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Yes, Men’s Birkenstock Clogs Are Still A Thing
Shearling slip-ons. What's not to like?
men's birkenstock clogs

By Megan Collins | Last Updated: Jan 2 2022

A follower recently asked on Instagram what our team’s recommendation for a fall investment would be for his wardrobe. My answer? A men’s Birkenstock clog, preferably lined with shearling.

Yes, really.

What are men’s Birkenstock clogs, anyway?

men's Birkenstock clogs

These cozy slip-ons have been around forever, but you’d be forgiven for thinking they were rolled out for a covid-induced isolated winter, along with loungewear and anxiety medication. 

The thing is: this isn’t a case of, “F*ck it. I’m not leaving the house. I may as well wear whatever I want.”

Well, it’s sort of that, but these clogs (lol, CLOGS) actually look cool, too. 

But don’t take my word for it. The fine folks over at Esquire and Men’s Health agree.

How to wear men’s Birkenstock clogs

men's birkenstock clogs

Wear yours with camp socks and a pair of chinos cuffed at the ankle for a look that’s absolutely appropriate to leave the house in. 

So long as you keep the rest of your outfit looking put together and intentional—even if what you’re wearing is a bit roomier, which is also (thankfully) the style right now—you’ll avoid looking like you’re going as The Big Lebowski for Halloween.

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…And yes, wear your clogs with pajamas when you remember tomorrow is garbage day and you have to take out the recycling. They work as a slipper you can wear outside, too.

Personally, I like the shearling version, but the original style may be more your speed if your feet get sweaty easily, or you’re just looking for a year-round version. Be prepared for some break-in time to get them nice and ergonomically attuned to your arches.

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SG Says: Wear them with or without socks. Roll your pant cuffs to really show ’em off.

SG Says: No shearling, but just as cozy of vibes. Perfect for chilly days spent indoors.

SG Says: The Birkenstock sandals you know (and are learning to love?), shearling-fied for cold weather.

Pair them with camp socks to really up the cozy factor.