7 of the Best Summer Date Outfits for Guys

7 of the Best Summer Date Outfits for Guys

Bring the heat on your next hot date
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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Mar 28 2024 | 7 min read

Here at SG HQ, date night outfits are kind of our area of expertise, and helping you figure out stylish summer date outfits for men is very much our shiz. Because knowing what to wear on a date in the summer can be confusing!

We get it! When you’re trying to figure out what to wear for a date, you want to look nicer than usual, but you also don’t want to sweat through all your clothes. Really, we get it.

That’s why we pulled together this guide to guys’ date outfit ideas for warm weather.

Check out the inspiration below, for everything from dressy date nights out on the town to more laid-back day dates that call for a more casual look.

How should you dress in the summer for a date?

It depends on what you’re doing! We’ve included outfit ideas for everything from a morning hike to an afternoon baseball game and beyond.

Don’t feel like you need to get locked into one “perfect” date outfit (though we’ve talked about the value of a few outfits you feel like a million bucks wearing here).

Below, 7 stylish summer date outfits for men:

Summer Date Outfits for Men #1 Urban Sophisticate

sophisticated date night outfit for guys
IG: @levitatestyle

Shop the outfit:

Why it’s a great date outfit: For a summer night at the bar monochrome outfit – aka, wearing all one color or shade head to toe – makes life easy, and makes you look good.

A knit polo is one of Team SG’s summer essentials for guys, and this look on Leo Chan of Levitate Style shows why.

Summer Date Outfits for Men #2 City Casual

Ryan Reynolds in white t-shirt and chinos
Ryan Reynolds, image: @GQ

Shop the outfit:

Why it’s a great date outfit: Looking good doesn’t have to mean getting so so SO dressed up. If you’re looking for a good casual date outfit for summer, sometimes it just means opting for something other than jeans.

The get-up above on Ryan Reynolds looks a lot like something I bet you’d wear anyway. A cool coach’s jacket over a t-shirt (or in Reynolds’ case, two layered t-shirts), with chinos and white sneakers.

Throw in a pair of acetate frames and skip the earbuds, obviously.

Keep things feeling breezy for an early-in-the-game date by keeping the fabric light and the shoes casual.

Summer Date Outfits for Men #3 Indoor Elevated Casual

elevated casual summer date outfit for guys
IG: @kelvindavis

Shop the outfit:

Why it’s a great date outfit: This would make a great afternoon date outfit somewhere you’ll be spending time indoors in the AC.

Consider this cultured courting activity one unsinkable – free or nearly free – icebreaker. Lull in the conversation? “Wow, check out this quick glance at plaque early Dali!”

Plus, walking from exhibit to exhibit provides the perfect, breezy alternative to a two-hour face-to-face interrogation session that a dinner date at a surprisingly well-lit restaurant can feel like.

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Even if your fine art credentials consist solely of reruns of Bob Ross and his fluffy trees, and a family coffee mug painting sesh at Color Me Mine last Christmas, a trip to your local museum shouldn’t feel intimidating.

Your date’s not expecting an analysis of post-modern Russian impressionism (unless you told her to, I guess?)

Summer Date Outfits for Men #4 City Chic

stylish date outfit for men
IG: @westleydimagiba

Shop the outfit:

Why it’s a great date outfit: Ready to take the fashion degree of difficulty up a notch? Let’s talk linen pants, a key part of all the best summer outfits for guys! This look is perfect for a dinner date in the summer.

This an army green shacket! A dangerous level of unbuttoning! Loafers! We love it all!

This look on Articles of Style’s Westley Dimagiba shows you how to pull off a look that’s comfortable yet elevated.

Summer Date Outfits for Men #5 Tropical Cool

IG: @bluecollarprep

Shop the outfit:

Why it’s a great date outfit: Heading out into the heat? Don’t be afraid to wear shorts on a date.

This look is gold standard in stylish summer date outfit-dressing.

And don’t be afraid to bust out the wife pleaser for a date, so long as it’s the foundation for a super-stylish outfit like the one above.

Summer Date Outfits for Men #6 Beachy Casual

beachy date outfit for men
IG: @keonihudoba

Shop the outfit:

Why it’s a great date outfit: This is exactly what to wear if you’re headed for the boardwalk, or a beach club for lunch.

Take the shoes off when you’re ready to get your toes in the sand.

Summer Date Outfits for Men #7 Fun in the Sun

IG: Bigberts_fits

Shop the outfit:

Why it’s a great date outfit: An unexpectedly playful statement piece, like this cabana shirt, will amp up the personality of any outfit.

If you’re wondering what’s best to wear for a leisurely stroll outdoors with your lady? This is it.

What to keep in mind when getting dressed for a date

  • Basic doesn’t mean boring. Sticking to a simple look then adding pieces to show your personal style will go a long way. Sure, you’d feel comfortable in a navy blazer and white dress shirt, but you’d feel peak confident tossing in your signature patterned pocket square or textured jacket and waiting for the “Well isn’t this a nice young man” compliments to roll in.
  • Experiment later. Trust me; you want your dazzling personality to do the heavy lifting the first time you meet the parents/fam, so this isn’t the optimal place to try on a new look. Reach for the staple look you’d wear to a dinner with your boss or heck, the outfit you wore to woo your lady. There’s plenty of time show off your style swerves at the family BBQ next month.
  • Dress for the job you want. We all know the drill, a first date can feel more like a job interview over dinner: you want to impress, so dressing your best goes hand-in-hand with sharing your personal resume highlights. If you’re worried about being overdressed, just remember it’s better than looking too casual because you’ll wind up feeling self-conscious and it’ll throw you off your game.

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