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31 Days of No Jeans Outfits for Men

31 Days of No Jeans Outfits for Men
Pull yourself out of a wardrobe rut
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By Taylor Davies | Last Updated: Jan 6 2021 | 13 min read

no jeans outfits for men

Not to be dramatic or anything, but this is definitely the most no-jeans-iest No Jeans January… ever.

After a year of staying at home and dressing down (like, way down) day after day, a month of no jeans outfits might feel more like a given than a challenge.

So let’s flip the script this year! The goal of No Jeans January has always been to challenge you to get out of a wardrobe rut.

To kick off 2021, then, why not channel all your sartorial energy into making your outfits more fun this month? Or colorful! A little dressy? And of course, extremely, ridiculously, outlandishly comfy!

I’ve got you covered with outfit inspo. All you have to do is accept the challenge.

Below, check out a month’s worth of no jeans outfits for guys:

1. Lewis Hamilton (and pup!)

SG Says: Leave it to a handsome British racecar driver to make slowing down look this good.

His scrunchy, slouched chinos look intentional thanks to an oversized, robe-like coat and casually unlaced boots.

2.Russell Wilson in all-black

SG Says: A monochromatic outfit is the easiest way to make super-comfy clothes look super-intentional.

Add a perfectly tailored topcoat and one singular, stand-out accessory (that chain!) and oooh baby, that’s *chef’s kiss* good.

Shop the look:

olivers apparel black convoy tee
Olivers Apparel merino wool t-shirt, $78

3. Body-positive content creator Jeff Jenkins in a yellow hoodie and shorts

SG Says: In the era of rotating through multiple sweatshirts in a week, take a cue from Jeff and punch things up with a bold, eye-catching color.

Bonus points for matching sneaks in all your no jeans outfits!

4. Chris Paul in monochrome sweats

SG Says: Speaking of sweats… This matched set gets extreme bonus points thanks to the details.

I love how Chris has tucked his cuffs into his tall socks and topped the whole thing off with a gorgeous double-breasted coat.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster in an out-of-this-world sweater

SG Says: Beam me up, baby! Take a style cue from Juju here and skip the traditional button-down shirt and oxford with your tailored trousers.

Instead, get playful with a kitschy knit that’s got some color to it.

Feeling especially fun and funky? Bring your sneakers in on the fun with a pair that comes in a coordinating color.

6. Queer Eye’s Tan France in a stylish tan coat

SG Says: Get it? Tan in tan? But seriously, treat your favorite grey joggers to a day on the town (or just a quick coffee run!) with cool lace-up boots and a timeless striped tee.

No jeans outfits don’t have to be fussy, France shows with this lewk.

Shop the look:

olivers apparel classic sweatpants
Olivers Apparel classic sweatpants in grey melange, $128

7. Justin Bieber rehearsing in colorful sweats 

SG Says: Listen, if someone was like, “Show me an outfit that you could wear as an at-home Joker costume this Halloween,” this is what I would offer.

A little weird? Sure. A playful way to wear mix colors that an international pop star can pull off but so can you? Absolutely.

8. Vintage menswear enthusiast Benton Nilson demo’ing 2021’s sweater vest trend

SG Says: Chandler Bing from the early seasons of Friends, this ain’t!

Be the best-dressed dude on your next Zoom meeting by dressing up your comfiest khakis with a sleeveless knit and an ultra-preppy tie.

9. Apple Music’s Zane Lowe in all-black

SG Says: Good news! You, too, can look cool enough too sit down with Miley Cyrus by stepping up your monochromatic crewneck-and-pants combo. Just add a fisherman’s cap and retro sneakers.

Shop the look:

Olivers Apparel passage pant in black
Olivers Apparel Passage Pant in black, $148

10. Devante Adams in a matching sweatsuit and MJ hoodie

SG Says: A fun fact about me is that I didn’t know who would win the 1998 NBA Championship game until I got to the very last episode of The Last Dance.

A fun fact about you is that you can also pull off a dark teal tracksuit like Devante here. Or any color tracksuit, really.

Just try it!

11. Kumail Nanjiani in a turtleneck and slacks

(Dan Levy looks good, too!)

SG Says: I suppose this caption isn’t supposed to be about Kumail’s absolutely bonkers bulging biceps. But instead, about how crisp grey trousers and a charcoal turtleneck look superb with clean white sneakers.

…There, did I do it?

12. Ramy Youssef in pink pants

SG Says: These! Pink! Pants! Are! So! Cool!

Avoid the “New England Dad Trap” with your pinks by channeling Ramy’s unstudied combo of a washed out plaid shirt and tie-dye socks.

Or, heck, another equally unexpected pattern. You’re at home, right? Now’s the time to experiment with your style!

13. Robe life with plus-size model Zach Miko

SG Says: More like No Pants January, amirght? If you’re going to live that robe life, just make sure it’s a fancy one, and that your boxer briefs are as fun and photo-worthy as Zach’s.

Pssst…his confidence is worth emulating, too! You’ll look your best when you feel happy and comfortable in your body, no matter your size.

14. Timothee Chalamet in winter shorts

SG Says: Some of you live in places like Florida and Arizona where pants are simply not required most of the year.

How nice for you.

Make that bare-below-the-knee life count with a hype-y graphic tee to go with your pull-on shorts.

15. Influencer @ludwiglvkas in cream carpenter pants

SG Says: Consider this my personal plea for more of you fine men to consider winter white pants when considering how to increase your no jeans outfits rotation.

Behold how easy (and oh-so-crispy!) they look with a sherpa vest and some Vans Old Skool kicks.

Shop the look:

olivers merino crew socks, no jeans outfits
Olivers Apparel merino crew socks, $30

16. Photographer Dabito in yellow monochrome

…That gallery wall’s not too shabby, either!

SG Says: I’ll admit it: Mustard-y yellow and olive-y yellow is a pro-level color combining.

Don’t get me wrong. It can be done, but with the wrong shade pairing, you will walk around feeling like a banana.

Ready to dabble in a subtler monochrome combo? Try a similar vibe by matching up red and burgundy, forest green and olive green, or sky blue and washed-out navy.

17. Kansas City Chiefs’ Alex Okafor

SG Says: Excuse me, did David Rose of Schitt’s Creek get a job styling professional athletes?!

The proportions! The designer bag! The black, white and grey palette! Alexis, come quick!

But seriously—if you were waiting around for proof you can wear tapered cropped chinos (even as a bigger guy!) and look cool as hell, here it is.

18. Menswear Dog in a high-low herringbone topcoat and hoodie sweatshirt combo

SG Says: Why yes, I am happy to report that even dogs know that the easiest way to make your hoodies and sweats look downright sophisticated is to throw a topcoat on over them.

Bow-wow, am I right?

19. Style blogger Andrew Westphal in a no-fuss everyday outfit

SG Says: Hi hello yes sometimes it’s Tuesday and all you can do is zip into your most trusted chinos and toss on a hoodie.

And if they both fit as well as Andrew’s do here—well, then that’s fine by me.

Shop the look:

Olivers Apparel classic pullover sweatshirt, no jeans outfits
Olivers Apparel classic pullover sweatshirt, $138

20. Dwayne Wade in “I’m on a boat” chic

SG Says: For a minute there in the early days of quar, tie-dye sweatsuits were the only game in town.

I’ve got one, but I didn’t look this cool in it, nor was I bashfully posing on a yacht.

But if you can? You definitely should.

21. Model Eric Rutherford in cozy corduroy

SG Says: Okay so, when you are ready to be done admiring Eric’s incredible coif, please behold his corduroy matched(ish) set, layered up with a turtleneck and plaid shirt.

You don’t have to wear corduroy this way, but also…why would you not?! C’est chic!

22. Maluma in a pop of bright pink

SG Says: For all you non-believers out there, let me shout it one more time from the rooftops: “Cargo pants are happening!”

23. The Rock running lines in a mask

SG Says: Do you smell what The Rock is cooking? Because I’m getting the aroma of a perfectly easy pair of black pants and a classic navy chore coat, baked to perfection and served hot. (Sorry, I know, we’re almost done.)

24. Influencer Tim Dessaint in a mustard top and cropped pants

SG Says: This year, No Jeans January is all about challenging yourself to get out of a wardrobe rut, so extra outfit inspo is helpful.

Scroll through the IG post above for Tim rocking not one but a whole slew of extremely cool, no jeans outfits.

It’s 10x the bonus style inspiration!

25. Jon Batiste in a bold suit

SG Says: What’s that you say? You don’t have a reason to wear a suit this January?

How about just for a cool photo you can post on your Instagram with the caption, “All dressed up and nowhere to go” or something.

Just an idea.

Plus, you’ll probably have to go to another Zoom wedding before this is over. Might as well be the best dressed (virtual!) guest.

26. Golfer Brooks Koepka in a matching pool set

SG Says: To the SG fam in warm-weather climates, this one’s for you.

Nothing is more high-key bougie than a poolside matched set…in a good way! If you’re lucky enough to safely be in the presence of a chlorinated body of water this month? Then please, for all of us, do it this way.

27. Style blogger Brian Chanism in a green suit and striped shirt

SG Says: Boy-oh-boy is a hunter green suit underrated in a man’s wardrobe. And with a t-shirt and leather kicks? Whew!

Out of the way, Ryan Gosling. This guy’s coming through.

28. John Mayer in an absolutely ridiculous sweatsuit

SG Says: My singing angel, my guitar god, my favorite Instagram Live host. Looking like a walking shag carpet, straight out of 1977.

He’s perfect in every way and so is this outfit—no I will not be taking questions at this time.

Don’t want to go full FASHUN with your sweats? That works! Check out this #SGapproved guide to loungewear.

29. Nick Jonas lounging at home in a tuxedo (because why not!) 

SG Says: I dare you to host a sexy date night in your living room and wear a full tuxedo.

No socks, plenty of attitude, martinis not optional.

30. J Balvin opting for sweats and sneakers in a very large walk-in closet

SG Says: At this point I think it’s clear that the key to making a “swoutfit” (aka sweats outfit) work lies in the intentional accessories.

A funky beanie and elevated sneakers are a great place to start.

31. Giannis Antetokounmpo staying warm in sweats

SG Says: Speaking of swoutfits—look at these shoes!

If Dororthy came back from Oz with the ability to hoop, I think she’d dress like Giannis here.

Personally, I’m here for the subtle seams on these joggers and the high-neck hood on the matching sweatshirt, too.

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Your turn

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Be sure to use the hashtag #NoJeansJanuary so we’re sure to see it.


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