How to Wear a Chore Coat: 5 Days, 5 Ways

Inspired by classic workwear

By Gabi Meyers | Last Updated: Sep 16 2019

It’s light jacket season, y’all! And you know what that means. Time for a zillion (approximately) 5 Days 5 Ways featuring my favorite outerwear for you to…y’know, wear. Up next? The chore coat.

image via Levi’s (but the jacket’s unfortunately not available any longer!)

What is a chore coat?

A blue collar staple of the 1950’s, the chore coat, or chore jacket, offers French-inspired utilitarian elegance (say that three times fast) that you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe, no matter what your style. Yes, really.

It’s essentially a stiff structured shirt with some big ol’ pockets for putting all your tools or paint brushes or whatever. It’s perfect for fall, and heavy enough to throw over any summertime-fun looks you’re not ready to let go of quite yet.

What colors does a chore jacket come in?

In the last few years, you’d typically find chore coats in blue or navy, and a variety of shades of tan. But with the explosion in popularity in this style of coat, there’s way more colors available than there used to be.

When you get down to the #SGapproved shopping recommendations at the bottom of the post, you’ll see exactly what I mean.

What material is a chore coat made of?

Typically you’ll find chore coats in sturdy cotton or a cotton blend (cotton linen! cotton seersucker!) but again, now that they’re so popular, designers have started getting more creative, with less expected fabrics like corduroy and more being used.

The chore coat is the perfect mid-weight layer to throw on for chilly fall days.

What to wear with a chore coat?

You can wear a chore coat pretty much the same way you’d wear a field jacket, Harrington jacket, or denim jacket.

That is to say, casually.

Wear a chore jacket with jeans. Wear it with chinos. With a sneaker, or a boot. This workwear essential isn’t meant to be treated preciously.

Below, how to wear a chore coat five ways:


chinos: Carhartt WIP, $135 | brogues: Grenson, $350

Wear it well: Stave off the early morning work commute chill with your chore coat.


jeans: Nudie, $125 | boots: Clark’s, $150

Wear it well: A chore coat over a camp shirt in a fun pattern and jeans takes your casual work look straight to happy hour.


Breton shirt: Saint James, $99 | chinos: Todd Snyder, $118

socks: Pair of Thieves, $10 | sneakers: New Balance, $220

Wear it well: Layer your chore coat for your next study break – those libraries are always freezing!


loafers: Bass, $110 | glasses: Warby Parker, $145

Wear it well: Take your chore coat to full 1950’s dad style with penny loafers and throwback eyeglasses.


slides: Vans, $50| sunglasses: Ray-ban, $185 | Watch: Timex, $109

Wear it well: Bring your chore coat with to your next backyard BBQ.

// Shop #SGapproved chore coats //

Stussy, $165
Portuguese Flannel, $170
Taylor Stitch, 188


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