Ways to Wear a Shacket: 5 Outfit Ideas for Guys

Shirt + Jacket = True Love Forever

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Sep 30 2019

If you haven’t noticed by now, here at SG HQ we’re fully in the pocket of Big Light Jacket. We’ve shared with you the stylish versatility of denim jackets and field jackets, bombers and souvenir jackets. And we’re not done yet!

Today, it’s time to get all mushy about all the ways to wear a shacket.

What is a shacket?

For the uninitiated, “shacket” stands for “shirt jacket.” Meaning it’s the unholy union of a long-sleeve shirt and a proper lightweight jacket.

A shirt jacket, or “shacket”, is generally cut like a button-front shirt, but it’s heavy enough to wear as your final layer. Don’t worry, though. It won’t add too much bulk.

Dress it up or dress it down, the trusty men’s shacket can get you through pretty much anything.

Below, five ways to wear a shacket this fall and winter:


SG Says: Remember what we said about luxe and cozy fabrics being a fall style essential? Yeah, Exhibit A above, amirite?!

This luxe-looking corduroy shirt jacket from Todd Snyder almost makes up for the…kind of terrifying model showing it off? I guess that’s just his face, but I dunno. Looking in this dude’s eyes makes me shiver.


With winter-white jeans and a pair of cool, vintage-y looking sneakers, a corduroy shirt jacket will look just right all fall long.

Oh, and this particular style also comes in tan, blue, and burgundy, if you’re into it.

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SG Says: The thermal quilted Hill City shacket above reminds me a bit of a coach’s jacket, but obviously a little thicker.

Quilting will keep you warm well into October and even November, depending on where you live.

The clean silhouette keeps it from looking too too athletic. Wear it with jeans or 5-pocket pants and your favorite tee for a cool, off-duty look.

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SG Says: This Dickies buffalo plaid shacket (available at Target! I didn’t even know they carried the Dickies brand) may give you throwback vibes to your dad fiddling with a leaky car battery in the garage, or pulling weeds in the backyard before the soil froze for winter.

Don’t be afraid to pull this style, which is often quilted as well, out of the toolshed and into your everyday wardrobe. A buffalo plaid like the one above looks great as the standalone “look at me” item in an outfit, so keep the rest of your outfit pretty neutral.

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SG Says: Oh Old Navy, you had me at “sweater-fleece.” This neutral shacket is only fifty bucks! Good news for all my neutral-loving brethren out there.

And yes, I felt compelled to add a not-too-busy option after seeing Megan post about the importance of simple options in this topcoat roundup.

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SG Says: The most casual look of them all: dark wash jean, cotton shirt, and tan shacket from J.Crew in a durable canvas material. Easy, breezy and stylish.

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Put it all together: Shacket Outfit Idea

Wear it well: Since the shirt jacket is ideal for layering, you can seize the opportunity to try a bold color and layer it with more muted hues. Make a textured statement with this look by pairing corduroy pants with your go-to chambray shirt.

One last thing you can do to elevate this outfit? Upgrade your canvas Vans for a sleek leather pair to finish the outfit.


Ready to upgrade your shacket wardrobe? Task a personal shopper from Team SG with finding you the perfect style just for you.