When All You Want to Wear is Loungewear, Here’s the 20 Pieces to Buy

When All You Want to Wear is Loungewear, Here’s the 20 Pieces to Buy

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By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Dec 6 2023 | 9 min read

Remember the Before Times™, when every single day you wore pants and suits and shoes with laces?

I know, it’s hard to think back that far.

In the new age of hybrid workforces and even newly remote roles, comfort is key. We’ve already discussed the secret to WFH style (psst, it’s fancy shirts on top and anything goes on the bottom). Now, it’s time to more fully embrace the athleisure lifestyle.

When it’s time to really chill out, Team SG has you covered. That’s why we pulled together a shopping list of the best loungewear for men to wear right now. Get ready to hit “add to cart” on at least a few of these 20 items…

Keep scrolling for SG’s picks of the best loungewear for men:

1. John Elliott beach hoodie, $198

SG Says: Before you say anything, YES this is expensive for a sweatshirt.

But if you’ve ever slipped into John Elliott sweats (top or bottoms) before, you understand.

They’re somehow so soft and so structured at the same time, and will make you look like a Kardashian-adjacent, Calabasas-living California cool guy. And yes, that’s a thing to aspire to, at least when it comes to style.

2. Nike Tech Fleece joggers, $125

SG Says: There’s a reason Team SG recommends Nike’s Tech Fleece collection every chance we get. It’s because they’re the nicest sweatpants you’ll ever wear.

And they’re Nike, so you know they’re well-made and will stand the test of time.

Bottom line? If you’re looking for tailored sweats you can wear and feel mostly dressed for the day, these are it.

3. Taylor Stitch heavy bag tee, $50

taylor stitch heavy bag tee in navy

SG Says: Luv 2 support independent retailers through all this, and Taylor Stitch is a small business we can get behind. And when it comes to the best loungewear for men, a structured pocket tee that’s nicer than whatever you wore to bed is key.

4. Fourlaps Rush Hoodie, $98

SG Says: This just-the-right-shade of grey hoodie wears like a dream…structured but not stiff.

The red, white, and blue detailing feels like a nice nod to the “We’re all in this together, just apart” moment we’re living through, too.

5. Marine Layer corduroy shirt, $148

SG Says: There’s always room in your drawer for one more overshirt, right?

6. Rhone ‘Mako’ Performance Shorts, $68

SG Says: We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: the secret to WFH style is wearing something nice on top, and going wild with your bottoms.

Such as? These Rhone performance shorts that have an “all day, everyday” fit and feel.

7. J.Crew cashmere cable-knit polo cardigan sweater, $248

j.crew cream cashmere knit polo cardigan sweater

SG Says: Dress up sweats with a lightweight-yet-luxurious cardigan in a soft neutral color.

Wear this knit polo cardigan sweater buttoned up or open over a t-shirt.

8. Bombas calf socks, $14

SG Says: Our team is very into a calf-length sock on guys, and these from Bombas are a well-made pair.

Not 100% on the science behind this technology, but the honeycomb arch support makes you feel like your foot is wrapped in a hug all day long.


9. lululemon City Sweat jogger, $118

lululemon city sweat jogger

SG Says: lululemon is your girlfriend’s favorite activewear, and might be yours soon, too. These grey joggers fit like a dream, and look as good out of the house as at home on the couch.

10. Ugg scuff slippers, $120

SG Says: Not that you should ever feel like you need an excuse to treat yourself to a new pair of slippers, but… If you want one, here it is.

11. Everlane rugby shirt, $70

Everlane The Premium-Weight Rugby Shirt

SG Says: Is it time for a rugby shirt era in your style journey? Maybe!

A heavyweight rugby shirt like the Everlane style above makes for a great work from home option because they’ll make any ratty pair of sweatpants or shorts look instantly more elevated.

12. Adidas Originals track pants, $70

SG Says: This is the time to live your track suit fantasies, especially with the matching jacket for $80.

13. Patagonia retro pile fleece jacket, $195

SG Says: We don’t always recommend fleece jackets, but when we do…they look like this.

14. Tommy John second skin trunks, $108 for a 3-pack

SG Says: Why yes, this is the perfect time to upgrade your underwear.

I’m not going to say too much about why Tommy John blows away the “sheesh these are expensive” underwear competition, but I’ll leave you with three words:

Quick. Draw. Fly.

15. Todd Snyder midweight pocket sweatshirt, $98

SG Says: This is the sweatshirt of your dreams. Just give into it.

16. J.Press shaggy dog baseball cap, $50

SG Says: Because bad hair days happen at home, too.

Actually, they probably happen at home more often.

17. Mack Weldon Ace sweatpant, $78

SG Says: These sweats come in nine colors, and you might want every one of them once you slip into your first pair.

18. Birkenstock Boston clogs, $155

SG Says: Yep, still beating the Birkenstock clogs drum.

But how could we not, when these cozy shearling-lined slip-ons could be on your feet right now??

19. Buck Mason thermal shirt, $78

SG Says: Some loungewear essentials, like a long-sleeve thermal shirt from one of our favorite smart casual retailers, will never go out of style.

20. Nike Burrow slippers, $52 (on sale!)

SG Says: Okay, one more pair of slippers, then we’re done. Because when it comes to the best loungewear for men, you really can’t go wrong with a pair that looks this fuzzy and fun.

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