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When All You Want to Wear is Loungewear, Here's the 20 Pieces to Buy

Stay home in style

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Feb 9 2021

Remember the Before Times™, when we wore pants and suits and shoes with laces?

I know, it’s hard to think back that far.

In the new age of Self-Quarantine, comfort is key. We’ve already discussed the secret to WFH style (psst, it’s fancy shirts on top and anything goes on the bottom). But what about your downtime-downtime?

When it’s time to really chill out (well, as much chill as possible during a global pandemic), Team SG has you covered. That’s why we pulled together a shopping list of the best loungewear for men to wear right now. Get ready to hit “add to cart” on at least a few of these 20 items…

Keep scrolling for SG’s picks of the best loungewear for men:

1. Tie-dye hoodie, $50 Desert Dyes by Lo (Etsy)

SG Says: Taylor, Tall Megan, and I just bought matching sweatsuits from this Salt Lake City-based Etsy seller and I cannot wait for them to arrive. We’re doing a lilac, aqua and pink combo that I’m hoping looks more Dazed & Confused than Lisa Frank, but honestly, who knows?

Everything is custom, so if you’re not sure what color combo to go for, send a message on the platform. Lo is super prompt to message back and forth, so you can work with her to find a color combo that you’ll like.

If you’re feeling bold, you can also go for a full sweatsuit. Yes, even if the dropdown of the colorway you like only shows women’s sizes…this is the magic of independent sellers! This one, this, and this would all look great on a guy.

2. Nike Tech Fleece joggers, $110

SG Says: Yes they’re expensive for sweatpants but they’re also like, the nicest sweatpants you’ve ever worn? And they’re Nike, so you know they’re well-made and will stand the test of time.

Bottom line? If you’re looking for tailored sweats you can wear and feel mostly dressed for the day, these are it.

3. Taylor Stitch pocket tee, $34

SG Says: Luv 2 support independent retailers through all this, and Taylor Stitch is a small business we can get behind. And when it comes to the best loungewear for men, a structured pocket tee that’s nicer than whatever you wore to bed is key.

4. Fourlaps Rush Hoodie, $98

SG Says: This zip-up hoodie wears like a dream…structured but not stiff.

The red, white, and blue detailing feels like a nice nod to the “We’re all in this together, just apart” moment we’re living through, too.

5. Old Navy henley, $16

SG Says: There’s always room in your drawer for one more henley, right?

6. Rhone Performance Shorts, $68

SG Says: We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: the secret to WFH style is wearing something nice on top, and going wild with your bottoms.

Such as? These Rhone performance shorts that have an “all day, everyday” fit and feel.

7. Old Navy shawl collar sweater, $110

SG Says: Dress up a simple t-shirt with a lightweight cardigan in a breezy spring color.

8. Bombas calf socks, $46 for 4-pack

SG Says: Our team is very into a calf-length sock for spring, and these from Bombas are top notch.

Not 100% on the science behind this technology, but the honeycomb arch support makes you feel like your foot is wrapped in a hug all day long.


9. Alo moto jogger pants, $108

SG Says: Alo is your girlfriend’s favorite activewear, and might be yours soon, too. These moto joggers are cool without feeling too cool.

As in, yes, you can pull them off with whatever’s already in your closet.

10. L.L. Bean slippers, $79

SG Says: Not that you should ever feel like you need an excuse to treat yourself to a new pair of slippers, but… If you want one, here it is.

11. Naked Cashmere turtleneck, $300

SG Says: Is this your time to get “into” turtlenecks? Maybe!

Turtlenecks are a great work from home option because they’ll make any ratty pair of sweatpants or shorts look like James Bond on his way back from the gym.

12. Adidas Originals track pants, $60

SG Says: This is the time to live your track suit fantasies, especially with the matching jacket ($75).

13. Abercrombie & Fitch cardigan, $79

SG Says: A cozy cardigan is always a good idea.

14. Tommy John second skin trunks, $32

SG Says: Why yes, this is the perfect time to upgrade your underwear.

I’m not going to say too much about why Tommy John blows away the “sheesh these are expensive” underwear competition, but I’ll leave you with three words:

Quick. Draw. Fly.

15. Todd Snyder pocket sweatshirt, $98

SG Says: This is the sweatshirt of your dreams. Just give into it.

16. Banana Republic beanie, $50

SG Says: Because bad hair days happen at home, too.

Actually, they probably happen at home more often.

17. Everlane French Terry Crew, $54

SG Says: This unisex sweater could be the demise of your self-quarantine boo’d up relationship…that is, if you buy just one.

You’ve heard of push presents; consider the purchase of one for you, one for her a pandemic present.

18. Abercrombie & Fitch fleece joggers, $59

SG Says: Yep, still beating the A&F drum.

But how could we not, when these cozy (ahem…af) joggers can be yours for such a steal right now??

19. L.L.Bean Long Sleeve Pullover Fleece, $79

SG Says: On paper, a “long sleeve pullover fleece” should absolutely not look as cool as this L.L.Bean style manages to be. But that’s life!

20. Acorn slouch boot slippers, $69

SG Says: Okay, one more pair of slippers, then we’re done. Because when it comes to the best loungewear for men, you really can’t go wrong with a pair that marries warm knit construction with a smart grippy sole.

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