lot like the chambray suit from this post, doesn’t it? If you really want to impress your date, why not dress up in a suit? Because if you didn’t know it by now, we’re really into suits for no reason here at SG HQ.

The way to keep things feeling breezy (and not like you’re taking your clients from out of town out for dinner) is by keeping the fabric light, the shoes casual, and yep—you can skip the tie and socks.

Summer Date Outfits for Men #2 A short-sleeve button up with an unstructured blazer

meeting the parents, meet the parents, outfit inspiration
SG Says: This would be a great outfit for meeting your significant other’s parents. It’s grown up without looking like you’re trying too hard, which is key in the power struggle that will inevitably ensue with her father, who says he is fine with his “little girl” growing up but finds himself in a less-than-modern mindset once he’s actually shaking your hand.
A few tips on dressing to meet the parents:
  • Basic doesn’t mean boring. Sticking to a simple look then adding pieces to show your personal style will go a long way. Sure, you’d feel comfortable in a navy blazer and white dress shirt, but you’d feel peak confident tossing in your signature patterned pocket square or textured jacket and waiting for the “Well isn’t this a nice young man” compliments to roll in.
  • Experiment later. Trust me; you want your dazzling personality to do the heavy lifting the first time you meet the parents/fam, so this isn’t the optimal place to try on a new look. Reach for the staple look you’d wear to a dinner with your boss or heck, the outfit you wore to woo your lady. There’s plenty of time show off your style swerves at the family BBQ next month.
  • Dress for the job you want. We all know the drill, meeting the parents is more like a job interview over dinner: you want to be accepted as a potential member of the family (woah, maybe one day, let’s not get ahead of ourselves), so dressing your best goes hand-in-hand with sharing your resume highlights. If you’re worried about being overdressed in loafers and a blazer, just remember it’s better than looking too casual.

Casual Summer Date Outfits for Men

Okay, okay, enough of that fussy stuff! If you want ideas for what to wear to a summer wedding, which is a whole other thing, head here. Otherwise, moving onto more casual summer date outfits for men, below…

Summer Date Outfits for Men #3 Cropped pants and leather sneakers


SG Says: This would make a great afternoon date outfit somewhere you’ll be spending time indoors in AC. Say, a trip to the museum…which, b-t-dubs, makes for a can’t-miss date.

Consider this cultured courting activity one unsinkable – free or nearly free – icebreaker. Lull in the conversation? “Wow, check out this *quick glance at plaque* early Dali!” Plus, walking from exhibit to exhibit provides the perfect, breezy alternative to a two-hour face-to-face interrogation session that a dinner date at a surprisingly well-lit restaurant can feel like.

> Check out our date conversation starters

Even if your fine art credentials consist solely of reruns of Bob Ross and his fluffy trees, and a family coffee mug painting sesh at Color Me Mine last Christmas, a trip to your local museum shouldn’t feel intimidating. Your date’s not expecting an analysis of post-modern Russian impressionism (unless you told her to, I guess?).

Don’t believe me? Ask Nick Gray, founder of Museum Hack, a private museum tour company that’s blown up in the last few years (we even had him on the pod! Listen here)

“There’s a ton of stuff to comment on while walking around,” he says. Especially at museums that stay open late like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, an unconventional guided tour gamifies the experience with a “reverently-irreverent” approach (or, you don’t even have to talk, but can just listen to stories from millennial docents who know more than you etc). Bonus: Almost all museums have a cafe to get food or a cocktail. We suggest the cocktail.

Of course, all this on-the-go art action requires an outfit to keep up with you (and your fast-footed cultural quips). Gray points out, “Museums are a great place for a date…as long as you wear comfortable shoes.” 

Summer Date Outfits for Men #4 Stripes, Sunglasses, and a Trucker Jacket

henry golding casual style
henry golding huffpost, guys date night style
via Damon Dahlen/HuffPost

SG Says: To kick off the more casual summer date outfit ideas, another lewk from Mr. Golding…There’s stripes! And a trucker jacket! And army green chinos! We love it all! This look on Golding, from a recent HuffPost profile, shows you how to wear it all together in a look that’s comfortable yet elevated.

// Shop the Look //

Summer Date Outfits for Men #5 Varsity Jacket and Chinos


SG Says: Keep things simple with chinos and an embellished tee or textured henley, then throw on a statement piece or two like this varsity jacket + Vans combo.

Summer Date Outfits for Men #6 A Statement Bomber

summer date style for guys

SG Says: What did we tell you guys about a souvenir jacket (if you forgot, head here)? This look, from Levitate Style‘s Leo Chan, is deceivingly simple: cool kicks, dark jeans, henley, and some standout outerwear. Easily replicable, effortlessly stylish.

This look would be great for an afternoon baseball game. You might not think you need a jacket, but listen to your mother…and/or team SG and bring one anyway. You just never know when it’s going to rain, or the sun’s going to go behind some clouds, so it’s good to be prepared with light layers, even in the dead of summer. As for the pants, that’s a personal preference. All we know is sunburned kneecaps the next day are not a cool move.

Summer Date Outfits for Men #7 Head-to-toe Black with Chambray on Top

summer date outfits for men, date outfit ideas for guys

SG Says: A chambray shirt layered over a dark monochrome outfit, like style blogger Joey London wears above, has serious summer bbq vibes. And also “I might get ketchup on me today while scarfing down a hot dog at said-bbq and just want to be prepared for that eventuality” vibes. We’re down with both.

Summer Date Outfits for Men #8 A Popover with White Denim

summer date outfits for men

SG Says: For this outfit, start with the shoes and work your way up. Sharp leather lace-ups look oh-so-summer with a polished, lightweight popover and white jeans. Don’t forget to make the whole look your own with accessories like a braided belt and a great scent. This amped-up daytime shows off your thoughtful style – that you put time in to your look, for her – while also being comfortable enough to go from a literal walk in park to your neighborhood mixology bar.

Two thoughts on day dates…

A summer day date can present two attractive scenarios:

  1. Not a match? Keep it short. Once you and your date finish coffee, picnic at the beach, or just some window shopping and walking/talking, you can head home for a low-key Netflix night or out to the bars with your boys.
  2. Things going well? Keep the activities coming. You have the distinct possibility of parlaying the day’s fun into evening cocktails by candlelight, and maybe some smooches if you’re lucky.

Summer Date Outfits for Men #9 Dark Denim and Hi-Top Sneakers

summer date outfit men

SG Says: WThis outfit would be great for a lazy kind of day date. Wandering a street fair or food festival maybe. Meaning: a date you don’t have to dress up too much for, but you still want to show some style.

Summer Date Outfits for Men #10 Mixed Prints

bright bazaar, mens summer outfit

SG Says: Don’t be afraid of mixing it up for a casual date to the beach or pool. We’re super into Will from Bright Bazaar‘s striped shirt with palm print shorts, above. The key? Keeping the colors contained, like the blue on (lighter) blue he’s sporting…even continuing the vibe all the way down to his patterned boat shoes.

While we’re on the subject of pool party dates…

About guys’ swim trunks

New York has poolside rooftop events. Florida has sea level pool parties. California has…uhh, Instagram model calls at Scott Disick’s house? The common thread: there’s always a shindig somewhere for you to break out your swim trunks.

Start with a pair of well-fitting trunks that could double as regular shorts. A repeating pattern or vibrant swatch of color will serve as the building block for the rest of your look.

About guys’ tank tops 

It’s up for debate at SG HQ, but we can admit tank tops have gotten a bad rap. Sure, they hang out at the furthest end of the casual spectrum, right next to basketball shorts and just left of Crocs, but a tank’s distinguishing factor is the ability to dress it up. Slightly.

Luckily, you can avoid looking like a High School Musical 4: More High School extra by keeping things simple. Side-step deep cut necklines and neon graphic prints in favor of a muted color scheme or minimal pattern. When it comes to fabric, leave the ribbed tanks to Kid Rock and reach for an ultra soft cotton that’ll feel breathable in the heat. Then, layer a windbreaker or light button down whether the temperatures start to cool.

About short-sleeve button ups

Allow us to sing the praises of the short sleeve button up. Yes, again.

Wear yours unbuttoned with swim trunks, or done up the front with a cool pair of shorts. Either way, you’re going to look good.

About slip-on shoes

Once backs have been shaved, you’ve found the ideal shades, and beer runs have been made, a last-minute pedicure might not make the pre-party agenda. Hey, you’re a busy guy, right? This is when slip-ons slide in to save the day.

You can’t go wrong with a laid-back pair of Vansjaunty espadrilles, or forever classic boat shoes. As long as your comfortable kicks aren’t completely worn down, you’ll be set.

If your feet aren’t in gnarly shape, of course, then by all means wear slides. Seriously. They’re cool again!

Summer Date Outfits for Men #10 Chill Vibes

stagecoach outfit for men

SG Says: Is this, or is this not the perfect outfit for a date headed to a music festival like Gov Ball or Coachella? Don’t answer that, because it obviously is.

Below, a few more outfit ideas for nailing summer music festival circuit style:

1. Dark shorts hide grass stains

You’re going to be outside in the open air, with the sun shining the breeze blowing through, and your favorite music playing, and you’re just going to want to take a minute to take it all in. This probably means lounging in the grass. Sure, maybe you brought a blanket, but in case you didn’t, wear pants that won’t show grass stains, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

2. Bright or crazy shirts help your friends spot you in a crowd

These things are held at big venues; honestly, I can’t imagine how you DON’T get separated from your friends at least once. I would be lost for all of it {SG: Right? Me too!}. So, instead of wearing a white shirt and khaki pants with grey shoes so you look like everyone you do and don’t know, wear at least one thing that’s totally outrageous so your friends can see you from a mile away.

3. Cheap sneakers mean you won’t be upset when they get ruined (or lost)

There are times when it’s worthwhile to invest in pricier kicks, but this is not one of them. You’re outside, probably traversing mud, being in the vicinity of port-a-potties, and maybe even getting projectile vomited on by a crowd surfer who ate a bad burrito.

Don’t wear your favorite shoes unless they are going into retirement. I wore my ah-mazing silk Nike high tops to an outdoor Blink 182 concert in August in Pennsylvania, and it rained the entire timeI still have them, but they’re…changed from that experience.

4. Wear sunscreen

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this enough, but YOU’RE OUTSIDE! DURING THE DAY! IN THE SUN! I don’t care how long you’ve worked on your “base tan” (which I desperately hope you guys haven’t been doing via Fake ‘n’ Bake, Snooki-Style) you will get sunburnt. Wear sunscreen, and a hat, and sunglasses. Repeat after me; Too much is never enough. Well, this is. But seriously, shield yourself.

Other things you might want to bring include (but are not limited to!): blanket to sit on, map of festival grounds, backpack to hold merch/water bottles/snacks, swim trunks, photocopy of tickets just in case, a watch to conserve your phone battery, weatherproof jacket, and sweatshirt when it gets cold at night.

Summer Date Outfits for Men #11 Ready for the Great Outdoors


SG Says: This would be a great date outfit for hiking. Functional and fashionable!

FYI, proposing an active date like hiking, especially early in the game, can be a great bellwether for a relationship. You’ll learn if you’re on the same page about fitness and its place in your lives. Having a similar level of devotion to exercise ensures neither party feels left behind—in the case of a hiking date, literally. Which is why discovering you’re physically compatible is as important as….well, discovering you’re compatible….physically. 

Below, Style Girlfriend’s pro tips to a great hiking date:

All roads lead to…wherever you want them to.

  • Date going well? Lengthen the trail, or repeat your loop. Ready to hightail it out of there? Opt for a shortcut. By plotting a few different trails ahead of time, your date will be impressed with your confident wilderness guide abilities. If the going gets awkward, you’ll be relieved to not have to finish the back half of ten miles together.

Listen to Legally Blonde.

  • Increasing your heart rate gives you a better shot at a positive date experience (because science). Elle Woods said it best: “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” That, my friends, is an airtight argument. Meaning? Scope out a hike that’s midway between strolling on a sidewalk and scaling a cliff – and don’t forget to lend her a helping hand if the trail gets tough.

Pack the romance.

  • You can call in romantic reinforcements, then store them neatly in a cool backpack. On a trek through nature, you’re guaranteed at least one stop-and-smell-the-roses serene view to enjoy with your companion. So, come prepared with a wireless travel speaker and stylish towel to lay out before reenacting the dance scene from Moonrise Kingdom.

As for what to wear, muted colors and lightweight layers in hi-tech fabrics will look just as polished at a post-hike lunch date. 

Summer Date Outfits for Men #12 Day Drinking Vibes

summer date outfit

SG Says: Can’t you just see yourself wearing this on your next date at your local biergarten? Yeah, we thought so, too.

How to stay fresh on your date

A quick note about odor. Unlike summer, it is not cool. So don’t forget to prep for your date properly with a quick spritz of your favorite scent, and also some deodorant. Our favorites are of the non-aluminum variety these days.

How to shop for a summer date night outfit

If all this outfit inspiration leaves you feeling more overwhelmed than when you started, consider shopping with Team SG! We might be biased, but it’s the best!

Let us rescue you from shopping fatigue and sartorial apathy. We can promise the kind of personal attention and care that will make you feel like the best version of the awesome guy you already are! If you’re ready to feel like a million bucks in your date night outfit lewksgive us a shout.