These are the 24 Best Men’s Fashion Trends to Try in 2024

These are the 24 Best Men’s Fashion Trends to Try in 2024

Ready to shake up your daily uniform?
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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jan 19 2024 | 18 min read

If you’re a regular visitor to Style Girlfriend, you know we’re not big on trends.

What’s in, what’s out..we’re much more concerned with helping you find clothes that make you look and feel handsome! And confident!

Looking “cool” is a bonus, in our books.

But here’s the thing.

Just because you’re focused on improving your personal style in an evergreen way doesn’t mean you should turn away from trends altogether.

Why? Well, first of all, trying new trends can be fun!

Just like eating healthy can get derailed when you start to think, So, broccoli and baked chicken breast…forever, huh?, it can be helpful to break out from your usual style from time to time.

And who knows? By trying new men’s fashion trends, you may discover that, yep, in fact that specific trend is not for you.

But how will you know if you don’t try?

So, the team here at Style Girlfriend put together a list of 2024 men’s style trends.

You don’t have to try all of them. Hell, you don’t have to try any of them!

But if you see one and think, Hmm, maybe…?, then consider this your sign to give it a go.

We promise no one will laugh (except maybe if you bleach your hair…more on that later), and if they do, they’re a jerk and you shouldn’t be friends with them anyway.

Below, check out 24 men’s fashion trends to try in 2024:

Men’s Fashion Trend #1: Eclectic Grandpa Vibes

eclectic grandpa
image: Pinterest

How to achieve the “eclectic grandpa” look:

@stylegf Call it a hipster comeback but don’t underestimate the power of a big vintage sweater. Eclectic Grandpa is @pinterest’s trend prediction for 2024 and we’re loving it! #eclecticgrandpa #pinterestpredicts #pinterestpredicts2024 #menstyle #menfashion #menspersonalstylist #confidence ♬ Bossa Nova / cafe / food comfortable with a guitar – MATSU

Men’s Fashion Trend #2: Shopping sustainably

SG Says: A focus on sustainable fashion—leveraging recycled or vintage clothing, and shopping with the intention of owning items for longer—will be more important than ever in 2024.

So, consider shopping secondhand this year. You can try trend-focused sites like Grailed and TheRealReal, to the OG resale site, eBay. Or, head to your local thrift shop to source vintage finds.

Additionally, more and more sites are also offering online outlets where you can purchase resale items from the brand, as seen above from J.Crew.

Etsy is also a good place to find local artisans creating one-of-a-kind styles from deadstock materials.

What’s more, you can shop more intentionally by buying well-made pieces you can wear a long time without having to replace. (Check out this Wirecutter article for more great tips on how to shop sustainably.)

Editor’s note: While it doesn’t make sense from an editorial standpoint to point users to one-of-a-kind vintage or resale items here on SG, we do try to recommend brands that are of a higher quality, and not fast fashion. Please continue to keep us accountable in 2024!

Men’s Fashion Trend #3: Modern Cargo Pants

image: @TimJr

These are not your middle school cargos. As the Dallas Mavericks’ Tim Hardaway Jr demonstrates, you can wear cargo pants in the year of our lord 2024 and look extremely cool.

The key? A modern fit, that veers more towards slim or straight, rather than baggy.

Men’s Fashion Trend #4: Men’s Manicures

Evan Mock wearing nail polish

SG Says: In 2024, it’s time to finally to rest the question of whether men can or should paint their nails.

If you want to try it, go for it!

Paint each nail a different color, like skateboarder-turned-actor Evan Mock, above. Or keep things consistent with one color like Jeremy Allen White…whatever color you want!

image: GQ

The sky’s the limit.

DIY it at home, or hit the nail salon (with a friend or significant other in tow, if you want some help picking a color) for a professional job with no smudges.

Because the men’s manicure is officially here to stay in 2024.

Shop men’s manicure essentials:

Men’s Fashion Trend #5: Pantone’s Peach Fuzz

pantone peach fuzz

SG Says: Pantone’s 2024 color of the year is a warm, cozy color that sits somewhere between pink and orange.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, explains this year’s vibrant choice:

“An idea as much as a feeling, PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz awakens our senses to the comforting presence of tactility and cocooned warmth. Sensitive but sweet and airy, [the color] evokes a new modernity.”

Meaning? Wear it when you want to keep things nice and breezy.

Shop peach fuzz style:

Men’s Fashion Trend #6: Suiting that Makes a Statement

image: Matty Matheson via @thecut

SG Says: If you’re feeling excited to dress up, 2024 is your year. When it comes to suiting, you’ve checked the basics off your list. That means navy and charcoal, single-breasted notch lapel suits with a modern, flat front pant for suits, and a standard black tuxedo.

Now, it’s time to have more fun when it’s time to dress up. From double-breasted blazers to formalwear in unexpected colors, don’t be afraid to stand out when you suit up.

Men’s Fashion Trend #7: Carpentercore

men's fashion trends 2023
l to r: Madewell, Corridor, Abercrombie & Fitch

SG Says: Carpentercore gets its name from the carpenter pants resurgence in men’s style recently.

You know the kind: a relaxed fit, straight-leg workwear pant that very well could include a hammer loop at the side.

You might not have worn this look since high school, but if you liked it then? Well, you’re in luck, because it’s back in a big way in 2024.

How to wear carpentercore:

Swap out your slim-fit pants for a looser fit. Pair it with the coziest sweater or plaid shirt you can find.

Phish-loving Birkenstock slip-ons encouraged, but not required.

Shop carpentercore picks:

Men’s Fashion Trend #8: Size up your outerwear

oversized men's outerwear
image: @morjasshoes

SG Says: A classic overcoat looks masculine and sophisticated in a throwback movie star kind of way. Yes, a topcoat that hits at your knees will always work, but consider opting for something more generously cut in 2024.

Make sure to wear something substantial underneath like a turtleneck or cable-knit cardigan underneath so the coat isn’t swimming on you over a t-shirt.

Men’s Fashion Trend #9: Hike your socks up

antetokounmpo brothers nike tech fleece
image: @antetokounbros

SG Says: I’ve always been into a man in tall socks.

It started with a desperate crush on a Pennsylvanian I met in college who dressed like he was a surfer from San Diego.

Today, it’s Milwaukee Bucks’ MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo and his brothers who have me into this trend.

In 2024, the look is less surfer, and more Gen Z athlete.

How to wear tall socks

When wearing tall socks in an athleisure way like the Bucks MVP does above, scrunch your joggers or sweatpants up slightly, then pull the socks over the top of the elastic.

Don’t be too precious with it. You want it to look like you just can’t wait to get on the court and practice your free throws.

If you’re wearing tall socks with a cropped trouser, it’s even easier.

Just hike them up and forget about them! If you bare some shin when sitting, so be it.

Shop tall socks:

Men’s Fashion Trend #10: Fashion-y hats

henry golding holding camera
Henry Golding on Instagram

SG Says: Is 2024 the year you finally commit to rotating in headwear that’s not a baseball cap?

Now’s your moment!

Follow the lead of celebs like SG Madness winner Ryan Reynolds and Henry Golding, above, and become that guy.

How to wear a fashion without looking like a doofus

When it comes to wearing a hat of any kind, the rest of the outfit is key to not f*cking it up. Note Golding’s suede jacket and slim-fitting cranberry-hued pants.

This is a head-to-toe outfit with a capital “O.” He’s pulling off a whole “international man of mystery on vacation” vibe.

Point being? You can’t just expect to throw on a white t-shirt, hole-y jeans, and grungy sneakers and expect to top the look off with a hat and look classy.

Think of a hat as a cherry on the sundae of your outfit. The whole thing’s gotta be sweet to really pull it off.

As for the best materials for a hat? Stick to 100% wool, or a wool blend, in an interesting texture. A hat made of cotton or polyester will look flimsy and, well, kind of cheap.

Men’s Fashion Trend #11: Cross Body Bags

image: @sebaswl

SG Says: The last few years have seen a resurgence in the fanny pack. Most likely a woman you love is currently slinging a lululemon belt bag across your body, and men have (reluctantly?) followed suit after seeing just how convenient it is to go hands-free when you’re out and about.

But in 2024? The cross-body bag is getting a glow-up. Think: leather over nylon. And a sturdy strap that goes over the head rather than a plastic clasp.

Amsterdam-based style blogger Sebastian Wied Leyton, above, shows how to wear the look, aka, totally casually!

This is not a bag to wear with a suit.

Men’s Fashion Trend #12: Throwback ’90s style

image: @alexxwalther

SG Says: It seems Gen Z has discovered the trends of my youth and deemed them to be ::chokes on drink:: retro. From North Face puffer jackets to Patagonia fleeces, your favorite high school OOTDs are back.

You can jump on this trend by raiding your childhood bedroom closet. Or, you can invest in some new finds. Think: oversize logo sweatshirts, puffer jackets, and chunky sneakers.

Shop ’90s style:

Men’s Fashion Trend #13: Monochrome Outfits

grey pants outfit men
image: @jeromeparkerr

SG Says: Wearing one color head to toe has never been cooler.

Take a page out of fashion creator Jerome Parker’s fashion playbook, above, and sport grey pants with a grey top for an outfit that’s elegant, sophisticated, and (most important) easy!

Don’t think you’re restricted just to neutrals, though. You can pull off bright colors on top and bottom, too.

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Men’s Fashion Trend #14: Quiet Outdoors

jacket: Nobis

SG Says: Last year, “Quiet Luxury” was on every style editor’s lips, thanks to the Succession of it all. Refined brands that announce themselves not by loud logos but through subtle IYKYK expensive elements.

In 2024, the shift is towards that same subtle elegance…just in outdoor apparel. Look for high-end, high-quality brands like Nobis and Arcteryx to start popping up on all the most fashionable folks’ backs.

Men’s Fashion Trend #15: Turtlenecks

SG Says: The funny thing about men’s fashion trends is, for the most part, they’re items you’re already wearing…just reimagined or boasting new proportions. Think: pleated pants. You’ve gotta wear pants!

That’s why the trend of “turtlenecks” strikes us here at SG HQ as a bit funny. Theoretically you’re already wearing plenty of sweaters this winter when the weather merits it, but who knows?

What we do know is that we’re very into turtlenecks, and if you’re getting bored with your crewnecks and quarter-zips, this is your moment.

How to wear men’s turtlenecks

Casually. Nonchalantly. Your turtleneck should say, “Oh this old thing?”

As in, wear it with jeans. Wear it with a sportcoat. Just wear it!

Really, you don’t need to make it any more complicated than that.

Shop turtlenecks:

Men’s Fashion Trend #16: Cardigans

corridor cardigan
cardigan: Corridor

SG Says: According to Esquire, cardigans are the perfect men’s fashion trend for winter, since “Thanks to its button-front design, you can air out or bundle up as necessary for changing temperature levels.”

How to wear cardigans

We concur with the guys over at The Art of Manliness when it comes to cardigan sweater style. “Go with buttons, generally,” they suggest.

“Cardigans can be closed with buttons, toggles, or a zipper. Buttons generally make for the most classic, handsome look.”

A cardigan already leads you off the traditional sweater path enough; no need to fuss it up with overly-complicated closures.

Men’s Fashion Trend #17: Country Gentleman

Barbour® Sylkoil Ashby jacket
shop: Barbour

SG Says: This trend could be traced back to the most recent seasons of The Crown on Netflix.

For some reason, they cast an actor who was way too hot to play Prince Charles as the future king, and now the ‘rumpled Barbour jacket over a shetland sweater with a cup of tea’ look is back with a vengeance.

Men’s Fashion Trend #18: Embracing your hair’s natural texture

men embrace your hair's natural texture
images: @GQ

SG Says: Is 2024 the year you finally embrace the hair God gave you?

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Whether you’ve got curls like Benny Blanco or Jeremy Allen White, or your hair is baby fine, let this be the year you find a haircut AND hair products that work for your hair, not against it.

Men’s Fashion Trend #19: The Penny Loafer

how to wear penny loafers
Shop the loafers: G.H. Bass

SG Says: If 2023 was the year of the Birkenstock, then 2024 will usher in the era of penny loafer dominance.

How to wear penny loafers

Pair your loafers with cuffed chinos or a cropped trouser and a tweed blazer for an office-ready look.

On the weekends, skip the sneakers and slip into loafers with your favorite jeans or cords.

Shop loafers:

Men’s Fashion Trend #20: Big-A*s Pants

image: @mr.panesar.archived

SG Says: This trend might not be for everyone, but if you’re interested in exploring new silhouettes this year, your pants are a good place to start.

Men’s Fashion Trend #21: Performance workwear

Wahts TOMAS Travel Chino
pants: Wahts

SG Says: Even if you’re only in the office a couple days a week, adjusting to “real” clothes can be tough when you’ve gotten used to WFH-wear.

Thankfully plenty of men’s brands have stepped up to make your work wardrobe a little more comfortable. Look for dress pants with stretch, like the Wahts pair above, and pair them with your favorite casual shirts and sneakers or slip-ons.

Men’s Fashion Trend #22: Wear athleisure everywhere

grey sweatpants outfit for men
image: @takehiro_kajimura

SG Says: Another example of a “When does this stop being called a trend and just becomes something we all wear?” trends.

If you’re not onboard the athleisure bandwagon, whether that’s joggers, performance pants, or even a simple hoodie, well…we don’t know what to tell you.

How to wear athleisure

You want athleisure outfit inspiration?! We’ve got your athleisure outfit inspiration right here. And here. Here, too.

Shop athleisure picks:

Men’s Fashion Trend #23: Statement sneakers

Nike Air Max 97 photon dust
shop: Nike

SG Says: A statement sneaker might conjure up a different image for every guy reading this. For some, it’s a dad sneak. For others, a cool and colorful street shoe.

Maybe your statement is minimalism, with simple white sneakers. Whatever your shoe, it’s time your casual footwear takes center stage.

How to wear statement sneakers

Wear yours with a t-shirt or crisp OCBD and straight-leg denim.

Or dress them up with a suit. However the spirit moves you!

Shop statement sneakers:

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Men’s Fashion Trend #24: Doing “You”

SG Says: Not like You on Netflix, where the guy from Gossip Girl stalks people.

We’re talking actual, straight-up personal style.

Want to try every single one of these trends? Go for it.

Want to skip them all in favor of a look you know and love? That works, too.


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